Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nars Isolde Eyeshadow Duo Review, Photos and Swatches!

nars isolde duo

Nars Isolde Eyeshadow Duo

Nars Isolde Eyeshadow Duo ($34) is the only Nars Duo I own, and it consists of a golden copper and a burnt copper shade. Both colors are intensely pigmented, and buttery soft. They also translate exactly the same on the lids. 

I would consider Nars a luxury brand (despite the less than luxurious packaging), so I only purchase a Nars product once in a while, as a "treat" to myself. 

I have to admit, there aren't too many duos that really grab my attention in the whole range, but as a lover of warm golden shades, Isolde is a great pick.

Knowing Nars eyeshadows, they are pigmented for the most part, but sometimes there's a "miss" in the bunch. They also differ in texture - some are super soft, while others are just average. Both shades in the Isolde Duo are actually the softest eyeshadows I've used from Nars.

nars isolde

nars isolde swatches

A cheaper alternative to this palette is the L'Oreal HIP Metallic Shadow Duo in the shade Charged. The colors are incredibly similar for a fraction of the price, but of course, the quality of Nars is much better.

Do you own any Nars duos?

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