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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What's in my makeup bag? - Products that I'm currently using!

What's in my makeup bag?

As a beauty blogger, I've tried so many different products over the years. At some points I had about 20 or more foundations at the same time, and was trying so many things and finishing none of them. Since my little break off from blogging, I've cut down on trying so many new things at once, and I'm finding myself repurchasing the same things over again - things that are reliable and that I love!

So, for the past several months (or more), these have been my staples!

MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation - I've gone through around 3-4 tubes of this so far, and I've been re-purchasing this foundation as soon as I run out. It has a solid medium coverage, and it's my go-to when I want my makeup to last on hours on end. It really does last me till the time I want to wash my face, and I don't find that it breaks apart or separates by the end of the night. I do prefer this over MAC's regular Pro Longwear Foundation, but I do like that one as well. ($33)

NARS Tinted Moisturizer - This is my go-to day wear foundation. The formula is creamy and moisturizing and it provides an SPF of 30, which is great for when you're out and about during the day. The coverage is light, but buildable, and evens out the skintone nicely and gives a fresh, clean look. A little expensive for a daily wearing tinted moisturizer, but for now, I'm loving it and I'm getting low on my second tube. ($44)

Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer - It wasn't love at first sight with this concealer, but after using it regularly, I've grown to love it. As I'm getting older, I find it much more difficult to find a concealer that doesn't age me or give me the "tired eye" look, and I find that this one doesn't accentuate dryness or fine lines. A definite winner in my book, and one that I will repurchase as soon as I run out. ($25)

Urban Decay Naked Concealer - Along with Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer, I like adding a layer of this concealer on top before I blend the two together. These two concealers work really well as a team, and I love how light and blendable this concealer is. It's a great one if you are looking for a pigmented concealer that doesn't have the density or weight of a standard (heavy) concealer. I like using this concealer in a lighter shade to brighten my under eyes. ($28)

Beauty Blender - I can't live without my beauty blender. I use it every day to apply my concealer, and I use a separate one to set my concealer with powder. It works more beautifully than any brush. ($20)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder Review, Photos, Swatches!

MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder

MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder

MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder ($26, 0.35 oz) is a light, cotton-candy pink with a silvery pearl sheen. It's very light in color and would be a wonderful soft pink blush for lighter skintones. My coloring ranges from light to medium (since I use self tanner often) and when I'm applying the product as a blush, I prefer the way it looks on me when I'm not as tan, because when I'm darker and layer this powder on my cheeks, it can look slightly pastel/chalky. I like it better on me when I'm around the MAC NC15-25 range, as it gives my skin a doll-like glow. It also looks really pretty applied on top of another blush to add a pink, pearly sheen. For darker skintones, it's a great highlighter. It's also versatile enough that you can even use it as an all-over dusting powder to add luminosity to the skin.

As far as the product itself, the texture is really silky and the color is sheer, but it's easily buildable. It blends really well into the skin and even though it has a pearly (I wouldn't really call it frosty) sheen, it doesn't emphasize my pores.

I love the formula of MAC Beauty Powders and I find myself reaching for them often. I'm sure Pearl Blossom will be one of my go-to products!

MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder

MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder

MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder Swatch
MAC Pearl Blossom Beauty Powder swatched

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lighting Blush Review, Photos, Swatches!

Hourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lighting BlushHourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lighting Blush

Hourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lighting Blush ($35) is a lovely medium warm pink with a satiny finish. It looks like a fairly cool-toned pink in the compact, and even swatched with the finger, but on the cheeks the pink really warms up to my skin. The color has a Spring/Summer pink vibe as it pulls pinky-peach on the cheeks. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting line of blushes are still fairly new, with the initial launch this past February. These blushes combine Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powder - which is a luminous finishing powder, swirled with a natural hue. When the two are combined, your cheeks will be left with beautiful, natural glowing color that is full of dimension. Sounds wonderful, right?

Well, I haven't tried Hourglass' Ambient Lighting Powders, but from what I've gathered is that it's a powder that won't highlight your imperfections (like those that tend to settle in or highlight the pores or look heavy, dull or powdery on the skin) but, it will give your skin a "lit-from-within" sort of glow and give the appearance of softer, younger skin. It also claims to make your skin look great in any lighting situation you are in (bright sunlight, candlelight, etc.) The powder took off pretty well, so Hourglass created a blush with the same concept.

