Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Green FOTN!

Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Tawny
MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW25
Palladio Wet/Dry Foundation Powder (under my eyes)
MAC Bronzing Powder in Golden
MAC Blush in Springsheen

Eyes: MAC Humid e/s all over the lid
MAC Surreal e/s blended into the Humid
MAC Ricepaper blended into the Surreal for my highlight
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline applied with an angled brush on lid and under lid
L'OREAL Extra Intense Liquid Liner Pencil in Black on my waterline
Jane Maxlash Precise Mascara in Blackest Black (Picked this up from Walgreens the other day for $1, i like it a lot!)
Green Glitter mixed with Visine and applied to my lid with an angled brush

Lips: MAC Hue Lipstick
MAC Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass

Summer Handbag Shopping!!

I'm on the hunt for a new Summer handbag. The main color I'm looking for is white, ivory or cream with gold hardware. I wear mostly gold jewelry and lots of brown/tan clothing, so a bag with gold would probably be the most suitable for me. Here are some bags I saw on the Macy's and Bloomingdale's website that I liked.. (Hopefully this Macys coupon will save me some money!)

I've been on the lookout the past few months at TJ Maxx and Marshalls and haven't seen anything. Loehmann's and Nordstrom Rack usually have pretty cool handbags, but I have yet to check there. Tomorrow I'll probably stop at a million places trying to find the perfect bag!

I've been wanting this Louis Vuitton for a long time, but it's a couple hundred more $$$ than what I'd like to spend. I know Louis' are good investments because they last for years, But I'm not sure.

Decisions, decisions!!

Do you have your summer/spring bag yet? Where is your favorite place to shop for bags?

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge Review!

sonia kashuk blending sponge review

Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge

The Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge ($9.99, Target) is a reusable sponge that is used to apply and blend your foundation. It has a precision tip, making it easy to reach small areas (such as under the eyes, around the nose, etc.)

Since I don't own the original Beauty Blender ($19.99), I won't be able to compare them, but I've read several reviews and have seen many recommendations for the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge as a good dupe for the Beauty Blender.

I've never used a reusable sponge to apply my foundation, but I watched a video by MakeupByTiffanyD and found it extremely helpful. In her video she shows how to use the Beauty Blender and does an overall review.

You are suppose to run the sponge under water, then squeeze the excess water out. By doing this, it won't soak up as much liquid product, and the sponge will feel softer to the touch. Then, dip the bottom sponge in your foundation, and apply it in a stippling motion or a dab-and-roll motion. For concealer and smaller areas, the tip of the sponge is helpful.

I followed the directions and stippled my foundation on with the sponge, and right away noticed that I had to go back a couple of times for more foundation, which I never typically have to do. It seemed to eat up more foundation than a brush would. Not only did the sponge "eat" up more foundation, but my foundation also looked sheerer than usual. It applied my makeup very thin on my face, and I could still see redness from my cheeks peek through, which would never happen when applying with my foundation brush. 

My foundation looked very even, and there weren't any areas with caking. Sometimes when I use my brush, too much foundation will sit in some of my fine lines - especially my laugh lines, but with the blending sponge it applies the makeup very thin, so it doesn't happen.

Lastly, one thing that bothered me was the actual smell of the sponge. It reeked of fresh rubber. The smell actually gave me a headache and made my hands smell like rubber. I've washed it quite a few times, but the smell is still a little bit present. I'm sure with regular washing it will go away, but I thought it was worth a mention.

Overall, I'm not completely sold on this sponge and I don't think it's really worth the hype in terms of foundation application. I think this sponge would work much better with cream foundations, as it seems to absorb too much liquid with my regular foundation. Also, because it seems to sheer out my foundation by applying it in a very thin layer, it'd be ideal for opaque and heavy foundations.

I'll only be using this sponge for blending and touch-ups when I need it, and I'll be sticking with my brush for application.

