Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tutorial: Create Natural, Defined Brows with a Creme Product! (I'm using MUFE Brow Corrector)

Today I will be showing you how I use the Make Up Forever Brow Corrector. I know many people are interested in trying the product but don't know how to use it. You can obviously improvise if you don't have the MUFE Brow Corrector and use any brow pencil or creme liner. I have read that some people use MAC Dipdown Fluidline or MAC Quite Natural Paint Pot as a brow filler. It may seem odd to you that creme liners can be used for your brows, but applied sparingly with a light hand you can end up with beautiful brows that are natural looking and won't budge all day. Pencils that work well are ones that you can sharpen to a good point that aren't too soft or retractable "crayon" liners such as MAC Brows or Maybelline's Define-a-Brow. These brow pencils work very well because they don't smudge as easily as pencils, the formula is pigmented (but not overpowering) and the consistency is dryer than regular eye pencils, which is essential for creating natural looking brows.

Products used in this tutorial:

Coastal Scents Precision Angled Liner Brush
E.L.F Studio Eyebrow Treat & Tame
MAKE UP FOREVER Brow Corrector #3

I am using a small eyeliner brush that is bent so you it's easier to apply liner and make precise lines. I prefer this particular brush for the brows because the tip is short, dense and comes to a point. I can make very precise lines with it. If you don't have a specific liner brush, an angled brow brush can work too. The thinner the tip is, the better. I am using the ELF Treat & Tame to set my brows. It is a tinted brow gel that adds a tiny bit of color to your brows so your natural brows will blend in with the parts you filled in. It also will keep your brows in place so the hairs are all going in the same direction. MAC has a similar product called Brow Set, which is a product I love as well.

  • If necessary, tweeze & trim your brows and/or stray hairs as you normally would. 
  • It's your preference if you like to apply foundation before or after your brows, but I usually do my brows last. It's much easier in my opinion. If you have oily skin or tend to get an oily t-zone. Set the area with powder so your brows won't get shiny or smear throughout the day. 

Step 1: (If you are using MUFE Brow Corrector) Dab a tiny bit of product onto a clean surface. If you are using a potted creme liner, you can dip your brush directly into the product. Make sure to dab it off on a clean surface or the inside of the lid so you don't apply too much product in an area at once.

Step 2: Line the underside of your brow. Follow the shape of your brow. This area should be the most precise as it is where your brows would normally be waxed, tweezed or threaded. The top of your brow is where it's supposed to look the most natural.

Step 3: Dip your brush in the product again. Wipe off any excess. You don't want your brush to be very coated in product. Look at your brows in the mirror and decide where you would like to begin. I typically fill my brows in starting at the beginning. With the tip of the brush, you want to create small, thin lines to give the illusion of brow hair. Whatever spots you wish you had more hair in, draw small lines in the same direction as your hair. Don't use very much pressure - you want the tip just touching/grazing your skin. You want thin lines that aren't too dark. You want it to blend in well with your actual brow hairs. You can practice on your hand first.

Step 4: After you've followed the top line of your natural brow, you want to accentuate your arch. Draw a small line above your natural arch in the direction of your hair growth, and connect your brows (still using the same technique) from where you left off in Step 3 to the highest point of your arch. It should look very natural.

Step 5: With any excess brown pigment from the product left over on your brush, go over your brows to darken any areas that need it. The end of your brow should be the lightest as you have the least hairs there. If it needs to be extended, do this with the residue on your brush.

Step 6: Comb your brows in place with a spoolie, clear mascara or tinted brow mascara to set your brows.
My brow looks very arched in this photo because of the angle I took the picture. Don't worry they aren't that triangular.. LOL

  • If necessary, take a small concealer brush with your favorite concealer and outline your brow and then blend it into your skin to cover up any mistakes, or if you made your brows too thick.
  • Add a shimmery highlight under your arch to make your brows look even more polished!
I hope your found this post helpful, and if you have any questions.. make sure to post them below!


  1. This post is fab. So are your brows! x

  2. Loved this post and it's very helpfull because i have such thin ridiculous brows. I really want to try cream products now, is the MUFE waterproof?

  3. Thanks girls!

    Elly - Yes it is waterproof and it's such an awesome product once you get the hang of it. It's very pigmented and a little goes a long way. I've gone to sleep without taking off my brows and they still look great when I wake up! NO brow product does that for me but MUFE brow corrector.

  4. so fab I need some new eyebrow tips although I do swear by my Rimmel eyebrow pencil the brown/black shade is ideal for me although its getting hard to get hold of so thanks for this

    Im also doing a giveaway if you would like to enter,
    Vikki @ Vikki-Gabrielle World Blogspot x

  5. Your brows are amazing I can't do this myself :( it's always looks like a 5years old did mine lol

  6. really good post! great job x

  7. thanks for this post! love it!!

  8. I have been eyeing this product for a while. I am so glad I came across your blog! Which was yesterday BTW. You have reviewed quite a few things that I have been wanting try actually! AND you are NC 37-40 like me! Truely remarkable :)

  9. thank you thank you thank you for sharing!

  10. I've really been interested in the brow corrector, do you find it lasts all day?

    And I use gel liners on my brows sometimes too :P

  11. Fantastic post! I've been wanting to try the MUFE Brow Corrector for ages but was unsure of how to use it. :)

  12. Ur brows look terrific! hhaa~ love it...


  13. Wow! That looks so much better than using a pencil! Very nice.

  14. another great post! i need to finish my brow products before i get MUFE brow corrector...but i really want it!

  15. Your eyebrows looks awesome! I need to go get the MUFE brow corrector. Everything I try seems to give my bows an auburn tint to them not the most flattering :/ Thanks for the post!

  16. This is amazing! I'm always on the look out for great tips for doing my eyebrows since I barely have any.... Gotta make 'em look natural.

  17. They look great! Do you recommend this for swimming though? I am really insecure about my sparse eyebrows, and have been looking for something that is completely waterproof

  18. Thanks!! I have had my eye on this stuff for sometime and think ill give it s whirl. Please visit my blog as well...