Sunday, September 30, 2012

NYX Nude Pink Megashine Lip Gloss Review, Photos and Swatches!

nyx nude pink

NYX Nude Pink Megashine Lip Gloss

NYX Nude Pink Megashine Lip Gloss ($5.50) is a creamy, soft neutral pink. The color is soft on my lips, but it's not really what I'd describe as "nude". It's light, but it doesn't wash me out. It's pigmented enough to wear alone, and it looks amazing when paired with any pink lipstick.

NYX Megashine Lipglosses are one of my favorite, if not my favorite line of drugstore lip glosses for several reasons - there is a huge selection of pretty every day colors, the formula is pigmented (although some shades can be sheerer than others), they are non-sticky, feel great on the lips and are inexpensive.

One of the downsides about NYX Megashine Lipglosses are that the tube can sometimes get messy. I've owned several Megashine Lipglosses, and I've had some overflow. You can see in the main photo how much gloss has gathered around the top of the tube. I like to clean the inside handle of the wand applicator with a q-tip once I notice a lot of product gathering and it helps.

Also, they are scented like cherries. Some love it, some hate it. I don't really mind it. Kinda wish it was scent-free, but it doesn't stop me from purchasing them.

nyx nude pink

nyx nude pink swatch
NYX Nude Pink on my lips

Friday, September 28, 2012

NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

nyx hippie chic lipstick

NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick

NYX Hippie Chic Matte Lipstick ($5.99) is a bright pastel flamingo pink with a matte finish. If any of you are familiar with NYX Orange Soda, it reminds me of a pink version of it. Or, a lighter version of Nars Bolero Velvet Matte Lip Pencil.

I don't have any experience with NYX Matte Lipsticks (I've only used the Round Lipsticks) and although I tend to steer away from matte formulas, I really liked some of the colors of the matte lipstick range.

The problem is - when pale lip colors have a matte finish (especially when they are very pigmented), they can have the tendency to apply streaky and look chalky on the lips, unless it's a sheer, moisturizing formula.

When wearing Hippie Chic I have to make sure to moisturize and exfoliate my lips, so they are completely free of dryness and flakes. Dryness becomes very noticeable with this lipstick. Even after my lips are completely free of dryness, the color still manages to look dry on my lips unless I apply a layer of lip balm as a base.

To really get this lipstick to work, I like applying a good coat of Smith's Rosebud Salve (my favorite lip balm - has a glossy finish) and applying a few coats of Hippie Chic over top. I additionally like to apply a coat of lipgloss on top, because Hippie Chic has the tendency to hang out in the lip lines.

Hippie Chic is a super pretty color, so if you're willing to work around the not-so-great formula, it might be worth giving a shot. It could also work as a good mixing shade (as MAC Myth is a popular shade to tone down other lipsticks).

For matte lipsticks, I highly prefer Wet n Wild Mega Last Matte Lipsticks - and they are cheaper!

nyx hippie chic lipstick

nyx hippie chic swatch
NYX Hippie Chic on my lips.

NYX Absolute Red Xtreme Lip Cream Review & Photos!

nyx absolute red

NYX Absolute Red Xtreme Lip Cream

NYX Absolute Red Xtreme Lip Cream ($5.99) is an opaque cherry/blood red lip color with a glossy finish. NYX Xtreme Lip Creams are a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid as the product is completely opaque with one coat, yet it has the texture and shine of a gloss. I'd compare the pigmentation to OCC Lip Tars, though these are much more moisturizing.

Absolute Red is such a perfect, sexy shade of red, and I can't imagine it looking bad on anyone. It looks like a "Snow White" red with one coat and if I blot my lips with a tissue, it takes on a bright raspberry color (which is essentially what it fades to on me). With two coats, it takes on a deeper red-wine shade. It's kind of like a chameleon..

The first ingredient in this gloss is Castor Oil, so if you're familiar with it, you can imagine the consistency. It's thick and moisturizing, yet it's completely non-sticky/tacky or greasy. Also, if you're familiar with the scent of Castor Oil, that's what the gloss smells like - kind of woody/plastic-like, but I don't even notice it anymore.

The lasting power is just as really good - the red in particular is still on my lips after several hours (although it will fade slightly).

nyx absolute red

nyx absolute red swatches
NYX Absolute Red on my lips.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Collection Preview (Part 2)

mac glamour daze eyeshadow sets

 MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Gift Sets

There hasn't been too much information released other than some pixelated promo and product images for the upcoming MAC Holiday Collection (which is HUGE, btw!). But I can't help but share the photos and information I've come across related to the collection.