Please bear in mind that this is my opinion only, based on my experience! :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Haircare Routine using Folicure Hair Products

I wanted to get on the topic of hair. Let me give you some quick background info. My whole life I've always had long, thick hair. Recently I was going through photos of the past three years.. and noticed my hair length has not changed. Then, I really started to ponder when this started happening. All throughout high school I had hair down my back and I haven't had it since. I remember I use to shower, go to bed, wake up and use the flat iron. I never used a blow drier. Then, I got my hair cut around the summer of 2006 after I graduated high school, and for a gift I got a blow dryer with an attachable diffuser. And from that point till now I never let my hair air dry. not once. Because when I started college, I took very early classes. So, to get the most sleep possible, I would shower at night, blow dry my hair on high heat and then flat iron it on high heat. Do nothing in the morning and go to school. I know it had nothing to do with a vitamin deficiency or from dying my hair (because I didn't dye it for one whole year and it still didn't grow). I knew it wasn't my flat iron because I had been flat ironing my hair since I was 13 and my hair would grow very, very long. That's when I realized it must be the blow dryer. So I decided to put an end to it. And also putting and end to curling my hair with a curling iron. I noticed with the curling iron, it was causing a lot of my ends to break off.. and that really wasn't helping my situation out.

SO, this is what I've been doing. I went to Sally's and purchased Folicure Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner. It states on the packaging "Cleans and moisturizes dry, damaged hair, Imparts luster to damaged hair and Promotes fuller, thicker hair. Folicure Shampoo was was created to to clean gently without stripping away natural nutrients found on a healthy scalp. Daily use will help keep hair fuller and thicker. Moisturizing Conditioner is the first everyday use, rinse-out Folicure conditioner. It leaves fine, delicate hair smooth, shiny and full while stimulating the scalp with a refreshing tingle."

I also purchased the Folicure Vitamin Supplement for Healthy Hair. This states "Nourishes hair from within, Promotes healthy, full, lustrous hair. Strong, healthy, lustrous hair requires the proper amount of nutrients on a daily basis. Due to busy lifestyles and the resulting poor diet, men and women today often lack proper nutrition for healthy-looking hair. Folicure Dietary Supplement ensures that you take in the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients for your hair to look its best."

AND, last but not least, these amazing rollers. Caruso Professional ProSet Steam Hairsetter. These rollers are so much better than using a curling iron. It isn't like putting direct heat on your hair and hair spraying your hair and listen to your hair sizzle and burn. You fill this little steam pot with water, put the lid on, plug it in and wait for it to start steaming, then you put a roller on top of the pot where the steam is coming out, let it sit there for 5-10 seconds and put the roller in your hair. Whats in the sponge roller is the warm steam and moisture that is locking in the curl in a non damaging way. You let them sit in your hair for a minimum of 10-15 mins and you have great waves or curls :)

I started washing my hair with the shampoo and conditioner not using hot water, but lukewarm and then rinsing the conditioner out with cool/cold water. Then, I could brush it with a natural bristled brush/boar bristled brush. I use that instead of a plastic brush, which isn't easy on my hair and causes breakage. The natural bristle brush minimizes breakage and they also redistribute oils throughout hair, boosting shine. Then, I distribute a leave in conditioner in my hair and let my hair air dry. I may go to sleep with damp hair and wake up and distribute a heat protector on my hair, concentrating on the ends, and flat iron straighten my hair. Then of course, I take my supplements twice daily. (Sometimes I forget, I have to really get in the habit of not forgetting!) And I also try not to wear my clip in extensions as much.. as they do put some strain on your roots. AND, I let my hair go natural some days (curly) with very minimal products.. which I would never do before.

What have I noticed? I'm noticing that my hair is always soft and shiny, and that my split ends aren't 1/4 as visible as they were before. My hair is actually growing.. I'm not sure how much it has grown.. but at least a couple to a few inches. I can't tell exactly because I didn't take any before pictures.. and my hair actually was so damaged that I would never go without wearing extensions. I'm really convinced that I will get my long hair back.. I'm hoping I will get it below my chest by Christmas. I will keep you posted!

