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Monday, July 22, 2013

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss Review, Photos, Swatches!

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss ($8) is a rosy-magenta with a pearly sheen and a glossy finish. Colour Riche Le Gloss is infused with ultra-hydrating Omega 3, protective Vitamin E, and Argan Oil for intense moisture and shine. You can wear these glosses alone or layered over your favorite lipstick. Le Gloss is available in 16 sensual shades from deep plum to crystal clear.

If you're looking for a really saturated with color gloss, these aren't going to be it. There are many bright and fun colors, but the color payoff is on the sheer side. I've seen swatches where they look really pigmented, but on the lips, many of them appear the same. I think they're great for the Summer though, or just about any time you're going for the a natural glossy lip.

They have a fruity, sort-of vanilla scent - and normally I don't care for scents in my lip products, but I don't feel that the scent of these cheapen the product or turn them into "kiddy" glosses. I kinda like it.

Also, I really like the simple name of the lipgloss. Le Gloss or The Gloss in French just has a bit of a high-end ring to it. (You can put French words on anything and it sounds expensive, right?) The lipglosses also have a really slim, squeeze-tube design which is super lightweight, and perfect for your pocket or bag.

I think these lip glosses are great, but truthfully, I don't think there is much that sets them apart from the rest. I love the packaging, the moisturizing feel and the glossiness, but I just prefer something with either longer staying power or bolder color. I really like the color I chose, but I probably won't be purchasing additional shades. (Don't quote me on this though, I tend to buy on impulse.)

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss

L'Oreal Violet Attitude Colour Riche Le Gloss Swatches

Thursday, February 14, 2013

NYX Apple Strudel Butter Gloss Review, Photos and Swatches!

NYX Apple Strudel Butter Gloss

NYX Apple Strudel Butter Gloss

I don't go to ULTA as often as I use to, but when I do I always make sure to stop by the NYX section (I feel like I just quoted a Dos Equis commercial.. ha!) On my recent trip, I was excited to see a few products that I didn't recognize that are new for 2013.

NYX Butter Glosses ($5) are a new line-up of lipglosses that are described as providing a sheer to medium coverage without feeling sticky. NYX makes some awesome lip glosses (especially their extreme lip creams and megashine lip glosses) and as usual, they come in a great variety of my kind of shades (pinks galore!)

NYX Butter Glosses are available in (12) shades: Strawberry Parfait, Eclair, Peaches and Cream, Merengue, Creme Brule, Peach Cobbler, Tiramisu, Apple Strudel, Vanilla Cream Pie, Cherry Cheesecake, Maple Blondie and Cherry Pie.

Naturally, I chose a light coral shade called Apple Strudel. It provides enough coverage to be worn alone, but if you want opaque coverage you may want to layer it over a lipstick. I find that if I apply more than one layer it feels too thick and gooey on my lips, so one layer is all I need.

It feels super moisturizing on the lips and has pretty decent lasting power - similar to the Megashine Lipglosses.

They're unfortunately scented, but it's not a scent that bothers me. It smells sweet, and reminds me of strawberries and cream.

NYX Apple Strudel Butter Gloss

NYX Apple Strudel Butter Gloss Swatch
NYX Apple Strudel on my lips.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NYX Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe in the shades Paint the Town, I'm Coming Out and Glitter Dreams Review, Photos and Swatches!

NYX Glam Gloss Aqua Luxe

NYX Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe 

NYX Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe ($6) is a newer line of super shimmery, glitter lipglosses with just a hint of color. They can be worn alone or layered over your favorite lipstick to enhance your lip color and add lots of shine.

NYX Glam Lipgloss Aqua Luxe are available in (11) shades:  I'm Coming Out, Do the Hustle, Beat Goes On, Glitter Dreams, High Society, Disco Playground, VIP, Paint the Town, Underground Boogie, The Last Party and Velvet Ropes.

The majority of the shades are pink toned with the exception of a couple beige/gold shades. I ended up getting three shades that I thought would look good topped over some of my favorite pink lipsticks.

The consistency of these glosses is thin, yet fairly creamy and comfortable on the lips. They are non-sticky, tacky or heavy feeling on the lips. Glitter glosses can tend to feel gritty on the lips, but I didn't have a problem with these. The shade Glitter Dreams contains the most shimmer of the three glosses I purchased, and you could feel the glitter when you rub your lips together, but it's not bad by any means.

The applicator is large, narrow and flat (love!!) so it scoops up the perfect amount of product, so you won't have to double dip for additional product.

I'm Coming Out is a medium toned cool pink with golden shimmer. It looks pretty on it's own, but since it's so sheer, I prefer wearing it over a similar pink or fuschia colored lipstick.

