Friday, December 3, 2010

OCC Cha Cha Lip Tar is Wearable! I wear it every day!

Hey Everyone! I wanted to do a quick post about the OCC Lip Tar in the shade Cha Cha. It is the only OCC Lip Tar I own and I've wear it probably 5 out of 7 days a week. I've seen a lot of discussions about this particular shade, and many say that it is not a "wearable" color. So, I thought I'd post a few swatches of what is wearable and what is not. If you'd like to refer back to my original review, you can click here.

This is the lip tar applied directly out of the tube. The color is extremely bright and very opaque.. and I agree to many claims that Yes, this is not very wearable. But that goes for any pigmented lip color. For instance, MAC "Myth" applied very heavily is a complete disaster.. but applied thin (or blotted), it is the perfect nude. Nude/pale and light colors shouldn't be applied heavily.

It may not look bad.. It's actually a gorgeous peachy pink. But in person, it is very opaque (you can't see my lips at all through the lip tar) and neon. It actually looks like I applied acrylic paint to my lips. You would definitely get some looks if you walked out of the house with this applied heavily (straight from the tube) on your lips. 

But! Once you blot off your lips with a tissue...

You will be left with a shade much more wearable... (What a difference!)

Just add your favorite gloss on top.. (Otherwise having a very thin layer of lip tar feels very dry). I like to wear any sheer shades of pink/peach/coral.. or a glimmer gloss.

 Here I have LASplash Girl Crush Lip gloss on top.

Hope this helped anyone that's unsure of this shade! :)


  1. oo.. u have real sexy lips.. haha~ nice clr!!

  2. peach lips look great on you! i def. cannot pull peach off!

  3. Oh just beautiful! I've been wanting to try one. Thanks for the swatch!

  4. Oo.. That is actually such a pretty colour after blotting =)

  5. Thanks for the tip! I just ordered this cause I liked it on you so much!

  6. Same i ordered this just now because of this post and can't wait to recieve it!

  7. Great color! I haven't bought any of these occ cosmetics, but I've heard great reviews. Thanks for posting.

  8. I think that's the important thing to remember about lip tars- they aren't necessarily intended to be worn full-strength straight from the tube. They CAN be, of course, but they're also perfect for mixing and tweaking and doing your own thing with!

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  10. oo ill definitely try this colours. Thanks for the post it was very useful :).

  11. Love the colour! I have just ordered the Anime Lip Tar so maybe this colour will be the next purchase! xo

  12. Wow this was definitely helpful to me considering I ordered Cha Cha by mistake and meant to order Divine! So I was dreading getting Cha Cha, but this made me not so worried. Thanks for making this blog post.