I found this web page really helpful! They have some good hair tips! Check it out. http://www.longlocks.com/how-to-grow-long-hair.htm

What are some of your hair routines to get your hair looking its best? What are your favorite products??

(By the way! By no means am I saying to go out and buy everything I use, I just wanted to share what I use and whats seems to be working for me.. there are so many similar products and brands that probably are better (I just haven't discovered yet :)) or work differently depending on the person.)

This was my long hair in high school... :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Smashbox Dusk Fusion Soft Lights and Smashbox Aura Lipgloss!

Smashbox Aura Lipgloss & Smashbox Fusion Soft Lights in Dusk

Smashbox Dusk Fusion Soft Lights is a powder bronzer with five stripes of color, that when blended together create a beautiful golden bronze with a pearl sheen. It's a perfect every day bronzer to add a little bit of warmth and glow to your face.

Smashbox Aura Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss is a sparkling pink with fine pink, purple and golden glitter. For the amount of glitter, you'd expect the formula to be gritty, but it's surprisingly very smooth and moisturizing on the lips. It's quite sheer, but looks beautiful paired with any pink or nude lipstick.

Do you have any favorite products by Smashbox? Share in the comments below!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Favorite Bronzers with Swatches!

favorite bronzers

My Favorite Bronzers

From the left side of my arm to my right, it goes: Chanel Bronze Universel de Chanel, Bare Minerals Faux Tan, Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess soft matte bronzer, MAC Refined Golden, MAC Golden (I haven't really used it yet, but I wanted to show the difference between Refined Golden) and my drugstore favorite, Covergirl trueblend minerals Natural Bronze #440.

Chanel Bronze Universal - This comes in a large, round pot with 1 fl oz of product. It is a compacted cream that is soft to the touch. The smell of it is wonderful. I tap it lightly with a powder brush and dust it all over my face. I find it works very well with foundations that have a dewy finish. The color is a beautiful golden. The color is buildable. It lasts ALL DAY. I wonder if it's waterproof, because when I rinsed off my arm with a towel from the swatches I did, this stayed on my arm.

Bare Minerals Faux Tan - This is what I wore on my face today, I kind of forgot how much I loved it. I've actually repurchased quite a few times. This is probably #2 on my favorite bronzer list. Refined Golden as my number one only because having a compact is more convenient than a powder jar. Anyways, I use my blush brush and put a tad in the lid of the jar and swirl it lightly around my brush and dust it on my cheeks, nose and forehead. The color is a golden brown with a bit of shimmer to it. I find it works the best after you have powdered your face.. it will just glide on. If you don't set your foundation with a powder before applying, it will just adhere to one spot. This is VERY buildable. You can really make yourself look extremely tan. The color is more on the brown side, so it doesn't look super fake. I love dusting this on my neck and chest to look extra sunkissed. AND, you can buy a big jar on ebay for half the price of a retail store. I bought a huge jar for $10.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess - I received this as a gift with purchase a while ago. It doesn't look like much in the pot, but it is very nice for subtle color, it is buildable though. It has a hint of maybe a mauve when applied, it looks great on your cheeks. I haven't repurchased this, but I really do like it.

MAC Refined Golden - I love this stuff, it is very pigmented. So, it is so easy to go bronzer happy with this. I do it all the time. You really don't need a lot. The color is a very nice bronze-copper with a hint of shimmer. The color is buildable, but you really don't need a lot of this. It lasts me a pretty long time. I love sweeping this on my neck and chest to look extra tan!

MAC Golden - I just purchased this a couple of days ago and i wore it yesterday for the first time. Let me tell you, it is nothing like Refined Golden. The color is extremely sheer. Which could be a good thing if you're like me and overdo it sometimes. You can really control the level of bronze you want on your face. The color is like a peachy beige tan. I think it would be a good color to contour your face with, since it's not dramatic color. It is very natural, and very pretty!

