Friday, August 31, 2012

MAC Hot Gossip Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

MAC Hot Gossip Lipstick

MAC Hot Gossip Lipstick ($15) is described as a mid-tone pinky plum. It's a shade I would have never picked up a couple of years ago, and a shade I've overlooked ever time I'm shopping at the MAC counter. I'd like to call it a grown-up pink - your progression from baby pinks and nudes. It looks quite boring in the tube when you look at it in indoor lighting, but in the sunlight, you really get to see how complex and pretty this pink is. It kind of reminds me of a more pigmented, brighter and pinker Rimmel Airy Fairy.

Hot Gossip brings color to my face without being too bright, and makes my lips look a bit more noticeable and full. I think it's a shade that will work on many skintones from warm to cool, light and dark.

It's a cremesheen formula, so it applies smooth and is opaque with a few swipes of the tube.

mac hot gossip
MAC Hot Gossip Lipstick on my lips

I actually really like the way this lipstick looks on my lips when my lips are a bit more rosy-red. It just looks like such a pretty rose. The plummy tones are a bit more prominent when my natural lip color is toned down. When the color fades, it's more of a natural pink.

mac hot gossip swatch
This is several layers

Overall, I'm really happy I got this lipstick and I can see it being one of my go-to's for nights out or for daily wear when I want to wear a pink that has a little more to it than the standard nude pink and a bit less than a bright pink.

What do you think? Would you rock it?

The Round-Up

  • Creamy formula that feels great on my lips
  • Semi-opaque color that is buildable to opaque
  • Makes my lips look fuller
  • Will work on a variety of skin tones - despite it being plummy, it flatters warm and cool skin
  • Cremesheen formulas tend to melt and/or tilt because of the soft, creamy formula, so be careful not to leave it in a warm area.
Price: $15, MAC.


  1. That is a gorgeous color! Looks great on you too! :)

  2. I bought this lipstick a few weeks ago, and I LOVE it! I seriously look for any reason to wear it haha. Even if I am just hanging out in my apartment, sometimes I reach for it and wear it : )

    1. So glad to hear that! That's so funny, I feel the same way!

  3. Must get!! Looks great on you! What lipliner are you wearing? I always have a hard time matching my lipliners to lipsticks :( lol. Thanks!

    1. You will love it!!!

      Thank you! :)

      I actually didn't use a lip liner. I used the very tip to outline my lips. I have a few favorites though - I love using MAC Hover, Oak or Stripdown with mostly everything. I'd probably use Hover with this one! Maybe even Subculture.

  4. Such a pretty color!
    It looks so nice on your lips!
    Thank you for the review and the swatch.
    I always enjoy reading your blog :)

  5. Last week I ordered Mac Bombshell, but this Hot Gossip was also on my wish list. I think I´ll have to put it in my next Mac order :)

  6. This is a pretty shade! looks lovely on!

  7. I love that color! And your lips are amazing:)

  8. such a pretty shade!

  9. Gorgeous pink..I'm currently on a Mac pink lipstick ban as I have too many but this might sway me.. nice post x

  10. It looks great against your skin. I am at that point where I'm finally getting selecting more "grown up" colors.

  11. Hot gossip really hot! Gorgeous color are and amazing look. It's really so beautiful.

  12. I avoid plummy pinks myself, but I can see why you like this. It's true that it'd be easy to overlook but it looks lovely when applied.

  13. I have this lipstick and I absolutly love it!
    and it goes great on you!


  14. I love that color!!

    I added you to G+ now, hope you do too.

  15. pretty shade but i like bomb shell on your lips...

  16. Very charming lipstick color, I like, thanks for sharing.