Friday, February 3, 2012

Guest Post: Real Techniques Powder and Blush Brush!

Guest Post Written by Ashley
Today the beautiful Ashley of Lashes Anyone? shares her thoughts about some of her favorite Real Techniques makeup brushes!

Hello Beauties!

About two years ago I fell hard for the infamous Sigma brushes that had every beauty guru in beauty craze. I did adore the face brushes, until the bristles started shedding on a daily basis. I do love the Sigma eye brushes, as they have impeccable quality and have held up nicely.

I was in need of a serious powder and blush brush rescue, considering those are my primary brushes for everyday use. About a month ago, I was wandering through the lit up aisles of ULTA and came across the Real Techniques brush line created by Samantha Chapman of YouTube.

 Real Techniques Powder and Blush Brush

 Real Techniques Powder and Blush Brush

The beautifully crafted brushes have feather soft bristles that glide gracefully across the skin. I've ran the brushes through many washes and dipped them in all sorts of powders, and they are still perfectly in tact.

They are affordably priced and deliver professional quality. The brushes distribute all powder products evenly to the skin with a natural finish. I also don't waste as much product as a densely packed brush.

The handles have a sturdy rubber grip that's easy to clean. The brush handle is normal length and easy to hold and maneuver for precise application. The bright chromatic handles are easy to find in the bottom of your make up bag and will glisten in your brush holder. Sigma has met their match but at an affordable price!

Bristle texture: Smooth, synthetic fiber blend.

Handle texture: Sturdy, sleek and easy to grip.

Appearance: Chromatic, colorful, professional and unique.

Price: Under $10.00 per individual brush.

Have you indulged in any of the Real Technique's brushes?


Guest Post Written by Ashley
My name is Ashley Palms and I am 21 year old Seattle native that’s been dropped in the heart of sunny Arizona. My obsessionn with all things beautiful and fierce has hit an all time high. I believe the blogging world is a community of beautiful people that can openly share their intellectual passion for beauty. I am the director and owner of Lashes, Anyone on YouTube and love talking with my viewers on Twitter. I do freelance makeup for weddings and in the process of creating my own cosmetic line predicted to launch in early spring of 2013. I am always excited to help friends and followers with new innovative ways to do makeup, reviews and tutorials on all things beautiful.  

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  1. How timely! My totally non-shedding Real Techniques stippling brush makes applying my foundation enjoyable and I literally ordered 2 more today!

  2. I've been meaning to go to ULTA and purchase a RT stippling brush for months! I'm definitely going to have to go this weekend! :)

  3. I really want this blush brush, Natty have you been using yours in your latest FOTD's?

    1. Yep! I usually use which ever brush is clean, but I use it the majority of the time. It diffuses the color on the cheeks softer (no harsh edges) than any other blush brush I have. Definitely recommend it!

  4. I've been meaning to try them but I wasn't sure how they would hold up. I just bought the Sigma Eyes kit and was looking at their face kit but if the shedding on the eyes is any indicator...they might not be a great pick.

  5. $10 is a fair price to pay for good brushes. These sound promising.

  6. Great post! (Natalie-I'm really liking the guest post idea!) I love watching the pixiwoo youtube videos and purchased the stippling brush at Ulta in december. I love it. I have MAC, Chanel and Elf brushes, the RT brush definitely can hold it's own against all the others=)

  7. I agree! I LOVE my Sigma brushes HOWEVER I have noticed within these past few weeks they are shedding like CRAY-CRAY!! I will most def pick this up using my Ulta coupon! WINNING! Thanks for the post!

  8. I found my brushes. Sigma Beauty.
    Have the basic eyes kit. This is my first kit. Because I didnt know if Sigma is good for me. I need to say it is perfect.

  9. Hey Natty, very nice review, I'm considering right now to buy RT brushes, I already got my core collection and loved it so far, and I would like to know your opinion, about which one of these two has the most "multitasking" trait? hehe, since I am looking for powder+blush, can I use one of them only, and still get the same result? thanks ^^ and God bless