Covergirl Trueblend Minerals Natural Bronze - This comes in a big jar and it's a loose shimmer bronzer. The color is very coppery.. meaning it has an orange tint to it, but it has an amazing bronze-tan shimmer color. This is my hands down favorite drugstore bronzer. I love dusting it on my cheek bones and areas I want a little extra glow. It's very pigmented and buildable as well and lasts forever!!

I've tried others such as Cargo Bronzer in Medium and I remember really liking it, and NARS Laguna was good as well.. but it's been such a long time..

Very Simple fotd today, since it was SO hot outside! I was going to go to the beach but things didn't go as planned. Did anyone else do anything to enjoy the beautiful weather??

Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Tawny, MAC Studio Finish Concealer NW25, Palladio Wet to Dry Powder (Really good if you want an opaque setting powder, similar to Studio Fix powder) & Bare Minerals Faux Tan Bronzer.

Eyes: Estee Lauder Magnascopic Mascara (got a sample I'm testing out), L'oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Liner on my waterline, MAC typographic e/s lined under my eyes and on top with a little bit of MAC Ricepaper e/s in my corners. Also I threw on a pair of Ardell false lashes. On my brows I filled them in with MAC espresso e/s and applied with an angled brow brush.

(sorry, i deleted the full face picture.. i didn't like it) lol

Lips: MAC Hue lipstick and MAC Sugarrimmmed Dazzleglass lipgloss lined with MAC Hover lip liner pencil.

As you can tell, I'm trying all of my new things. So far I'm loving it!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Small MAC Haul - MAC Bronzer, Eyeshadows, Lipstick and more!

I went to my local MAC counter today to turn in 12 empty product containers and swap them for two brand new lipsticks as a part of their Back to MAC (B2M) program.

If you haven't heard of the Back to MAC program, basically, if you save up your empty containers of products you've used up from MAC, once you reach six (6) containers, you can bring them in to any MAC store and redeem them for a lipstick of your choice. So for example, if you used up three bottles of foundation and three eye shadows, you can use those six containers for B2M. Also, at freestanding stores, you have the option of swapping for an eyeshadow! But at counters, you can only get a lipstick. Sweet deal!

I ended up picking up Creme d' Nude (cremesheen, described as a pale muted peach beige) and Hue (glaze, described as a soft, pale pink). 

Along with those, I also purchased Love Nectar Lustreglass, Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass, Typographic eyeshadow (to use as a liner), Ricepaper eyeshadow (for a basic highlight), Golden Bronzer and Honey Light High-Light Powder from the new Naked Honey collection.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is your skincare routine?A: I'm a real slacker when it comes to taking care of my skin. I think its in my genetics to have clear skin, but with the heavy products I use on my face, I do tend to break out. I did have some "Holy Grail" products for my face, but they were discontinued over a year ago. They were by Avon from their Skin Pore-fection line. I haven't found anything I loved ever since. So, as for cleansers, I don't really use any.

Every day though, I use Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes. They are the absolute best wipes I've EVER used. I've used Equate, L'Oreal, Garnier, Almay, etc. These remove all traces of makeup in one wipe, and it leaves my face soft and moisturized. I am lost without these!

If I notice my skin starting to break out, I love using Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque. This is my favorite facial mask. It never fails to clear up my skin when I need it. Queen Helene has great products.. I've tried many of them.. and they are really affordable! Another mask I love is the Aspirin Mask. I've raved so about the Aspirin Mask. It really works wonders.

Then, after my mask, I always use a toner. I use a little Witch Hazel dabbed on a cotton ball. This brightens my face and makes it feel so fresh! I buy a big bottle from Sally's Beauty Supply for under $5. Then, of course I use a moisturizer (since I have dry skin).. none in particular. I get samples often that I use.

Also, I like to rid my skin of clogged pores and black heads (usually on my nose and chin) I use a exfoliation glove and scrub firmly in a circular motion for maybe a minute.. with soap and water.. and my nose/chin is shiny, and squeaky clean of clogged pores.