I've had this blush for a few months now, and I've been using it regularly. As a die-hard blush lover, I'm a huge fan of baked blushes because I love the texture of them and how easy they are to blend. This blush is super soft to the touch and blending with it is so simple. Worst case scenario, if you didn't have a blush brush on hand, you can use your fingertips to apply this blush and it wouldn't look like it. It has a nice satin finish that isn't shimmery or frosty. It just gives a slight glow to the skin when the light hits your cheeks.

The lasting power is pretty average for me. I typically never re-apply blush throughout the day, but if I was planning on going out for the night, I would most likely have to reapply this blush mid-day as it fades pretty significantly by the evening.

Hourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lighting Blush

Hourglass Radiant Magenta Ambient Lighting Blush

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay Blush Review, Photos, Swatches!

Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay Blush ($26) is described as a soft, nude-peach with slight shimmer. I'd consider it more of a medium rosy, coral-peach. When I'm a bit fairer, the color is more rosy, whereas when I'm more tan, the color is more vibrant and coral and pulls a bit orangey. With my warm, yellow undertones, most peach blushes turn somewhat orange on me (which isn't particularly a bad thing). I wouldn't consider it to be in the Nars Orgasm or MAC Springsheen family, although by the looks of it in the pan, it looks like it would be very pink-toned. That pink however deepens on the skin and gives more of a warm, rosy/flushed look.

I'm around the MAC NC30-NC35 coloring, and I like it on me. It's a pretty Summery shade and livens up my complexion. If you can't get enough peach blush, you might like this one. You have to make sure to use a light hand because the brush picks up quite a bit of product and it's very pigmented and can get bright/intense quickly. A stippling brush may be your best bet for light application.

Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay Blush

Tarte Peaceful Amazonian Clay Blush Swatch

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Estee Lauder Pink Patent Pure Color Cheek Rush Review, Photos, Swatches!

Estee Lauder Pink Patent Pure Color Cheek Rush

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Cheek Rush

The new Spring 2013 Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Collection is all about playful and bright colors delivered in sheer, lightweight formulas that will keep the skin fresh and glowing all day.  Tom Pecheux, the Creative Makeup Director at Estee Lauder says, "This season, I’ve been working a lot with what I call “acqua color”. It’s a gentle, watery look with just a touch of bright, vibrant color."

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Cheek Rush ($28) is a water-based transparent gel that provides the cheeks with a vibrant, yet very sheer stain. It's super lightweight, easy to blend and gives such a natural, fresh and dewy look to the skin.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush is available in (4) shades: Hot Fuse, Pink Patent, X-Pose Rose and Techno Jam.

I have the shade Pink Patent, which is a lovely soft pink that warms up beautifully to my skin. I think it's a shade that's best suited for fair, light and medium skin tones and would adapt well to either cool or warm undertones.

The consistency is exactly what it sounds like - a water-based gel. It's kind of hard to explain because it's not runny, nor is it thick. It's light and airy, but not moussey. I'm not sure I've used any other product like it. It's cooling to the touch and disappears into the skin once blended without any greasy residue.

Application: You can absolutely use your fingers and tap the product into your cheeks, but because it can temporarily stain the fingertips, I like using a small stippling brush such as the MAC 130 or 188 Brush. Since the formula is so sheer and easy to work with, just about any brush would do (I'd stick with a synthetic brush though).

Wearing Estee Lauder Pink Patent Pure Color Cheek Rush
Here are a couple of photos where I was wearing Pink Patent on my cheeks - this is 7 hours after it was applied! I wasn't wearing any other cheek products but a bronzer all over my face and you can see that my cheeks look fresh and glowing.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Nars Sin Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

Nars Sin Blush

Nars Sin Blush

Nars Sin Blush ($28) is described on the Nars website as a berry tone with gold shimmer. Sin is actually one of the top 3 best selling Nars blushes, but it's never a color that really appealed to me in the compact. In the pan it appears to be a dusty mauve-plum with fine golden shimmer. I always assumed it would look dull or dirty on my cheeks, but I guess it's a best seller for a reason, so I decided to give it a try.

