Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sigma Bare Palette Review, Photos and Swatches!

sigma bare palette

Sigma Bare Palette

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The Sigma Beauty BARE palette is a must for everyday use. Ideal to create classic neutral looks, BARE is perfect for accentuating your best features without too much color distraction. Highlight inner corners, emphasize your crease, brighten your brow bone and enhance your lash line. With BARE's color selection, you can easily create day and night looks seamlessly and as subtle or as bold as you wish. BARE is perfect for a natural yet improved you! Includes Sigma Beauty's best-selling E30 and E25 in a unique dual-ended brush. Contains matte and satin formulations. 

Sigma launched three palettes in late June; Flare, Dare and Bare. There was a lot of talk about these palettes in the blogging community as well as among youtube gurus as many blogger are affiliates of Sigma and get to test out some of their products for free. (If you have a website, blog or YT channel, you can become an affiliate. Click here for details)

Out of the three palettes, the one that struck my interest was Bare, because it contains all neutral shades that are suitable for daytime, work, etc. There are eight (8) shades in total with shimmery, matte and satin formulations. 

sigma bare palette

Shine is a pigmented black with silver flecks. It's very reminiscent of MAC Black Tied Eyeshadow.
Control is a matte black.
Snoop is a matte, dove grey with a slight purple undertone.
Hitch is a matte, neutral ash-brown. It looks warm in the pan, but once swatched/applied, it is very neutral with grey undertones.
Act is a satiny, neutral taupe with a purple/mauve undertone. Again, this shade appears warm in the pan, but is very neutral.
Command is a shimmery, deep golden.
Elope is a pigmented matte, cool beige. It reminds me a bit of MAC Orb Eyeshadow.
Approach is a pigmented satiny, warm/yellow beige. It reminds me a bit of MAC Ricepaper Eyeshadow.

A closer look at each shade...
sigma bare palette

All of the shades are pigmented, with the matte shades packing the most pigment. I'm particularly excited about the shade Act. I'm a sucker for taupes with a blushed undertone, and this one is very pretty. It's slightly less pigmented than the other shades, but still, a really great shade.

sigma bare palette swatches

I've only used this palette once so far and I am impressed with it. Because of the mixed reviews, I didn't expect to like it as much as I do. My only real complaint is, all of the shades are neutral - I wish they tossed in a couple of warm browns or a copper-gold. It's a good palette for every day, but I don't see too many combinations coming from this palette. The brush is great. I love the E25 for blending and the E30 is great for the crease and smudging shadow into the lashline. 

I wore it by priming my eyelids with MAC Rubenesque Paint Pot, then applying Command all over my lid. I ran Act through and above my crease and Hitch to deepen my crease. I then added a touch of Control and Snoop in my outer V and on my lower lashline. Lastly, I used Elope in my inner corer to brighten. really liked the overall look. 

As far as packaging goes, it's heavy and too bulky. My hand actually became a little tired from holding the palette with one hand while I was applying the eye shadow. The Urban Decay Naked Palette has a similar design, but isn't nearly as weighty. 

The price for the palette is $35. Which if you divide it by 8 shadows, that's $4.35 a piece. But, you're also getting a brush, which is like two brushes in one. The E25 and E30 both retail for $9.00 each, so it really doesn't end up being a bad deal. It all really depends on your budget and what you have already/need. I don't think it's a must have palette (for me at least), but I do think it's a great palette for beginners or for those who would like to build their collection. I do think this will become one of my go-to palettes as all of the shades go together very well.

I wasn't going to add a picture because my camera doesn't pick up details very well, but here's a photo I snapped of my eye last night. I took the photo with flash, so the colors are a little washed out. My crease shade was a little darker in person.

Did you pick up any of the palettes? What did you think? Also, stay tuned because I'll be giving one Bare palette away!


  1. wow, the swatches look amazing, on your eye it looks beautiful, for $9 that sounds like an amazing deal!

  2. lovely swatches and and i loved your eye makeup its awesome...

  3. The shadows are all really pretty colors ! But I do agree with you, I wish they had different colors as well. Good deal though for 8 colors :)

  4. Great swatches I like how you did your eye makeup. Its not a bad price, I just don't know if I'd get to much use out of it.

  5. They all look great! Loving Snoop and Command!

  6. All I can say is WOW! That looks amazing.

  7. I heard there were alot of falls outs with the Sigma eyeshadows, but it doesn't matter to me because I already have alot of eyeshadows so I won't be getting any of the Sigma palettes, but your eye look looks gorgeous even if you say your camera washed out the color. =)

  8. It reminds me of Naked!!! I love my Naked palette:)

  9. That palette is so pretty!!!!


  10. The colors look really nice. I like the combination of colors you used for your eyes

  11. LOVE this NEW sigma palettes....!!! I was lucky to be able to buy all three and OMG they are AWESOME !!!! I did 2 blog post on DARE AND FLARE

    Please check out my blog : http://glamstyln.blogspot.com/

    Following ya for sure great blog !!!

  12. I am so skeptical about these palettes, there's something about them that looks cheap to me. The swatches look really good though

  13. i love the look you came up with:]

  14. Looks good on your skin tone ....but with slight darker skintone command colour might not pop so much.Other darker colours look good...esp. hitch.