Paint the Town is a soft coral with subtle golden shimmer. It's the least gritty of the three because it contains the least shimmer. It looks really pretty topped over coral, warm pink and peach lipsticks. (See below where I paired it with MAC Cut a Caper Lipstick)

Glitter Dreams is a reddened raspberry with tons of multi-colored glitter. It's the flashiest of three, and if you love lots of shimmer, this is your gloss. When worn alone it makes my lips look a bit more berry pink toned, shiny and a bit fuller. I think this will pair well with any medium or dark shades of pink, plum - even red!

NYX Glam Gloss Aqua Luxe

MAC Cut a Caper and NYX Paint the Town
Love this combo! MAC Cut a Caper Lipstick with NYX Paint the Town on top.

Read more for additional photos and swatches...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Berry Lips on a Budget - A Wallet-friendly List of Vampy Lip Colors!

Berry Lips on a Budget

If you want to experiment with dark, vampy lip colors this Fall and don't want to break the bank, I compiled a small list of some wallet-friendly options for you to give a try.

Speaking for myself, the only lipsticks I ever reach the end of are my every day shades, so when it comes to rocking trendy colors - such as hot pink, red, orange and deep-dark shades, realistically I'll never finish a full tube before they'll eventually get tossed. There's nothing wrong with splurging if you can fit it in your budget, but for something like a statement lip color that you probably won't get much wear from, you might want to look into the less expensive options to really get your money's worth. And, there are so many options at the drugstore!

The term "berry" is so vague as berry can refer to a huge range of shades. The colors I picked are very Fall appropriate wine/plum/berry shades, some of which should work on most skin tones. I apologize in advance that some are very similar.

Revlon Red Velvet Colorburst Lip Butter ($7.49) is a medium-dark, neutral wine-red with a shiny finish. With one layer it gives a sheer, semi-shiny stain. With a few layers, the color is completely opaque. The formula is moisturizing and feels great on the lips. This is one of the few darker shades that I can get away with without using a lip brush. It's one of the easier shades to wear because it's a very balanced red toned wine and doesn't wash out the complexion. I think it's a universally flattering shade.
Revlon Red Velvet

Revlon Bordeaux Colorburst Lipgloss ($7.49) is a rose wine/darkened raspberry with very fine golden shimmer and a glossy finish. It's sheer but buildable to full coverage. The formula is creamy, lightweight and feels comfortable on the lips. It makes my lips look fuller and juicy. This is easily my favorite from the bunch as it has a very "mod" vibe and there's a brightness about it that makes my face look healthy and youthful. 
Revlon Bordeaux

Sunday, September 30, 2012

NYX Nude Pink Megashine Lip Gloss Review, Photos and Swatches!

nyx nude pink

NYX Nude Pink Megashine Lip Gloss

NYX Nude Pink Megashine Lip Gloss ($5.50) is a creamy, soft neutral pink. The color is soft on my lips, but it's not really what I'd describe as "nude". It's light, but it doesn't wash me out. It's pigmented enough to wear alone, and it looks amazing when paired with any pink lipstick.

NYX Megashine Lipglosses are one of my favorite, if not my favorite line of drugstore lip glosses for several reasons - there is a huge selection of pretty every day colors, the formula is pigmented (although some shades can be sheerer than others), they are non-sticky, feel great on the lips and are inexpensive.

One of the downsides about NYX Megashine Lipglosses are that the tube can sometimes get messy. I've owned several Megashine Lipglosses, and I've had some overflow. You can see in the main photo how much gloss has gathered around the top of the tube. I like to clean the inside handle of the wand applicator with a q-tip once I notice a lot of product gathering and it helps.

Also, they are scented like cherries. Some love it, some hate it. I don't really mind it. Kinda wish it was scent-free, but it doesn't stop me from purchasing them.

nyx nude pink

nyx nude pink swatch
NYX Nude Pink on my lips

Friday, September 28, 2012

NYX Absolute Red Xtreme Lip Cream Review & Photos!

nyx absolute red

NYX Absolute Red Xtreme Lip Cream

NYX Absolute Red Xtreme Lip Cream ($5.99) is an opaque cherry/blood red lip color with a glossy finish. NYX Xtreme Lip Creams are a lipgloss/lipstick hybrid as the product is completely opaque with one coat, yet it has the texture and shine of a gloss. I'd compare the pigmentation to OCC Lip Tars, though these are much more moisturizing.

Absolute Red is such a perfect, sexy shade of red, and I can't imagine it looking bad on anyone. It looks like a "Snow White" red with one coat and if I blot my lips with a tissue, it takes on a bright raspberry color (which is essentially what it fades to on me). With two coats, it takes on a deeper red-wine shade. It's kind of like a chameleon..