Once the color hits my cheeks, the color seems to come alive, and it changes from the boring and dull color in the pan, to a soft rosy-berry color on my cheeks. It does definitely pick up some of the warmness from my skin, but I love that the color doesn't completely change once it hits my face. Because of my prominent warm tones in my skin, blushes usually morph into a warm peachy shade, but Sin doesn't seem to do that. The color is soft and muted, yet completely sophisticated. It's subtle enough for every day, and for intense eye looks. The shimmer in Sin is very refined, and doesn't make the cheeks look shimmery - just a soft glow.

The blush itself is pigmented, and all I need is a touch of the brush. To avoid looking bruised, I always make sure to powder my cheeks after my foundation and apply the blush very lightly on top so it applies smoothly with a seamless finish. I like using a brush that isn't dense, so it won't apply too much color in one spot. (I've been using the Sigma Large Angled Contour Brush and it works great!)

Sin is exactly what I've been looking for. A blush that is soft enough for every day - something soft and neutral that won't wash out my complexion, and something different than the average pink neutral or nude blush.

I'm particularly excited that this blush is perfect for the Fall, and pairs really nicely with my warm eyeshadow colors and plummy pink lipsticks.

Nars Sin Blush

Wearing Nars Sin Blush
Nars Sin Blush on my cheeks

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Nars Penny Lane Cream Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

Nars Penny Lane Blush

Nars Penny Lane Cream Blush

Nars Penny Lane Blush ($28) is described on the Nars website as a nude pink. It's a very soft and delicate bridal pink with neutral undertones. If you look closely, it has a little bit of a white pearl, but it looks mostly matte on the skin. It's a great every-day blush that you can't really do wrong with. It's very subtle, yet it gives your skin a hint of color that your cheeks need to look healthy and lightly flushed. It's very similar to the effect MAC Cubic Blush would give me (one of my favorite neutrals).

Nars Cream Blushes are a cream to powder formula, and are very soft and creamy to the touch, but they blend into a seamless powder finish on the skin.

For Penny Lane in particular, I've used a few different methods - a small stippling brush, a foundation brush and my fingers. Because the color is so light, it's not a shade that you can easily overdo. So, I don't find a stippling brush to be necessary, as it doesn't apply enough color to the cheeks unless I pack it on the brush. Although I rarely like using my fingers for application of makeup, I find that the fingers give me the best control and color.

To be completely satisfied with the color, I usually apply two layers. I think this blush is best suited for light skintones, but can also work well for light-medium and medium skintones. I'm around the MAC NC35 coloring right now, and I can tell if I were any darker, it may start to show up ashy. If you're darker than the MAC NC40 coloring (medium-dark/tan), you may want to skip, otherwise you can use Penny Lane as a base for a neutral blush that suits your skin better.

Nars Penny Lane Blush

Wearing Nars Casino Bronzer all over my face, with Nars Penny Lane on my cheeks and MAC Superb across the top of my cheekbones.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chanel Pink Explosion Joues Contraste Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

Chanel Pink Explosion Joues Contraste Blush

Chanel Pink Explosion Joues Contraste Blush ($43) is a medium-toned cool pink with fine shimmer. It's not overly cool, so thankfully it works really well on my warm skin. It provides that dolly pink cheek that pairs well with neutral and cool eyeshadows (purples, taupe, etc).

Mine is the Euro (original 2010) version, which is a baked powder as opposed to the version you'd get from the Chanel counters in the US, which is the standard pressed-powder version. There are slight differences - in general, the baked version isn't as pigmented with one swipe and isn't as soft. I prefer the US version. (You can view a comparison on Cafe Makeup.)

If you know me by now, I find any form of pink color cosmetics hard to resist and I love, love, love Joues Contraste Blushes. Pink Explosion has been on my wishlist for a while now, so when I spotted it in a blog sale, I jumped on it! (Hi Risa!) Anyways, who wouldn't love a product named Pink Explosion?

The pigmentation is good - it's light, but buildable and what you'd want from a blush that's so pink. I'm actually less inclined to use some of my really pigmented blushes (Nars for instance) because I tend to use too heavy of a hand. With my Joues Contraste Blushes, I never go overboard - but if I do, the color blends so well into my skin that it never looks unnatural.

Swatched heavily on the left and lightly on the right.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes Review, Photos and Swatches!

elf studio hd blushes

E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes

E.L.F. Studio HD Blushes ($3) are velvety soft cream blushes encased in a pump dispenser. The cream is lightweight, highly pigmented and long wearing.