I don't normally get excited about upcoming MAC Collections because they come and go so quickly, but I'm actually kind of excited for the MAC Holiday Collection! I'm over my obsession of bows, but I can't help but love the packaging for the all of the palettes. They are so elegant and glam!

*The actual names of the products as well as the descriptions and prices have not been released yet. 

mac glamour daze eyeshadow
MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Eyeshadow Palettes
There will be three eyeshadow palettes with each palette containing five eyeshadow colors and a mini-size eyeshadow brush.
  • Palette 1 – Taupeless, Satin Taupe, Love Spice, Spellcaster and Black Slip
  • Palette 2 – Blonde Mink, Magical Mist, Brun, Enviable and Smut
  • Palette 3 – Glamour Light, Retrospeck, Honesty, Cognac and Sketch

mac glamour daze face palette

mac glamour daze face palettes
MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Face, Eyes and Lips Palettes
  • There will be three palettes with each one containing three eyeshadows, two lip colors, one face powder (not sure if it's a bronzer or Blush) and a mini double-ended eyeshadow and lip brush.

mac glamour daze palette
MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Complexion Touch-Up Palettes
  • There will be three sets to choose from with each palette containing one lipstick and one oil-absorbing/touch-up pressed powder.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Collection Preview (Part 1)

MAC Glamour Daze Holiday 2012 Collection

There are so many things I love about the holidays - Fall Fashion (scarves, long sleeves and boots), the cold weather (and good hair days - see ya next year humidity!), pumpkin spice lattes, fun-size candy bars, the Christmas lights that light up Chicago, wrapping myself in my self-made cocoon of comforters at night.. and of course, the holiday makeup collections.

We're beginning to see a ton of previews for the new holiday collections and I'm already anticipating October/November so I can go on a swatching rampage at Macy's (Chanel and Dior, I'm coming for you!).

The MAC Holiday Collection is as usual in two parts - the Colour Collection (below) and the Sets (brush and makeup sets).

If you missed out on the highlighters from MAC's Extra Dimension Spring 2012 Collection, don't worry! They are being re-released (the most popular ones, anyway).

Extra Dimension Eyeshadow

  • A Natural Flirt – soft peachy nude
  • Divine Blue – midtone aqua
  • Ready to Party – pale lilac
  • Stylish Merry – midtone dusty violet
  • Tall Dark and Handsome – black with pearl
  • Evening Grey – steel silver
  • Round Midnight – dark burgundy
  • Stolen Moment – dark taupe


  • Catch My Eye – cool taupe grey with dazzle pearl
  • Little Black Bow – charcoal with dazzle pearl
  • Feminine Edge – pink mauve with dazzle pearl

Kohl Power Eye Pencil

  • Raven – intense black with red pearl
  • Orpheus – intense black with gold pearl
  • Mystery – intense black with green pearl
  • Feline – intense black with black pearl

Extra Dimension Skinfinish

  • Superb (Repromote)
  • Whisper of Gilt (Repromote)

Powder Blush

  • I’m the One – midtone blue pink
  • Easy Manner – light dirty peach
  • Small Vanity – dusty rose tan


  • Beauty – pale cool pink (Glaze)
  • Dramatic Encounter – deep purple (Amplified)
  • Glamourdaze – midtone creamy plum (Cremesheen)
  • Innocence – soft coral (Frost)
  • Outrageously Fun – midtone magenta violet (Cremesheen)


  • Deliciously Demure – soft cool brown with pearl
  • Flight of Fancy – rich purple
  • Impossibly Sweet – sheer soft pink with multi-dimensional pearl
  • Pink Fade – light creamy pink
  • Talk Softly To Me – light creamy coral pink

Nail Lacquer

  • Endless Night
  • Girl Trouble
  • In the Limelight
  • Everything that Glitters

Availability: Late October/Early November 2012. Although, I don't have the confirmed date yet.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes Review, Photos and Swatches!

revlon photoready cream blush review

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes ($12.99) are a small range of cream blushes that were released with Revlon's Summer 2012 Collection. They are now part of Revlon PhotoReady's permanent range, so if you've been curious to try them, don't worry, they aren't going anywhere (for now at least).

There are (3) colors to choose from: Flushed (cool pink), Coral Reef (vibrant coral) and Pinched (natural peach).

