Thursday, October 18, 2012

MAC Pro Products now Available Online!

MAC PRO Products Now Available Online!

Starting today, you can now purchase MAC Pro products online at MAC Cosmetics. So no more having to drive to your nearest MAC Pro store (which many of us don't have access to) or calling the 1-800 number to place an order.

I never really want to go through the hassle of buying over the phone, so I haven't tried too many pro products, but I'm looking forward to it now since I can purchase all of my MAC in one place!

You don't have to be a makeup artist or have a membership to purchase MAC Pro products.

Any Pro products you can recommend?


  1. The beige chromagraphic pencil NC15/NW20 is nice for the waterline!

  2. love this!!! i want the palette with the reds!!

  3. Face and Body mixing medium is fabulous for sheering out foundation or adding a little glow to a matte foundie. I adore the F&B foundation as well but I think it's too "weak" for your taste.

  4. This is very exciting. Love this lip palette!

  5. I ordered a pan of blush in Cantaloupe. Been wanting it for awhile. After I purchased I got an email that it's backordered!

  6. I have a pro card and live in a city with a pro store so it has never been much of an issue for me to get my hands on pro stuff.
    I love the nc15/nw20 chroma pencil and chromaline black black. I don't think I could live without them

  7. yay...i can finally try some mac pro items! =) thx for the info!