Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara Review!

make up forever smoky lash mascara

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara ($23) is an ultra-pigmented mascara that delivers curl, volume, length and intense-pigment for some seriously bold lashes.

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara is available in (5) shades: Rich Black, Deep Brown, Dark Blue, Plum and Green.

It's not too often that I'll venture out into pricey mascaras. Considering a tube of mascara only lasts me a month, it's not something I really want to continuously replace - unless there is a mascara that magically transforms my lashes into drag queen lashes, I'm content with my $5 drugstore mascara. Anyways.

I've always wanted to know what the big fuss is with MUFE Smoky Lash, so I got a hold of a sample recently to try it out.

I really like the brush on Smoky Lash. It's a pretty traditional large, fluffy brush - that isn't too large or awkward, reaches my smaller corner lashes, and doesn't get all over my eyelids.

Often times when a mascara claims to provide both intense volume and length, the formula can tend to be clumpy. Make Up Forever Smoky Lash on the other hand seems to define/separate my lashes incredibly well. No matter how many coats I apply, I don't experience any clumping. Lash comb? Who needs one.

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara Review Before After
My eyelashes before and after (two coats)

It adds a bit of length to my lashes, and builds volume very well. I don't feel the need to let my lashes dry between coats - I just keep brushing my lashes until I'm satisfied with the volume. 

I've really been liking applying two layers of MUFE Smoky Lash and one layer of Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara over top. It gives me some seriously dramatic lashes. Absolutely in love with this combo.

Once dry, my lashes are pretty firm, but not crispy. I find that even by the end of the day, my lashes remained curled. 

And guess what?! Minimal to no smudges throughout the day. Yay!

Make Up Forever Smoky Lash Mascara

mufe smoky lash mascara on eye lashes

mufe smoky lash mascara on eyes

Overall, I really like this mascara and I like it much more than I thought I would. What stands out about this mascara is how well and fast it builds volume while still keeping the lashes separated. It's not as dramatic as something like YSL Faux Cils, but I love how full and long it makes my lashes look. 

Will I purchase the full size? Although I really like it, I find that Maybelline The Falsie's gives me a similar effect (but Maybelline is a little clumpy sometimes), so I don't think I'll shell out the $23 for a tube. I would jump at the chance to get a hold of another sample, though. It's a great mascara overall, and if you don't mind department store price tags, it's worth checking out. 

Have you tried this mascara? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

The Round-Up
  • Adds length to my lashes
  • Builds volume quickly without clumping
  • Defines my lashes well
  • Makes my lashes look much fuller
  • Holds a curl well
  • Minimal to no smudges, no flaking
  • None in my experience. It's a very good standard lengthening and volumizing mascara.
Price: $23, Sephora


  1. wow! It makes your lashes so long and voluminous! Amazing!

  2. Your lashes look seriously amazing with this on! x

  3. wow! your photos are really nice! thank you so much for the review!

  4. Great review, I love this mascara! But unfortunately I find the formula dries out in the tube quickly :(

    Would love it if you visit/follow my page


  5. Looks gorgeous but like you, i'll be sticking to my maybelline falsies..xx


  6. Amazing review and the pictures, wowza look at the effect! I think I'll pick up the Falsies though as I've heard a lot about that as well and want to give it a go :)


  7. Wow! The results are very noticeable :)

  8. I keep meaning to try MUFE Smokey Lash mascara, but never get the chance to finally pick it up.

    I love the effect it gives your lashes though!

  9. Now solve your hair problem with an extra care conditioner that gives ultimate shine and make your hair soft.

  10. Your lashes sure look amazing with it

  11. I have a sample of this and have been DYING to try it out! It looks amazing on you! One of the best I've seen!

  12. Your brows are getting to dark for your face.

    1. Yeah, I think I might bleach them one shade, especially since I have some lighter tones in my hair.

    2. I tihnk that would look beautiful! You hsould work for MAC!

  13. the eyelashes look amazing.. and dont change the brows I love them!!! you always look beautiful.

  14. That was my favorite mascara but it dries up really fast so I stopped purchasing it.

  15. Alright, after reading so many of your mascara reviews...I've come to the conclusion that your lashes are just being sneaky. They look all shy in the before/bare photos and then BAM! they blow your mind... your lashes are probably decently long but just not that dark? I swear as soon as you put some colour to them, they look amazing, LOL.

    1. LOL!!! This made me laugh.

      They are very light and somewhat sparse, and I'd say they are medium in length. They're not too short, but not at all long. But with effort and a good mascara, I can get them to look a lot longer!

      HAHA! Thank you!

  16. OMG i love this mascara! Your lashes looks amazing:)

  17. mascara did a grt job it is clearly visible.. grt review

  18. I want to buy that so bad...


  19. I am a total mascara junkie - so much that I really don't wear too much eye makeup besides it - and this is now on my list!!

    Have you ever tried Better Than False Lashes by Too Faced? I'd love to see what you think about it. I have super long lashes that are completely blonde (even though every other hair on my body is dark brown) and I've been having some fun with it.