If cream blushes scare the wits out of you (because some formulas can be tricky to work with), the Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes are a good place to start. It's silicone-based (the first ingredient in the blush is dimethicone), so the very smooth texture allows the product to glide easily across the skin. 

The cream is firm  - somewhat like the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, but they aren't tacky, and they aren't as sticky/greasy as a lip balm. They offer sheer pigmentation with one layer, but are buildable. I find that Coral Reef builds much better than Flushed. Even after several layers Flushed remains quite sheer.

I don't tend to use my fingers much for application of cream blush, but you can literally use anything without messing up. I still prefer using a brush, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a duo-fiber, because of the texture, you can use any blush brush.

They are cased in small, plastic containers with a glossy black screw-top lid, very reminiscent of the older style Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. They are compact and lightweight, so you can toss them in your bag without weighing down your bag or taking up too much space.

revlon photoready cream blushes review

revlon coral reef cream blush swatch
Revlon Coral Reef on my cheeks

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Few Tips on How to Avoid Razor Burn when Shaving your Legs.

How to Avoid Razor Burn when Shaving your Legs

Why does razor burn happen in the first place? Well, razor burn is simply a sign of irritation. Many just deem it as having sensitive skin, but there are many factors that can cause you to experience "the burn".

Think about it for a second. A razor doesn't have a brain, and it doesn't have the smart technology to avoid the skin and only slice the hairs. Each time you run your razor across your skin, you are shaving your skin along with it. More on this later.

I've had a problem with razor burn ever since the beginning of time. I have sensitive skin and my hair is coarse and grows quick. It's the recipe for disaster with a razor. It wasn't until recently I started pinpointing things that could be linked with my frequent irritation.

Here's the story of my life - Day 1 of shaving is baby smooth. Still running pretty good on day 2. Then BAM. Irritation and fine grit sandpaper on day 3. Time to shave again! But wait!? Can't do it, because my skin is inflamed. After waiting for the irritation to subside after a couple of days, I'm left with prickly legs that are in dire need of a shave. All for the vicious circle to start up again.

Now let me go over some of the common mistakes and the solutions.

Your Water Is Too HOT

I bet this is one you've never thought of. I like my water to be as hot as I can tolerate before it burns. But guess what that does? It causes your skin to become sensitive (temporarily) so before you even start shaving, your skin is already red and irritated. Hot water softens the skin, making it easy to slouch off all of the dead skin cells, exposing your new, fresh and sensitive skin cells that lie underneath. It also opens up the pores, which some believe will give them a closer shave. Since we've already established that a razor not only shaves your hair, but your uppermost layer of skin - it all makes sense that using hot water isn't the best when shaving. Another important factor is that hot water actually strips the moisture from your skin, causing your skin to be dry, which will lead to itch and further irritation.

The solution: Use lukewarm water. You want to be comfortable, but you don't want the water to be cold (shaving goosebumps won't get you anywhere either).


We all love exfoliation. Exfoliating the legs with a good scrub or sponge will expose all of those stubborn in-growns/trapped hair follicles and will make your skin feel smooth. But since exfoliation removes the dead skin cells, you are left with squeaky clean skin and fresh, sensitive cells that are lacking the protective barrier you just removed. Your skin is very sensitive and shaving over it will only cause irritation. 

The solution: If you are known to have issues with razor burn, keep your exfoliation to the days you are not shaving.

Friday, September 21, 2012

OCC Lip Tars Now Available at!

OCC Lip Tars Now @

OCC at Sephora!? What a lovely surprise! And what is that pictured next to the tube? A lip brush? Sweet!

For all of you Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics lovers out there, starting at the beginning of this week, Sephora is now carrying the full line of Lip Tars on the Sephora website and in-store at select Sephora locations. Now you can gain some Beauty Insider points each time you purchase a Lip Tar!

For those of you that don't know what Lip Tars are, they are the most pigmented lip colors on the market. They combine the color and longevity of a lipstick with the application of a gloss. They dry down to a matte finish (which I find a bit drying, so I always mix them with some clear gloss). They are highly popular among the online makeup community as well as makeup artists all over the world.

OCC Lip Tars have come a long way since their original launch a few years back in 2009 starting out with a range of 12 fairly basic colors, to the now selection of 40 amazing shades.

OCC Lip Tars have had a few packaging makeovers over the years, and a price increase along with them. Originally, the lip tars were 10 ml for $12.50. Then the tubes were downsized to 8 ml with the same $12.50 price tag, then they increased slightly to $13, and now with their new packaging design they are back to the original 10 ml, but are now $16 each.