The first ingredient in this gloss is Castor Oil, so if you're familiar with it, you can imagine the consistency. It's thick and moisturizing, yet it's completely non-sticky/tacky or greasy. Also, if you're familiar with the scent of Castor Oil, that's what the gloss smells like - kind of woody/plastic-like, but I don't even notice it anymore.

The lasting power is just as really good - the red in particular is still on my lips after several hours (although it will fade slightly).

nyx absolute red

nyx absolute red swatches
NYX Absolute Red on my lips.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sleek Milkshake and Minx Pout Paint Review, Swatches and Comparison to OCC Lip Tars!

sleek pout paints review

Sleek Milkshake & Minx Pout Paint

Sleek Pout Paint ($6.49) is an intense lip pigment, with the consistency of a lipgloss, and the pigmentation and finish of a lipstick.

Sleek Pout Paints are available in (11) shades: Minx, Cloud 9, Mauve Over, Lava, Peachy Keen, Rosette, Port, Pinkini, Milkshake, Peek-a-Bloo and Pin up.

I got my hands on two of the shades; Milkshake and Minx. Milkshake is a vibrant coral-pink and Minx is a neutral beige-pink.

Sleek Pout Paints launched at around this time last year, and I remember when everyone was talking about them and comparing them to the very similar OCC Lip Tars. I love my OCC Lip Tars, but admittedly, I reach for my traditional lipsticks before my lip tars because they are more convenient to use.

Sleek Pout Paints and OCC Lip Tars alike need to be applied with a lip brush because the color is so opaque, you only need a small drop to coat your lips. If you don't own a lip brush, you can use any small brush (concealer brush, etc) or the wand of one of your lipglosses.

sleek milkshake minx pout paint

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Milani Quick Flash Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipgloss Review!

milani quick flash lipgloss

Milani Quick Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss

Milani Haute Flash Lipgloss ($7.49) is a new lipgloss range from Milani providing full coverage color with an extra shiny finish. It's non-tacky and won't won't feather; meaning, it will stay on your lips and won't travel outside your lip line.

There are six (6) shades available: Hot Flash, Flashy, In a Flash, Star Flash, Golden Flash and Quick Flash. A couple of the shades caught my eye, but I was the most drawn to Quick Flash.

Quick Flash is a light-med pink (I can't decide whether it's a warm or cool pink, it's somewhere in between) filled with a mixture of white and pink shimmer. If you don't like shimmer, steer clear because these contain lots of shimmer.

Some of the shades in this range are more pigmented than others, and Quick Flash happens to be the sheerest. I was a bit disappointed because with the claims of being "full coverage", I was expecting a liquid lipstick type of gloss, and it just didn't deliver. It's very buildable though, and with two coats, it provides a nice medium coverage on my rosy lips.

milani haute flash lipgloss

milani quick flash lipgloss swatch
Milani Quick Flash on my lips.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

NYX Natural Xtreme Lip Cream Review!

nyx xtreme lip cream natural

NYX Natural Xtreme Lip Cream

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream ($5.99) is a "liquid lipstick" - it has the coverage of an opaque lipstick, but in a creamy lipgloss form. It delivers intense, long-lasting color with a shiny finish.

I just reviewed Nude Peach Fuzz in the previous post, and now I'll be talking about the other color I have, which is the shade Natural.

Natural is a light, pinky-beige nude. It's a shade that'd work best on light to light-medium and medium skin tones. It may look too pastel on darker skin tones, but those with darker skin tones may like this lip gloss to mix/tone down dark and/or bright lip colors. For reference, it's not as light as MAC Myth Lipstick - it's much more wearable. I'm around MAC NC25 right now, and it's not lighter than my skin. (See swatch at the end of the post) In my opinion, a must-have if you're a fan of the nude lip.

nyx lip cream natural

nyx xtreme natural swatch
NYX Natural Xtreme Lip Cream on my lips

Friday, June 22, 2012

NYX Nude Peach Fuzz Xtreme Lip Cream Review! My FAVORITE lip product right now!

NYX Nude Peach Fuzz Xtreme Lip Cream 

If I could leap in the air and click my heels without falling flat on my face, I'd do it right now in salutation of one of my new favorite lip products! Wait... What? What is that? Is that the sound of angels?

I've gone through so many lip products that it takes a lot to woo me nowadays, but this lip cream sure makes me swoon.

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream ($5.99) is a "liquid lipstick" - it has the coverage of an opaque lipstick, but in a creamy lipgloss form. It delivers intense, long-lasting color with a shiny finish.

There are eleven (11) shades to choose from: Dolly Girl, Candy Land, Spicy, Buttery Nude, Bonfire, Pinky Nude, Absolute Red, Skin Tone, Strawberry Jam, Natural and Nude Peach Fuzz.