Q: Do you use any teeth whiteners? A: No, not really. I hate to say this again, but I believe this is genetic as well. My whole life, I've had white teeth (even when I was a little kid and hated brushing my teeth). I like to use a Medium bristle brush. In my opinion they work better. I use to always use hard bristle brushes, but in the past couple of years they were taken off the market.. so there is only soft and medium. My favorite tooth paste is Aquafresh Extreme Clean w/ Whitening Action. I've tried Crest White Strips and they work great. Especially the Crest White Strips Premium. I've tried them out before and in just a few days my teeth were extremely white. I never completed a full 2 week cycle of them.

Q: What foundations do you use?A: I have a select few foundations that I tend to keep re-buying when they are finished. I switch foundations all of the time.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid NC30-NC40. This was my 1st ever high end foundation I ever purchased and I've been hooked on it ever since. It really gives me a good lasting coverage that lasts all day. One thing I love about it is the color. It's a gorgeous golden tone with a hint of yellow. The color selection is amazing. You'll definitely be able to find your perfect match. I find that you have to set this with a powder, or your face may get a little oily. MAC Blot Powder works great with this.

MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation NC37. This is a really great foundation. It covers all of my imperfections and has great staying power. I love that it comes in a squeeze tube instead of a bottle. It's very handy to throw in your purse. The consistency is sort of like a liquid gel. I found that I only need a little dab and I use my MAC 187 stipple brush and buff it into my face and almost instantly, my face looks airbrushed. You will also need to set this with a powder, or you may get a little shiny. I find that it is slightly less yellow than Studio Fix Fluid.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation in Tawny. This is one of my favorite foundations. It covers absolutely everything. Any blemish, any discoloration = gone! It makes my face look flawless. It finishes to a matte, so you don't need to set it with a powder. This never cakes on me, and I never need a touch up. The color is on the peachy side.. It doesn't have a yellow tone like MAC foundations tend to have.. but that's fine. Once I apply my bronzer, I love how my face looks. The only thing about this foundation is, it doesn't photograph well because of the SPF. You may look washed out if you taking flash pictures. So If I'm going somewhere where I know I'll be in lots of pictures, I steer towards another foundation.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation in 6.5. I absolutely love this foundation. It has a great creamy liquid consistency with a light-medium coverage and a beautiful radiant finish. It also photographs wonderfully.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Stromboli (NC30-NC35) or Barcelona (NC40). This is my number 1 favorite foundation. I love applying it with my fingers, a synthetic fluffy brush or my MAC 131. No matter how I apply it.. the end result is always flawless. Its a medium coverage with a semi-dewy finish. Also photographs wonderfully.

Q: What powders do you use?A: Since I have normal/dry skin, I don't really have much use for powders. My main use for powder is, to apply under my eyes so my concealer or under eye area won't crease. I do use powders once in a while when I don't feel like applying a liquid. But I definitely prefer liquid. I don't really like the look of a powdery face.

Anyway, this is my list of powders I use:

For Powder Foundations:MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC40. This is one of my favorite powders. It really has great coverage for a powder. I think this is the only powder I've ever used alone that I'm comfortable going out in. The staying power is great, it didn't wear off for me at the end of the day or anything. I also like to use this over a foundation for extra coverage. I'll just take a large powder brush and dust it all over my face after I applied my liquid foundation. I find that this powder runs a little light.. so next time I buy this, I may have to get a darker shade. I've heard that this breaks out a lot of people, but It didn't for me.

Palladio Wet/Dry Powder Foundation in Cypress Beige. I heard good things about this, and went to Sally's Beauty Supply and bought it. It works really well. This can also be used alone, but I prefer it over my makeup for a flawless look. When I take a brush and dust it over my makeup, it really gives me an airbrushed look. The color choices with this stuff isn't really the best. It is a little light for me but, it was the closest color match for me. I wish it was more golden toned.. but never the less, its an awesome powder with great coverage.

For Setting Powders:MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark. This is one of favorite setting powders. It works hand in hand with MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I prefer it in the pressed compact. I've purchased it loose sometimes, but it's just too messy. With this, my makeup doesn't cake or crease and lasts a lot longer.

Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Powder. This is my HG setting powder. I bought a huge shaker bottle of this for like $5 and I've been using it for over a year and its still half full! I like putting this under my eyes so my makeup or concealer won't cake, and it brightens up the area so my dark circles are covered even better.

Q: What brushes do you use to apply your makeup?A: My favorite brush to apply foundation with is the MAC Duo Fibre Brush #187 (The stipple brush or the skunk brush), I feel that it works the best with all of the foundations I've tried.
I also like the #194 Concealer Brush to apply my Studio Finish Concealer. It allows me to get very close to my eye.

My favorite brushes to apply my blush/bronzer with are the MAC #129 Powder/Blush Brush and E.L.F Studio Blush and Bronzer brushes. Sephora platinum brushes are really good too. I love the bronzer brush.

Q: What are your favorite lipsticks?A: MAC Shygirl, Freckletone and NARS Honolulu Honey are my favorite neutral peaches. Shygirl and Honolulu honey have a hint of pink to them, while Freckletone has more of a beige tint.

I also love MAC Myth and Creme d' Nude for a pale lip. These colors look exactly the same.. the only difference I see, is the texture and finish. Creme d' nude is more sheer, creamy and wearable. As myth, is much more pigmented, and is good to tone down other colors or to mix with.

My favorite pink is MAC Hue. I wear this color almost every day. It is the perfect light pink. Its shiny and creamy and does not dry out my lips. I think its flattering on all skin tones.

And, my favorite drugstore lipsticks are Revlon Colorstay Smooth Nude lipstick and NYX Orange Soda Round Lipstick.

Q: What are your favorite blushes?A: I have lots of blushes. I haven't really discovered my HG color though.

Here's a list of some blushes I own that I like:

If i want a red-toned blush, I love MAC Sunbasque and Coppertone

If I want a peachy color, I'll go for MAC Peaches or Springsheen

And if I want a pink tone.. I'll use MAC Dollymix or Dainty Mineralize blush

As for Bronzers, MAC Refined Golden is my HG, I also like Bare Minerals Faux Tan.

My favorite highlight is MAC Honour blush.

My favorite MAC Mineralize Skin finishes are "So Ceylon" and "New Vegas"

Q: What is your favorite mascara?A: Yves Saint Laurent Faux Cils Mascara, Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara and Covergirl Volume Exact Mascara. Wonderful volume and slight lengthening with all three.

Q: What is your favorite eyeliner?A: I don't typically wear eye liner, but if I do, my HG is MAC Liquidlast Liner is Point Black. It is the blackest black I've ever used. And it doesn't fade, if you don't wash your eyes, it will look the same the next morning. I don't use pencils, because they all end up under my eyes, and I don't usually line my waterline, if I do, I'll use L'oreal Extra-Intense liquid pencil eye liner.

What I usually use for eyeliner, is eye shadow with a small brush, or an angled brow brush. My favorite colors to use to line my eyes with are all by MAC and the colors are: Carbon (Matte Black), Plumage (A deep Matte blue/aqua) and Nehru (A deep navy-black). And sometimes, I like to put a line of Tophat (purple) under my eyes to make my eye color pop.

Q: Where do you get your hair done?I actually do my hair myself. My side bangs, hair color and cut. I maybe get a professional trim once a year. When I do go, I ask to get layers starting from under my chin in the front and in the back I want the layers to be long. I basically keep up with it myself by trimming it year round.

As for my side bangs, I just played around with them and saw where the part looks its best. I get them "wispy" looking by making thin layers in my bangs so they're not all one length. I basically section my bangs off maybe three times.. and i make maybe a couple centimeters of layers.. not cutting across, but holding the hair and snipping straight into it.

This is a really good instructional video to show where to part your hair and how to cut.


Q: What hair products do you use?A: I get lots of questions on how I get my hair to be so volumized. My answer to that is, I don't really use any products to get my hair fuller. I have naturally very thick, curly hair. To get it straight, I flat iron it, and it soft of keeps its natural fullness. The Shampoo and Conditioner I use though, gives your hair a fuller effect.