Nars Constantinople Cream Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

Nars Constantinople Cream Blush

Nars Constantinople Cream Blush ($28) is described on the Nars website as a deep rose. Deep Rose shades are probably the most flattering shades of blush for my warm, medium skin (with yellow undertones). Constantinople (say that five times fast...) looks just like just that in the pan - a deep, neutral rose.

Now here is my sob story - because of my yellow undertones, this color morphs into a coppery bronze/terracotta shade (This is my polite way of saying orange). I own so many similar shades, so it was a bit of a disappointment that the color didn't stay true. On my cheeks, its pretty similar to MAC Gingerly Blush or even Becca Peach Beach Tint. Nars Lovejoy is also a deep rose shade, but it's much more of a true rose on my cheeks, whereas I don't get rose at all from Constantinople.

So, if you typically have a problem with colors going orange on you (this happens with a huge percentage of my blushes - just about any pink turns into a coral-pink on my cheeks) than, it will most likely happen with this blush. If you have a cool skin tone, I can see this blush showing up truer to pan.

Now that I got that out of the way, the actual performance of this blush is fantastic. It's super creamy and super pigmented - I found it to be creamier than Lokoum (the only other Nars Cream Blush I own). Because it's pigmented and creamy, it can pick up a lot of product, even with a duo-fiber brush. So, I typically like to dab my middle and ring finger on the surface and dab it on my cheeks, and then use a duo-fiber brush to blend.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Guest Post: Kristen Stewart Burgundy Smokey Eye Tutorial!

burgundy smokey eyeshadow tutorial

Kristen Stewart Burgundy Smokey Eye Tutorial

Kristen Stewart’s looks on the red carpet have been hit or miss. This burgundy smokey eye look happens to be one of the more popular ones and is my favourite look of hers because she rarely goes out in anything pink or girly, so a cranberry/burgundy smokey eye look is a great way to make her grunge-y style appear more feminine.


The eyes are the main focus, so keep the rest of the face looking natural. Apply something sheer like the MAC Face and Body Foundation, and buff it in to achieve your desired coverage. Conceal any dark circles or blemishes as well. To set the foundation, apply a translucent powder very lightly over the sides of the forehead, jaw line and chin. Leave a bit of shine on the T-zone.

A light pink blush may be applied to the cheeks, but is not entirely necessary as the overall finish is very subtle and natural. Ladies with naturally rosy cheeks may skip this step.


Kristen doesn’t look like she has a lot on, just a nude lip liner and a peachy-toned gloss. Go for something that’s close to your natural lip color so it doesn’t overpower the eye makeup.

Continue Reading (after the jump) to see how the eyes are done!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Edward Bess Secret Desire Ultra Slick Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

edward bess secret desire lipstick

Edward Bess Secret Desire Lipstick

Edward Bess Secret Desire Lipstick ($32) is a beautiful, creamy natural peachy-pink. Although it looks rather peach in the tube (almost like Nars Belle De Jour) it's most certainly pink. It's soft, neutral and perfect for every day. Many like describing it as a "my lips but better shade, and for light skin tones it is! For medium -dark skin tones it'd work great as a nude.

I've never tried any other Edward Bess Lipsticks, so I'm not sure if the overall performance of the line can be determined by only one shade, but Secret Desire is very creamy, yet a bit slippery - kind of like a YSL Rouge Volupte, but not as drying and longer-lasting. Secret Desire has medium to opaque coverage and a lustrous finish. Even after several layers, the lipstick still manages to feel thin and so lightweight on my lips. It's an overall fantastic formula.

It has a light, sweet fruity smell which I can smell each time I apply it, which I've read is the scent of wild figs. I absolutely love the smell.

edward bess secret desire lipstick

edward bess secret desire lipstick

edward bess secret desire swatch
Edward Bess Secret Desire on my lips.

Glam Beauty Board Box Fall 2012!

I'm super excited to be a part of the Glam Beauty Board this fall, and have a wonderful opportunity to try some really amazing products that I can't wait to share with all of you. Some of which I was already familiar with, and some of which are completely new to me. I've been loyally testing out these products all month, and amidst all of the great products, I happily discovered some favorites!

I will be going more in depth about these products in future reviews, but in this post I've included brief summaries of each product (swatches at the end).