Nude Peach Fuzz is a warm, light peach tinged pink. If you generally like peachy-pinks, watermelon/flamingo pinks, coral-pinks - all that jazz, you'll like this one. I like the fact that the peach tone isn't overbearing, so there isn't a trace of orange on my lips. Even though the color is light, it doesn't wash me out - it actually brightens up my face. It reminds me a bit of a lighter and brighter version of MAC Kinda Sexy Lipstick.

NYX Nude Peach Fuzz on my lips

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NYX Nude Peach Mega Shine Lip Gloss Review! Love this gloss!

NYX Nude Peach Mega Shine Lip Gloss Review

NYX Nude Peach Mega Shine Lip Gloss

NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses ($5.49) are ultra creamy lipglosses that deliver loads of color and shine. There is zero stickiness, and the formula doesn't leave your lips begging for hydration. You'll be sure to find a color you like, as there are 50 shades to choose from! 

I've owned a few of these glosses in the past, with the shade 'Smokey Look' being one of my favorites. Well, I've found a new favorite, and that is a little gem by the name of 'Nude Peach'.

Nude Peach is a vibrant melon pink with subtle shimmer. If you like warm pinks and pinky-corals, there's no doubt in my mind that you won't like this gloss. It's especially nice on warm and tan skintones. When I'm tan, I always opt for shades like this. When I'm a bit lighter, I gravitate towards slightly cooler pinks.

I like wearing this lipgloss alone, or layered on top of any pink lipstick. I like wearing it over MAC Viva Glam Nicki, Shygirl or Creme Cup. It adds a little vibrancy to the color.

NYX Nude Peach Mega Shine Lip Gloss

NYX Nude Peach Swatches
NYX Nude Peach Mega Shine Lip Gloss on my lips

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Essence My Favorite Milkshake Stay with Me Lipgloss Review!

Essence My Favorite Milkshake Stay with Me Lipgloss

The Essence Stay With Me Lipglosses ($2.29 each, Ulta) are a small range of color-intense lipglosses, that leave your lips with creamy, long lasting color - and no sticky trail behind!

There are currently six (6) shades to choose from: Me & My Ice Cream, My Favorite Milkshake, Candy Bar, Kiss Kiss Kiss, Deep Rose and Hottest Pink.

I already own and have re-purchased the shade Me & My Ice Cream on a couple occasions, and when I spotted My Favorite Milkshake, it looked like a perfect natural lip color I can wear for on-the-go.

My Favorite Milkshake is a light, warm, natural pink with medium opacity. I think it's a shade that can work on just about anyone. Despite it being "warm", it's not overly warm and doesn't look yellow or orange on my lips when my skin is lighter. When I'm tan, this color still works perfectly, without washing me out like some pale pinks tend to do. It actually brightens my face up a little bit!

The consistency is a bit thick, but surprisingly moisturizing (kind of like a thick balm) and isn't sticky. The only lipgloss formula that's similar that comes to mind is MAC Cremesheen Glass, or MAC Lipglass without the stickiness. Because of it's thicker texture, the wear time is pretty good with these, but because this shade in particular is pretty light, the color sheers out after a while of wear.

My Favorite Milkshake on my lips

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait Lip Lites Lipgloss Review!

Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait

Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait Lip Lites Lipgloss

You all know me by now, and I love finding a good makeup bargain. I'm not one that really likes to invest in a pricey lipgloss - as I always feel like I could find something similar at the drugstore for less than half of the price.

Take Bonne Belle Lip Lites in Strawberry Parfait ($3) for instance. A light, creamy, bubble-gum pink that is said to be a close duplicate for the ever-popular Nars Turkish Delight Lipgloss ($24). Both lipglosses will pretty much give the same effect to the lips, but Bonnie Belle costs 1/8th of the price of Nars at a mere $3 per tube.

The formula is creamy, non-sticky and feels great on the lips. The color pay-off is pretty good for a gloss - a couple of layers will give you that baby pink pout that everyone loves.

Bonne Belle Strawberry Parfait Lipgloss on my lips

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Essence Nude Kiss XXXL Nudes Lipgloss Review!

Essence Nude Kiss XXXL Nudes Lipgloss

Product Description: Ultimate shine for your lips! The XXXL shine lipgloss pampers your lips without leaving behind a sticky feeling. Contains vitamin e and panthenol to prevent your lips from feeling dry. Available in eleven trendy shades.

Nude Kiss is a sheer, warm pink with very fine pinkish white glitter reflects. The formula is smooth and thin - no stickiness what so ever. It also isn't a gloss that just sits on my lips.. it actually feels somewhat moisturizing. It has a faint fragrance to it - kind of plasticy? But it doesn't bother me. I love the sponge applicator. It's a somewhat large, flat brush that coats your lips with one sweep.

Can be purchased at ULTA for $1.99 each.