Saturday, October 27, 2012

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

mac pink pearl pop lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick ($15) is described on the MAC website as a frosted mid-tonal pink. It's a very girly and subtly warm, vibrant pink, so if you're feeling like you want to wear something other than your average muted pink but don't want something very bright and in-your-face, Pink Pearl Pop is a great median. And despite what the description says, it's not frosty. The pigmentation is sheer, and buildable to medium coverage. It has a shiny balm-like finish.

I own many pinks, but I couldn't find a perfect dupe for Pink Pearl Pop. Revlon Perennial Pink Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze came the closest, as when I applied Pink Pearl Pop on my bottom lip and Perennial Pink on my top lip, I could hardly tell the difference, other than the lipgloss obviously being glossier. Pink Pearl Pop is a little more vibrant.

Pink Pearl Pop launched recently a couple months ago with the MAC Cremesheen + Pearl Collection, along with six other lipsticks and an array of Cremesheen Glasses. I had my eyes on several shades, but considering they are permanent products, I'm in no rush to get them all at once.

As with most Cremesheen formulas, Pink Pearl Pop feels moisturizing and comfortable on the lips.

mac pink pearl pop lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick Swatch
MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick on my lips.

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

MAC Pink Pearl Pop Lipstick

Swatches were just not working in my favor today. It's really chilly outside, and as soon as the cold hit my body - instant goosebumps! From left to right: MAC Pink Pearl Pop, MAC Lovelorn, Revlon Strawberry Shortcake Lip Butter, MAC Viva Glam Nicki and Revlon Perennial Pink Mineral Lipglaze.

What I find irritating about Cremesheen Lipsticks in general is that I always have to apply them with caution because it poses a few problems: Because of the softer formula (which I don't even find that soft), the lipstick bullet might move (pushed forward or backward slightly) and the bullet will scrape against the inside of the tube each time the lipstick is twisted. Which will lead to the base of the lipstick becoming loose and possibly breaking off if you aren't careful. Lastly, it melts easily. I've only used this lipstick a couple of times, and it's already scraping against the inside of the tube.

I do love the Cremesheen formula though, and it never stops me from purchasing them.

I really like this lipstick and I know it will be one of my go-to shades that will often be kept in my bag.

If you're a pink lover like me, it's a fun shade to have.

The Round-Up

  • A very wearable shade of vibrant pink - because of it's sheerness, it gives off a balm-stain type look
  • Feels good on the lips - lightweight and non-drying
  • A natural shiny finish
  • Brightens up my complexion
  • Because you have to pile on the color for a solid medium coverage and the lipstick is very firm and sheer, after a couple of uses, the lipstick bullet is already brushing against the inside of the tube.
  • I wish this particular was a little creamier. The consistency is very thin - it's almost like a lip balm rather a lipstick with a couple of swipes.
  • Wear time could be better. I get a couple of hours.
Price: $15, MAC.


  1. I love love the color! I wish it was more opaque though, but it looks lovely on! xx

    1. Me too! I wish it built up color easier. It takes multiple, multiple swipes before I'm happy with the coverage. But, I still really like it!

  2. i love pink color,this one is fantastic!¨

  3. You do such amazing post doll. The color of this lipstick is beautiful but I do wish it was creamier too:)x

  4. I've been wanting to try this shade, it's such a pretty pink! I think I'll get it with my Back to MAC empties!

  5. OMG! That pink is killer! I LOVE it! I wonder if I could pull that shade of pink off. "Hmm..." she says, pondering the pink possibilities!

  6. i am liking the color... but i am looking for bit thick consistency... looking nice on your lips

  7. It's so beautiful !

  8. that is pretty, but I think any lip color looks good on you!

  9. Such a sweet pink colour! Pity about the weakness of the colour with one application though.

  10. thanks for sharing.