Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! (My Weekend)

Hey Everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day! Hope you all had a great weekend!

I've had a few requests to "review" George's Birthday and Valentine's Day. And although I like to keep my blog beauty related, I do a personal post here and there. So here it is.. :)

I mentioned Friday that I was going away for the weekend. I had actually posted that on my way out the door, coat on and everything - so my thoughts weren't very well organized. I may go back and edit it or possibly post a full review of Cinema Secrets at a later time.

Anyway, our destination for the weekend was New Buffalo, Michigan to stay at the Four Winds Casino Resort. I've never been to Michigan, even though it's so close by. It's only around 90 miles away.. which is around a 2 hour drive.
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We arrived Friday night.. maybe around 10 PM or so. While George was downstairs, I had quickly decorated the room. I made a rose petal trail from the door all the way to the bed where I had a little bunch of roses and a picture frame with a picture of us.
He loves my baking, so the night before I made peanut butter cookies with chocolate chips and chunks of Reese's peanut butter cups (his favorite) and chocolate truffles. A couple of years back a friend taught me this awesome recipe that consisted of cream cheese, Oreo's and white chocolate. All you had to do was crunch up the Oreo's into little crumbs and mix it with the cream cheese. Roll the mixture into small balls and dip them in white chocolate. Simply delicious! I did my own take on them and made two different fillings. One with cream cheese, peanut butter, graham cracker crumbs & a little sugar and the other filling was the same thing, but instead of peanut butter.. I used Nutella. They were sooo yummy!

I put the yummy treats on heart shaped plates. I also purchased lots of goodies from Rocky Mountain Chocolate in the mall which I also put on small heart shaped plates and put them around the room. (chocolate dipped strawberries, chocolate dipped rice krispy treats, chocolate dipped oreos, chocolate dipped marshmallows, etc)
The hotel room consisted of a bedroom and a sitting area with couches where you can watch tv, etc.. so in the sitting area I lined up all his gifts & cards on the tables. I also purchased a bottle of Nuvo, a "Sparkling French Liqueur" and put the bottle in some ice, next to two wine glasses (yes, it's not wine - but I had to improvise LOL). Neither of us drink, but I thought we'd give it a try. It came in a very pretty pink bottle.

Here's a peek inside one of the cards (Yes, I bought him more than one). The front of the card was a black and white photo of a little girl and boy holding hands - so on the inside, I made copies of baby pictures of me and him, cut them out in heart shapes and glued them inside the card. He loved it.. lol

Ever since we've started dating, George has always cut out the "Love is" poems from the newspaper and given them to me (if he thought it pertained to us). I copied all of my favorite ones and gave them back to him. We read them together and had some laughs. I also put fake Valentine themed lottery tickets all over the room for him to scratch for fun.. haha!

Lastly, I lit some red candles that I placed all over the room & when he walked in the room he was so surprised and loved every bit.

We wasted no time and went down to the casino where he played poker, and I played slot machines. We stayed at the casino all night and went back up to the room to eat a bunch of the goodies & get some rest.

We had some fun at the Casino again on Saturday and went to dinner. The restaurants were packed for Valentine's Day, so we ended up eating at the Buffet. No complaints! I was very surprised by the quality of food they had. Everything was very good!

I always like taking pictures of my dessert...

Then George joined me and played slots and we ended up playing till around 5 AM.. We were both zombies by that time & we went back upstairs and slept like babies :)

Sunday morning we stayed for lunch and made it back home by the evening. It was a really nice time! I really didn't take any pictures.. Me and George weren't in the "picture mood" all weekend.

As for today, Valentine's Day.. I'm not doing anything because George unfortunately is working late. He did bring me flowers, a card and balloon in the morning which was sweet.. But no going out for me today :( I'm not bummed though because we kind of combined Valentine's Day into George's Birthday.. and it was kind of like a Valentine's/Birthday weekend. 

That's pretty much it! What are your plans for tonight? Anyone staying home too??


  1. awww those desserts look amazing and so does the room...glad you two had a fun time!

  2. Awe I live in Michigan (but in Metro Detroit area). I can't believe you've never been here though lol. I'm not celebrating Valentine's either, my boyfriend has class all day. The casino sounds really nice! :)

  3. Natty, will you marry me??? :D That's just soooo cute, everything..perfect! :)

  4. very sweet! looks like you had a great time! all those treats look delicious!

  5. Sounds like a great Valentine Weekend Yummy treats, and nice little surprises you brought for the getaway. Sweet :) Happy Heart Day

  6. Wow! That is so sweet of you! Thanks for inspiring me to make my bf's birthday extra special. I would love to see some of your recipes like the peanut butter with chocolate chips/pb cups and the cream cheese oreo=)


  7. What a sweet, romantic weekend! Sounds like fun. I love the "Love is..." cartoons too.

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