Lately I've been enjoying this bright pink gem in a little holographic box called Benefit Bella Bamba ($28). It's a vivid warm, watermelon pink with with fine golden shimmer. It looks a lot like the cult-favorite Nars Orgasm Blush, but it's pinker (less peach) in tone. It's a lovely shade that I can see both cool and skin tones enjoying all year round. The consistency is silky smooth and it's very pigmented. Included with the blush is a soft, flat brush that actually works really well. It's a bit fluffier than my brush from Benefit Hoola and applies the product evenly.

Don't you love 2-in-1 products? The Lorac Tantalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo ($32) is a warm matte bronzer and champagne-pink highligher all in one convenient compact. I've been on the lookout for my perfect matte bronzer that isn't too cool toned (they have a tendency to look dirty/ashy on my skin) or too orange (have enough of those). The bronzer in here is a perfect golden bronze and is easily my current top pick for a matte bronzer. It works great as a contour, as well as all over the face for added warmth. The illuminator is sheer (no shimmer-bombs here) and incredibly soft. I like applying it across the highest points of my cheeks for added dimension and glow. It reminds me a bit of MAC Hush Cream Colour Base in powder form.

For a quick statement lip, try Mark Make it Rich Lip Color Crayon in the shade Peony ($11). It's a vivid, shimmery fuchsia - and because precision is a cinch with this crayon, lip liner isn't necessary! It's long-lasting on my lips, and even after most of it is gone, it leaves a pretty pink stain behind.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum.

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum

Prada Candy Eau de Parfum ($60 per 1 oz bottle) is a sexy new fragrance by Prada. Now, I'm not the best at describing scents (we've already established this), but thankfully for my sake there are only a few solid notes in this perfume. Upon application it's incredibly sweet, yet soft and feminine and as it wears on it softens to a sweet (almost powdery) musk.

Prada CANDY is instantly seductive—pure pleasure wrapped in impulsive charm. In an explosion of shocking pink and gold, Prada CANDY takes us on a walk on the wild side, showing us a new facet of Prada femininity where more is more and excess is everything. Magnified by white musks, noble benzoin comes together with a modern caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature. 

Notes: Caramel, Musk, Vanilla, Benjoin. (I find it odd that I even like this fragrance because I don't care for vanilla.)

I often associate sugary-sweet fragrances to be a bit adolescent, but I think the notes of musk make this fragrance more grown-up. In some ways it reminds me of Vera Wang Lovestruck, so if like that one, you might like this.

As with any scent, it can slightly differ with your own body chemistry. But, if you love soft and sweet (but not sickening sweet) scents, check this one out! I'm really liking it! It seems to last well on my skin too.

*The bottle shown is a deluxe sample I redeemed with 100 of my Sephora Beauty Reward points.

What's your favorite sweet fragrance?

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush ($20) is a bright, cool pink cream blush. Florida was originally released back in the beginning of 2010 with the MAC in Lillyland Collection and was re-released earlier this year in the MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection. I'm always game for anything that's hot pink, so when I saw this blush in a recent blog sale, I couldn't resist. It's a limited edition shade, so sadly it's no longer available.

With a sheer layer, it gives my cheeks a natural cool, dolly pink hue that looks soft and fresh. The color can be built very easily (as it's very pigmented) to a more vibrant pink if you like your blush to be prominent. I absolutely love this blush, and I know it's going to be one of my frequently used products.

In general, I like applying cream blush with a small duo-fiber stippling brush (I use a MAC 131 Brush, although many like to use a 188 Brush). You can use your fingers, but in my experience, a brush disturbs my foundation less. I sometimes like using my fingers and with no pressure at all, sweep my fingertips across the edges to diffuse the edges.

MAC Florida swatched on the back of my hand.

Habitual Organic Skincare Lip Balms Review!

Habitual Organic Skincare Lip Balms

Habitual Organic Skincare is an Etsy shop based on the idea that beauty products should have a conscience. The Habitual name speaks to the presence of beauty habits and skincare rituals in everyday life and how these habits and rituals leave an imprint on our bodies, minds, and the environment. Habitual products are designed to be used without worry or concern for unhealthy ingredients. Habitual provides all of the good skin nourishing effects without any of the bad ingredients. The ingredients are 100% natural and the products are handmade!

Habitual Organic Skincare just recently launched some lip balms are available in a tube ($4) or a pot ($5) with a variety of scents including: Honey Bee, Mint Chocolate, Vanilla, Lemon Coconut, Unscented, Orange, Grapefruit, and Spearmint.

I've tried the Lemon Coconut Lip Tube and Mint Chocolate Lip Pot and I love both!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid Review!