E.L.F. Studio HD Blush is available in (5) shades: Headliner (natural pink), Superstar (coral), Diva (bright pink), Encore (vibrant rose) and Showstopper (plum raisin).

They look reminiscent of the Make Up Forever HD Blushes ($26), because they essentially have the same packaging and are both named "HD" blushes. They do share some other similarities in that they apply the same way, are both pigmented and long wearing, but the textures are slightly different. The E.L.F. Blush is almost like a creamy cheek stain. I actually find the E.L.F. Blushes easier to work with as the product itself isn't as concentrated as the MUFE Blushes, so it's a bit easier to blend out. They also don't set as quick as the MUFE blushes, so you have a little bit of time to work with them. They have a good amount of silicone in them (although it's not the first ingredient) so if you do well with silicone-based blushes, these blushes should be no exception.

Be warned that they are extremely pigmented. It took me a few tries at first because every time I tried, I applied too much product (which didn't seem like a lot at all). You literally only need a tiny dot for both cheeks. It's a little tricky - you have to be careful not to dispense too much product. I like applying a tiny dot of product on a clean surface, or the back of my hand (sometimes I sanitize the lid of one of my compacts and pump the product directly on the lid) and smooth it out with my fingers and then take a stippling brush and lightly tap the ends of the bristles into the product and then go cheek to cheek applying the blush in circular, buffing motions until blended. Some cream blushes are touchy and can only be stippled on, but these blushes don't deem to disrupt my foundation or make my cheeks look blotchy. I've also applied a dot on each cheek and used a stippling brush to blend with equally good results.

The finish on the skin is very natural, soft and matte.

elf studio hd blushes

elf studio hd blush swatches
Swatches from left to right: Headliner, Superstar, Diva, Encore and Showstopper. (please excuse my goosebumps... it was freezing today!)

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Guest Post: Nars Mata Hari Blush Review!

NARS Mata Hari Powder Blush ($28) can be found at Sephora. After being obsessed with NARS ultra-pigmented products I’ve begun slowly-but-surly expanding my NARS blush collection. On a recent trip to Sephora in hopes to pick out a more fall/winter friendly blush (everyone changes blush with seasons right? Ha) I ended up picking Mata Hari. I was un-sure that I'd like Mata Hari after swatching it two different times when I went into Sephora, but after using this blush it is a wonderful addition to my collection. I usually lean towards peachy-pink blushes but this beautiful cool, matte, rosy pink color is a lot of fun!

Despite how bold this color looks in the pan, its not nearly as vibrant when applied. This blush is by far my most pigmented blush I own. The picture above is only using one swipe with my Sigma F40 brush. Because it’s so pigmented a light hand and blending applies Mata Hari sheer and subtle. If your looking for a more intense look of course add a little more to intensify your look. Usually I find myself grabbing this blush when I use a matte foundation, I can count on Mata Hari staying on all day. Mata Hari is very matte (meaning without any simmer or sheen) so if you want to brighten up your cheeks, or have a glowy face you'll need to use a highlighter.

nars mata hari blush

Nars Mata Hari Blush Swatch

Monday, September 24, 2012

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes Review, Photos and Swatches!

revlon photoready cream blush review

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush

Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes ($12.99) are a small range of cream blushes that were released with Revlon's Summer 2012 Collection. They are now part of Revlon PhotoReady's permanent range, so if you've been curious to try them, don't worry, they aren't going anywhere (for now at least).

There are (3) colors to choose from: Flushed (cool pink), Coral Reef (vibrant coral) and Pinched (natural peach).

If cream blushes scare the wits out of you (because some formulas can be tricky to work with), the Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blushes are a good place to start. It's silicone-based (the first ingredient in the blush is dimethicone), so the very smooth texture allows the product to glide easily across the skin. 

The cream is firm  - somewhat like the Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge, but they aren't tacky, and they aren't as sticky/greasy as a lip balm. They offer sheer pigmentation with one layer, but are buildable. I find that Coral Reef builds much better than Flushed. Even after several layers Flushed remains quite sheer.

I don't tend to use my fingers much for application of cream blush, but you can literally use anything without messing up. I still prefer using a brush, and it doesn't necessarily have to be a duo-fiber, because of the texture, you can use any blush brush.

