Sunday, July 22, 2012

Milani Quick Flash Haute Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Lipgloss Review!

milani quick flash lipgloss

Milani Quick Flash Haute Flash Lipgloss

Milani Haute Flash Lipgloss ($7.49) is a new lipgloss range from Milani providing full coverage color with an extra shiny finish. It's non-tacky and won't won't feather; meaning, it will stay on your lips and won't travel outside your lip line.

There are six (6) shades available: Hot Flash, Flashy, In a Flash, Star Flash, Golden Flash and Quick Flash. A couple of the shades caught my eye, but I was the most drawn to Quick Flash.

Quick Flash is a light-med pink (I can't decide whether it's a warm or cool pink, it's somewhere in between) filled with a mixture of white and pink shimmer. If you don't like shimmer, steer clear because these contain lots of shimmer.

Some of the shades in this range are more pigmented than others, and Quick Flash happens to be the sheerest. I was a bit disappointed because with the claims of being "full coverage", I was expecting a liquid lipstick type of gloss, and it just didn't deliver. It's very buildable though, and with two coats, it provides a nice medium coverage on my rosy lips.

milani haute flash lipgloss

milani quick flash lipgloss swatch
Milani Quick Flash on my lips.

milani quick flash lipgloss

The gloss itself feels comfortable on the lips. There is a slight grit because of all of the shimmer, but the gloss itself is thick and moisturizing that it doesn't bother me. The consistency reminds me a bit of the Revlon Mineral Lipglazes; slightly thick, non-sticky, non-drying. I can see that's why these won't feather, because for a lipgloss, they aren't at all runny.

I love the way the gloss looks on my lips, and I feel like the formula and shimmer actually makes my lips look a little fuller. 

One thing I figured is worth a mention, for some reason after I've applied the gloss to my lips I feel a slight tingling-heat for the first couple of minutes - almost like it's a mild plumper? It's very subtle and goes away, but I'm assuming it's a very mild reaction to an ingredient in the gloss. I've had no side effects (such as dried out lips, swelling, or anything of the sort). I haven't read that anyone else experienced this, as results will vary from person to person with any cosmetic product.

Overall though, I'm pretty pleased with this gloss and I think it's an awesome every-day pink that can be worn alone, or tossed over top any pink lipstick.

The Round-Up
  • A great every day color that can be worn alone or over top any pink lipstick
  • Keeps my lips moisturized - doesn't dry them out
  • Makes my lips very shiny and appear fuller
  • Good lasting power - it's still there after a few hours
  • Feels slightly gritty at first, but goes away shortly after
  • Isn't full coverage like the claims
Price: $7.49, CVS, ULTA or your local store that carries Milani.


  1. Very pretty lip color.

  2. It's a very pretty colour but it's unfortunate that it doesn't have more coverage! I expected something different with it's name xx

  3. Beautiful colour and just my kind of lip gloss with this opacity! :)

  4. I love the color! Looks very beautiful! :-)

  5. It's such a beautiful color and the right kind of shimmer. It does make your lips a little fuller! :)

  6. Such a beautiful, golden pink! :) It looks so flattering on you =)

  7. love the color, I've been looking for something similar to mac lipglass at a drugstore price

  8. This would be a perfect color to match what I'm wearing to the wedding this weekend !!

  9. Hmmm a full-coverage lipgloss sure got my attention, but it's sad that it's not true. Also, it seems a bit too shimmery for my liking. Thanks for another great review (as always!)