Here is a list of some products I use:
For treatments

GVP Concentrated Leave in Treatment (dupe for Sebastian potion 9) and GVP Leave-in Treatment (dupe for Redkin extreme anti-snap). I like using the concentrated leave in treatment more.. it has a great scent and I feel like it works better.

For Heat Protection/shine

I like to apply Fantasia Heat Proctector serum on my ends so when I use my flat iron, it will protect my hair from frying and it makes my hair smooth and shiny.


I love Beyond the Zone Flipped Out Styling Spray. It's the best hair spray I've ever used. It keeps whatever style I have in place. Its called "flipped out" spray because you're suppose to flip your head upside down and spray your hair and rub your roots. This will give you lots of oomph!

And my flat iron is a Jibere de Paris Nano Ceramic Ionic Flat Iron. I got it from Sally's Beauty Supply. It goes up to 450 degrees. I usually use it on 410 degrees. It gets my hair extremely straight and hasn't damaged my hair.

Q: What camera do you use?
A: Its a Canon Powershot A720 8.1 Megapixels. I'm pretty sure it's not that expensive and can be purchased at Wal-mart. I always use it on the macro setting (the flower button) and try to take pictures with no flash, near sunlight or in the sunlight. Also, the TV setting works very well, you have to kind of test it out to see what works best.

If you have any questions, post a comment! :)

Introduction to my blog + Three FOTD's

Hi Everyone!

My name is Natalie and I am a 21 year old beauty junkie! I may not be a professional in the beauty industry, but it is my passion. I love researching, reading and trying new products and sharing my awesome finds with others.

I'm beginning this blog just for fun. Hopefully the content I will provide in my future entries will be helpful to you and I hope you will enjoy reading my blog!

Yours truly,

Here are a few past FOTD's (Face of the Day; what makeup I'm wearing for that particular day)

For this look I attempted to recreate a look by Katie Price. She was also very bronzed for the look.. (I happened to go a little overboard with the bronzer.. yikes! Some advice when you use Bare Escentuals Faux Tan Bronzer.. use w/ a very light hand!! haha!)

Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Tawny)
MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder
Bare Minerals Faux Tan Face Color (a very deep bronzer)
MAC New Vegas Mineralized Skin Finish (for a golden glow)

Brows: MAC Espresso eyeshadow applied with an angled eyebrow brush

Eyes: MAC Carbon eyeshadow with MAC Surreal eyeshadow (frosty white/green) blended into Carbon
MAC Point Black Liquidlast Liner
L'oreal Extra-Intense liquid pencil eyeliner in Black (on my waterline)

(I'm not sure which mascara I used..)

Lips: MAC Spice lip pencil
MAC Shygirl lipstick
Neutrogena Groove lip gloss

Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Tawny)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW25)
MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder
MAC Dollymix Blush

Brows: MAC Espresso eyeshadow applied with an angled eyebrow brush

Eyes: MAC Tophat eyeshadow
Urban Decay Flash eyeshadow
MAC Pink Venus eyeshadow
MAC Grand Entrance eyeshadow (brow highlight & inner corners of eye)
MAC Electrolady Liquid Last Liner (on my upper lid)
MAC Point Black Liquid Last Liner (on my waterline)
Imju Fiberwig Mascara

Lips: MAC Spice Lip liner
MAC Shygirl Lipstick

Face: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (Tawny)
MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NW25)
Ben Nye Neutral Set Translucent Powder (applied under eyes to set concealer)
MAC Refined Golden Bronzing Powder
MAC Springsheen Blush

Brows: MAC Espresso eyeshadow applied with an angled eyebrow brush

Eyes: MAC Carbon eyeshadow
Deep Truth eyeshadow
L'oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Eyeliner in Black (on my waterline & upper and lower lash line)
L'oreal Extra Volume Collagen Black Mascara
Ardell Fashion False Lashes #116

Lips: MAC Hover Lip liner
MAC Myth Lipstick
Revlon Life's a Peach Lip gloss