They are cased in small, plastic containers with a glossy black screw-top lid, very reminiscent of the older style Bobbi Brown Pot Rouges. They are compact and lightweight, so you can toss them in your bag without weighing down your bag or taking up too much space.

revlon photoready cream blushes review

revlon coral reef cream blush swatch
Revlon Coral Reef on my cheeks

Friday, September 21, 2012

Nars Constantinople Cream Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

Nars Constantinople Cream Blush

Nars Constantinople Cream Blush ($28) is described on the Nars website as a deep rose. Deep Rose shades are probably the most flattering shades of blush for my warm, medium skin (with yellow undertones). Constantinople (say that five times fast...) looks just like just that in the pan - a deep, neutral rose.

Now here is my sob story - because of my yellow undertones, this color morphs into a coppery bronze/terracotta shade (This is my polite way of saying orange). I own so many similar shades, so it was a bit of a disappointment that the color didn't stay true. On my cheeks, its pretty similar to MAC Gingerly Blush or even Becca Peach Beach Tint. Nars Lovejoy is also a deep rose shade, but it's much more of a true rose on my cheeks, whereas I don't get rose at all from Constantinople.

So, if you typically have a problem with colors going orange on you (this happens with a huge percentage of my blushes - just about any pink turns into a coral-pink on my cheeks) than, it will most likely happen with this blush. If you have a cool skin tone, I can see this blush showing up truer to pan.

Now that I got that out of the way, the actual performance of this blush is fantastic. It's super creamy and super pigmented - I found it to be creamier than Lokoum (the only other Nars Cream Blush I own). Because it's pigmented and creamy, it can pick up a lot of product, even with a duo-fiber brush. So, I typically like to dab my middle and ring finger on the surface and dab it on my cheeks, and then use a duo-fiber brush to blend.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Glam Beauty Board Box Fall 2012!

I'm super excited to be a part of the Glam Beauty Board this fall, and have a wonderful opportunity to try some really amazing products that I can't wait to share with all of you. Some of which I was already familiar with, and some of which are completely new to me. I've been loyally testing out these products all month, and amidst all of the great products, I happily discovered some favorites!

I will be going more in depth about these products in future reviews, but in this post I've included brief summaries of each product (swatches at the end).

Lately I've been enjoying this bright pink gem in a little holographic box called Benefit Bella Bamba ($28). It's a vivid warm, watermelon pink with with fine golden shimmer. It looks a lot like the cult-favorite Nars Orgasm Blush, but it's pinker (less peach) in tone. It's a lovely shade that I can see both cool and skin tones enjoying all year round. The consistency is silky smooth and it's very pigmented. Included with the blush is a soft, flat brush that actually works really well. It's a bit fluffier than my brush from Benefit Hoola and applies the product evenly.

Don't you love 2-in-1 products? The Lorac Tantalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo ($32) is a warm matte bronzer and champagne-pink highligher all in one convenient compact. I've been on the lookout for my perfect matte bronzer that isn't too cool toned (they have a tendency to look dirty/ashy on my skin) or too orange (have enough of those). The bronzer in here is a perfect golden bronze and is easily my current top pick for a matte bronzer. It works great as a contour, as well as all over the face for added warmth. The illuminator is sheer (no shimmer-bombs here) and incredibly soft. I like applying it across the highest points of my cheeks for added dimension and glow. It reminds me a bit of MAC Hush Cream Colour Base in powder form.

For a quick statement lip, try Mark Make it Rich Lip Color Crayon in the shade Peony ($11). It's a vivid, shimmery fuchsia - and because precision is a cinch with this crayon, lip liner isn't necessary! It's long-lasting on my lips, and even after most of it is gone, it leaves a pretty pink stain behind.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush

MAC Florida Cremeblend Blush ($20) is a bright, cool pink cream blush. Florida was originally released back in the beginning of 2010 with the MAC in Lillyland Collection and was re-released earlier this year in the MAC Shop MAC, Cook MAC Collection. I'm always game for anything that's hot pink, so when I saw this blush in a recent blog sale, I couldn't resist. It's a limited edition shade, so sadly it's no longer available.

With a sheer layer, it gives my cheeks a natural cool, dolly pink hue that looks soft and fresh. The color can be built very easily (as it's very pigmented) to a more vibrant pink if you like your blush to be prominent. I absolutely love this blush, and I know it's going to be one of my frequently used products.

