Monday, February 14, 2011

OCC Hush, Divine and Trick Lip Tars Review and Swatches!

OCC Divine, Trick and Hush Lip Tars

For a brief review, Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars are ultra-pigmented lip colors that combine the opaque pigment of a lipstick with the ease and application of a lipgloss. In fact, they are so pigmented that you can't apply them directly from the tube. For the best results, the use of a lip brush (or your finger) is needed. They feel incredibly light on the lips, and are comfortable to wear. There is a large selection of colors, which are meant to be mixed to create your own unique lip color!

After trying out my first Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar in the shade Cha Cha a few months back, I knew I wanted to purchase more shades. So, like I mentioned in my haul post this past Wednesday, I caved in and purchased three more lip tars. I chose shades that don't require mixing and would be practical for every day.

After going through countless swatches of lip tars via google, I decided on Trick, Hush and Divine.

Trick is a light-medium, neutral peach-beige with a hint of pink-brown.
Hush is a light, neutral, mauvey pink.
Divine is a bright neon coral-pink, or flamingo pink.

occ lip tar swatches
From left to right: Hush, Trick and Divine. 

occ lip tar swatches
Swatches from left to right: Hush, Trick and Divine.

Once I applied each of the colors to my lips, I fell in love with each of them, and I'm so happy I picked the ones I did!

Hush is a perfect every-day pink, and I've been wearing it just about every day. It looks beautiful applied very sheer and mixed with a little bit of clear gloss. I was nervous that Hush was going to make me look dull (as most mauve shades do) but it doesn't at all. Even though I own several pink lipsticks in my collection, I don't believe I own anything exactly like Hush. To brighten up the color and make it more pink, I add one drop of Divine. Definitely a favorite color combo!

When I'm out and need a quick touch up, I take the tube and put one dot of lip tar on my lips (I don't squeeze the tube, or it will be too much!! I just use the residue left on the tip) and then blend it with my finger or blend it with a lip gloss wand (I've been using clear lip gloss to give it shine). The result is beautiful! 

I recommend priming your lips with a little bit of lip balm before applying the lip tar. Even though they are glossy, they have a dry finish. When applied thin, the lip tar dries to a matte.

As for Trick, I am very happy that it didn't turn out as dark as it looks in the tube. I would like it to be a touch lighter, so I may experiment with color combos (such as mixing it with MAC Myth Lipstick). So far, I've tried it with Cha Cha, and it tones down and brightens the color. That's the combo I'll probably be using for now. I've seen Trick mixed with Feathered (a true white) and it looks beautiful! I may order Feathered sometime in the future to see. Trick would be a beautiful warm nude for medium & dark complexions.

I found Trick to be a difficult color to find swatches for, so I swatched it next to a few other lip colors I own that are similar for comparison.

OCC Trick Swatches
From Left to Right: OCC Trick Lip Tar, MAC Peachstock, MAC Freckletone and NARS Honolulu Honey.

Out of the bunch swatched, Trick resembles MAC Peachstock the most (they share the same undertone). Although, Trick is deeper than Peachstock. If you add white to Trick, I'm sure it would be a Peachstock dupe. Freckletone comes in 2nd as a near dupe, only Freckletone has a little more of a yellow/orangy tone. Honolulu Honey is in the same category with Freckletone and is much more yellow toned than Trick. It's funny because Trick seems to dark and orange/brown toned in the tube.. but once it's smoothed out, you notice that it has a definite pinkish undertone.

occ trick lip tar

occ trick cha cha lip tar
Trick mixed with Cha Cha = love! 

occ divine lip tar
This was me a few days ago wearing OCC Divine Lip Tar. You can see what Hush looks like on my lips by checking out my post right before this one!


  1. aww those colours look gawjus! love them! i have hush myself and love it loads :) im always lookin for new colours from OCC as there just so good! x x x

  2. I agree with Sammie...never heard of OCC but def interested now!!

  3. I love OCC Lip Tars, I've got Hush, Cha Cha and Memento but now that I'm seeing your swacthes I also want Divine. It's gorgeous!

  4. I really want to try some liptars!
    I'm not a big fan of wearing anything on my lips,
    I hate the feel of it and will just lick it off :P

  5. i love trick, its really a pretty everyday shade !

  6. Whilst i adore the colours, i feel like it takes down the factor of applying lipstick and feel luxurious, maybe they are directed towards makeup artists ...

  7. I LOVE how Divine looks on you!! I still need to check out an OCC lip tar one of these days.

  8. absolutley love the pictures hunny! I love OCC lip tars, super pigmented and great for shoots plus Divine look so hot on you! i did some swatches of Paegaent, Strutter and Stalker if you're interested in those too! strutter and stalker are like snow white lippies! Great blog hun :)

  9. WOW -- this look is totally hot on you. What blush are you wearing? Foundation? You are glowing!

  10. Wow you are gorgeous. Thank you for this. I'm gonna make my purchase.

  11. I am in love with Hush. My fav everyday color!