Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The PMD Personal Microderm Microdermabrasion System.

PMD Personal Microderm Microdermabrasion System

I have what you call "high maintenance skin". My skin isn't in very bad shape overall - actually, I have pretty good genes, but as soon as I start skipping my skincare routine, my skin goes haywire. When I stick by a daily regime, my skin looks in tiptop shape - but it's pretty rare that I actually stick by a routine for more than a couple weeks at a time. Why? 'Cuz it's so much easier to just wipe my face with a makeup remover towelette and go to bed. Yes, laziness is the key word here.

Once upon a time I did have some blemish scars, but they soon faded after using an exfoliating brush regularly, along with creams containing alpha hydroxy and glycolic acid.

Right now, my main gripe with my skin is basically the sunspots I have on my upper cheeks from not wearing adequate sunscreen. I never really had freckles until I started exfoliating. I knew your skin becomes more susceptible to sun damage when you're exfoliating and exposing fresh skin to the sunlight, but after seeing first hand all of the speckles on my face, now I know for sure - SUNSCREEN IS KEY!

The PMD Personal Microdermabrasion System is an at-home, handheld device used to exfoliate your skin, not by an exfoliating brush (like the Clarisonic or similar products) but with actual aluminum oxide crystals, like used on expensive machines you'd find in your doctor's office.

What is the purpose of Microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is a mild exfoliation of the skins surface, to remove dead skin cells and uncover the fresh and radiant skin cells that lies beneath. Your skin naturally lets go of the dead skin cells on your body, but exfoliation speeds up the process. Doing so, skincare products will better absorb into your skin, working more efficiently. With time you'll notice your skin feels softer, looks smoother, your pores are less visible and scars and spots will diminish.

The machine is very simple to use. It comes with an instructional CD, which is very helpful and should answer all of your questions prior to use. Despite how anxious I was to try it out, I watched the full video twice to make sure I understood it correctly.


The system includes six (6) exfoliating disks - two green disks (medium grit, for less sensitive skin) and four blue disks with finer grit for sensitive skin, and first time users. The larger disks can be used on the neck and body and the smaller disks should be used on the face.

I've used the system around 4-5 times in total, and each time I've used the blue (sensitive) disk.

What I've learned is that you shouldn't hover over one area too long, and you shouldn't go over any area twice before knowing your skins sensitivity. I mistakenly went over a couple areas twice and hovered too long in the corners of my nose (because I really wanted to make sure the area would get rid of all of the dead skin I had built up) and after about 10 minutes or so, the area became red and irritated. I also had streaks on my one cheek where I went over a couple areas twice. The streaks went away in a couple of days, but my skin around my nose was left very dry and scabbed for a week. 

I was a little nervous at first that it will hurt, but I didn't find it to cause any discomfort. You may feel a little discomfort if you hold it in an area too long - which you aren't suppose to, but when I held it for too long in the area around my nose it felt like sandpaper. I personally barely feel anything - just the suction of the vacuum-like head and a slight grit.

Your face may be a little red/pink after use, and it's completely normal. I usually apply a little aloe vera on my face after use to sooth my skin.

When rubbing your hand across your face, you may also notice white dust. It's the actual shedding of your skin. Pretty cool!

I haven't had any problems since the first time using this, and always make sure to only go over each area once.

I can definitely notice the difference in the texture and overall appearance of my skin after using the PMD. My skin really does feel so much softer, and my overall complexion looks clear and radiant.

My pores also are much less noticeable, especially on my chin. My chin is one area of my face that always has enlarged pores, no matter how many masks, scrubs, etc, I use. The PMD actually minimizes the appearance of them better than anything I've ever tried - just after one use.

I haven't used this tool on my body yet, but I've used it on George's elbows to rid the build up of dead skin, and it almost completely erased the dull & ashy dry skin in one use.

If you have scars on your body, this would be a good tool to use to help lighten them.

It's pretty safe to say that I love this machine and I look forward each week to using it. It's a product that will remain in my skincare routine and I'd definitely recommend it as an at-home alternative to professional microdermabrasions.

Replacement disks can be purchased from the PMD website for $14.95 (set of 6). Each disk should last though 3-4 treatments, and mine actually is still looking good after four uses. A set of six should last six months. 

Price: $179.00,


  1. If you're really concerned about sun spots you should try Aveda Enbrightenment skincare. I've worked with it on clients and have seen amazing results! Sun spots, age spots all disappear. It's perfect for sensitive skin as well plus it's all natural. It's one of my favorite products from Aveda :)

  2. It sounds great , i would really like it if you did a post on how you got rid of your scars !!

  3. Thanks Meg! I'm going to look into it!

  4. I have some awful scarring and heard a lot of things about this product! Great review, your skin looks amazing. Another person mentioned Aveda and I am definitely going to check that out too! <3

  5. Totally random and off topic, but I'm just curious what color that is you have on your nails? I'm looking for something like that now :) Thanks!

  6. Its Wet n Wild Sugarcoat. :)

  7. I wanna try this now... Gee thanks lol =p

  8. vitamin c works too. break open a capsule of vitamin c(the capsules you take orally) and pat it where hyperpigmentation/scarring is. don't do it every night though-the vitamin c can be irritating. theres even recpies for your own vitamin c serums on makeupalley

  9. I'm pretty much in the same situation as you when it comes to skin. I recently purchased Olay's advance cleansing system (the automated brush) and hopefully that will motivate me to stick with it. This seems quite expensive but if the results are worth it I think it's a wise investment.

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  11. Great post! Is this something that could be used in replacement of an exfoliating scrub?

  12. Thanks. I always make sure to read and catch up on your blog. So that is great.

  13. My biggest question is whether or not the PMD will last long? I heard from several reviews that the PMD can lose suction after using it 10 times. Is that true? Do you find the PMD is still in good shape after using it for so long?

    1. I still use it around once a month and it still works perfectly. I've used it probably over 20 times and it still works on my skin like the first time I've used it. I use it when I want a deep exfoliation. I use AHA's daily, so I don't find I need it more than once a month. I change the exfoliating disks when they start looking dull.

  14. I've been doing at home laser treatments for a couple of months with a Tria and it's so awesome! Anything that I can do at home, rather than having to set an appointment, is great! Hope it's still working well for you! laser hair removal houston.

  15. The website says this helps with fine lines and wrinkles... would you agree? Have you seen any difference in fine lines/wrinkles?

  16. Hello! Today I got my PMD, and I was very excited about it, so I watched the video, and at least 30 review and demos, so I used it... But I got many red lines in my face that I feel nervous and kind of disappointed.. I just read ur post... So, how many days this streaks will go? Thnks