In general, I like applying cream blush with a small duo-fiber stippling brush (I use a MAC 131 Brush, although many like to use a 188 Brush). You can use your fingers, but in my experience, a brush disturbs my foundation less. I sometimes like using my fingers and with no pressure at all, sweep my fingertips across the edges to diffuse the edges.

MAC Florida swatched on the back of my hand.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Make Up For Ever #5 Nip Slip HD Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

make up for ever hd blush #5 nip slip

Make Up For Ever #5 Nip Slip HD Blush

Make Up For Ever #5 Nip Slip HD Blush ($26) is a matte, neutral mid-tone pink. Because it has a good balance of cool and warm tones, #5 is a flattering pink on most skin tones. It has a little bit of vibrancy to the color, but it's also not too "barbie doll". It warms up quite nicely on my warm, medium skin tone.

If you aren't familiar with Make Up For Ever HD Blushes; they are a lightweight, yet dense cream that is dispensed in a pump tube. The formula is intensely pigmented, and a little goes a long way.

My favorite application method is using a duo-fiber stippling brush. I usually pump a small amount of product on a clean surface (I sometimes use the lid of one of my freshly sanitized mirrored compacts) and dip the brush in the product with light tapping motions to evenly coat the ends of the bristles. Then, stipple it on my cheeks, and blend upward until blended. You kind of have to work with it quickly, as it does dry pretty fast.

The formula might take a little getting use to at first, but after using it a few times, it should be a breeze.

mufe hd blush 5

mufe hd blush swatch #5 Nip Slip
#5 Nip Slip

Monday, August 13, 2012

Nars Lokoum Cream Blush Review, Photos and Swatches!

nars lokoum cream blush

Nars Lokoum Cream Blush

Nars Lokoum Cream Blush ($28) is described as a warm, rose coral with shimmer. Depending on your skintone, it may show up differently    on my skin, the color shows up as a warm, copper-coral. Somewhat similar to MAC Gingerly or Coppertone. Although it looks raspberry toned in the pan, it doesn't read the same on my cheeks, which could be due to the warm yellow tones in my skin.

Nars Cream blush has a soft, velvety texture and blends to a powdery finish. I'm happy to finally say that I own a cream blush from Nars, considering I've loved their powder blushes for a long time and own several shades. For those who find cream blush intimidating, Nars is a nice place to start as the formula isn't thick, sticky/tacky, or greasy. It's very easy to work with and the color can be built up easily. The fingers can be used, but with a shade as pigmented as Lokoum, I find that a stippling brush works best. MAC #131 brush is my favorite brush for most cream blushes, but it's sadly only a limited edition brush. Any duo-fiber brush should work just as well.

Considering this shade in particular contains shimmer, I was hoping for it to make my cheeks somewhat dewy/glowy (like Becca Frangipani Cream Blush    my fav!) but I didn't really get enough of the glow I wanted. This may not bother many, as most of us try to avoid anything remotely shimmery.

nars lokoum cream blush

nars lokoum

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lancome Rose Fresque Blush Review, Photos & Swatches!

lancome rose fresque

Lancome Rose Fresque Blush Subtil

Lancome Rose Fresque Blush ($30) is described on the Lancome website as a dusty, rosey pink. It has a bit of a plummy tone to it, yet it's pretty neutral overall. It doesn't get very ruddy on the cheeks, so it will work well for cooler skin tones, and it doesn't pull too purple, so it will equally flatter warm skin. *Please bear in mind that the blush featured in this post is a sample size, so it is much smaller and doesn't include a brush.

One helpful way of picking out a good neutral for your coloring is by having a look at your natural lip color. Our lip color differs from skin tone to skin tone - look for tones of red, purple and pink. My natural lip color is a light-medium, rosy pink with a hint of red. A similar shade would flatter my cheeks. Always remember that "nude" or "neutral" differs with every shade of skin.  

The consistency is very soft, and it's not overly pigmented, so it provides a soft wash of color to the cheeks. I like using a soft, fluffy blush brush such as the Real Techniques Blush Brush, and lightly tap and swirl the color on my cheeks.

It has a soft, natural matte finish that doesn't look dull or powdery.

lancome rose fresque blush subtil review

lancome rose fresque blush subtil