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid

Fake Bake Flawless Self-Tanning Liquid ($25) is a fast-drying, fast-absorbing, dark self tanning liquid that is designed to be applied with the application mitt provided for a quick and easy tan. It's also transfer-resistant, so it won't stain your sheets or transfer onto your clothing if you decide to apply it in the morning and go about your day. It also doesn't have that nasty self-tanning, chemical scent - it is lightly fragranced with a tropical scent.

•No Artificial Preservatives •Paraben Free •Suitable for all skin types

I think just about every single one of us self-tanning addicts ran out and bought this stuff after Steph, SMLx0 on YouTube mentioned that it is her favorite self tanner. You can view her video review and application demo by clicking here.

I'm pretty much the self-tanning queen around here (well, I use to be anyway..) and I always use SUN Labs as my go-to self-tanner. I'd typically purchase a couple large (professional use) bottles, and it'd last me the full year with regular use. I venture out sometimes and try new ones, but I've always been pretty satisfied with SUN, so I didn't really care to look elsewhere.

Well I've gone on a self-tanning break for pretty much most of 2012 (the biggest break in 10 years!) and recently I've been slowly but surely getting back into the routine. 

I've been using Fake Bake Flawless now at least once a week for the past 3-4 months, and it's all I've been using.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner Review, Photos and Swatches!

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner ($15) is a felt-tip liquid eyeliner pen with a long-lasting, no-smudge formula and a glossy finish.

The Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner is available in (5) shades: Olive Green, Brown, Purple, Navy Blue and Black. All shades are available on the Eyeko website, but only Black is sold at Sephora, while the other shades can be purchased online.

I've tried several pen liners from the drugstore, and my favorite has to be Physician's Formula 2-in-1 Lash Boosting Eyeliner because of the non-fraying, flexible, yet precise tip that doesn't seem to dry out and the overall performance, but it's not the deepest-darkest black, so when I want a very intense liner, I look no further than my Eyeko pen.

The liner is a deep-black with a glossy finish and the tip is firm and comes to a fine point. Although you can create thick or thin lines, I find it much easier to create thicker lines because for the highest amount of pigmentation, pressing it sideways on your lid and sweeping the pen across the eye is the most effective. The tip seems to dry out quickly, so applying the liner straight-on with the tip isn't going to work the best.

Friday, September 14, 2012

QVC Beauty Test Tube Review!

QVC Beauty Test Tube August 2012

QVC Beauty Test Tube ($29.95) is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind sampling program enabling members the opportunity to try a variety of the best beauty products before investing in them, and then share their feedback about the products. Every three months, for $29.95 (plus shipping and handling), subscribers receive a Test Tube filled with deluxe and full-size samples of coveted, high-performance luxury products and the latest issue of NewBeauty magazine. TestTube subscribers also receive videoemails, demonstrating how to achieve optimal results with the products. With 25,000 subscribers, Test Tube has built an unprecedented community of beautyenthusiasts and informed women who sample and share their product favorites.

So unlike the other beauty sample subscriptions, you get four packages a year, as opposed to 12 with most of the other sites. That is $120 a year, while you'd be paying the same amount of money with other companies or more (Birchbox $10/month, Glossybox $21/month, Beauty Box 5 $12/month, etc.) And these other companies give several one-use samples, whereas TestTube only gives deluxe samples.

My aunt gave me five of the products to try and keep, and I was so excited to share my overall thoughts with you!

The August Test Tube included:
Philosophy Love Sweet Love Shampoo, Bath, and Shower Gel, 1 fl oz
A multitasking cleanser for hair and body with a heart-warming scent.
Full Size (16 oz) $22

Bliss Lemon + Sage Body Butter, 1.7 fl oz, TRAVEL SIZE
Bliss Body Butter restores moisture to even the most 'rough and scaly skin' as it protects the skin from free radicals. It smoothes, softens, and hydrates dry skin, without making it feel greasy. Used in over 70,000 bliss spa massages every year worldwide, this superior skin-smoothing formula has gained a huge following—making it one of Bliss' best selling products.
Travel Size (1.7 oz) $6, Full Size (6.7 oz) $29

Mally High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen in the shade Mally's Look, 0.12-oz, FULL SIZE
Mally's High-Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen is a high-performance, 4-in-1 product that includes your lip primer, lipstick, lip gloss, and lip liner all in one! It is a beautiful, smooth, and creamy formula that lasts. These lip pens give you the perfect amount of color combined with the sexy high shine of a gloss.
Full Size (0.12 oz) $20