Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NOTD: Love & Beauty Camel!

I finally had a chance to use the nail polish I posted about a month ago that I purchased from Forever 21. (View post here). The shade is "Camel" and can be purchased for $2.80. The colour is a light, creamy tan (no pearl or iridescence). It looks very natural and is a perfect shade for the winter! I wear tan very often.. so depending on how well this nail polish wears throughout the week.. I'm hoping to wear this shade a lot more throughout the season.

Have you tried this shade or any similar shades? Share your favorite taupe/brown nail polish in my comments! :)

On a side note.. it was 7 degrees outside today!! *tear* Every year I get more and more aggravated with the winter.. (Well, it's not so bad yet.. )
Here I am this morning.. lol fumbling to put my gloves on or something.. My hands were frozen within 5 minutes.. and ouch that hurts!

Hope you all have a great day today! Be sure to bundle up if it's cold outside.. I sure am.


  1. I love the Love&Beauty polishes, I was so surprised at the quality. I tried Purple to start off with, and it lasted 5 days before chipping which is great for a cheap polish.
    From what I have seen, Aldo sells the exact same polish by the same brand just different shades.

  2. same here, it's so cold in DC right now, way too cold and it's never this cold in December, it gets freezing cold by the end of Jan and February. The nail polish is a very pretty color! 2 layers? i don't think i own any taupe colors, time to pick one up!

    i love the last picture! how cute are you to be wearing boots in that weather! since i don't drive to work and there's a lot of walking in DC, i stick to my coach boots (look like ugg's) to stay warm and keep from falling on my booty, hehe.

  3. This polish actually wore pretty well for me. The colour looks great with your skin tone! We've had 2 snow storms already in Southern Ontario...and it's FREEZING cold!

  4. Love the color! Is that your real nails?? Mine would never grow that even :( Oh JW, I've notice you've been wearing your hair curled a lot lately are you using your Caruso curlers still or is this with a flat/curling iron? I just bought some of the Caruso curlers b/c I'm trying to lay off the heat on my hair...but it def. doesn't make my curls look like yours do here!

  5. its 75 degrees where i live right now and thats cuz we had a cool front on monday lol over here 7 degrees with snow sounds like a dream lol its only snowed once here since ive been alive and im 24 :)

  6. WOW-What a lovely shade! I love it-- I am going to look now on F21 haha

  7. Your outfit is so well put together! It's been cold here, but we're still in the double digits, at least. I actually considered getting my husband those gloves for hardcore phone texters. LOL! He occasionally takes the bus to work, and now that it's colder, it's interfering with his ability to play on his phone. XD

    That polish is pretty! I haven't purchased any beauty products from F21. I'd like to, though!

  8. That shade is so simple and pretty, i like the forever21 polishes the colors are great. I agree its way to cold brrrr, I live in IL too.

  9. Wow, the colour is absolutely gorgeous!!!
    I need it;DDD

    Ps. great blog:)

  10. The color is gorgeous! I'm going to be on the lookout for it. I'm from Chicago too and it's gonna be between 20-30 this week so that's not bad at all, considering it's winter, but I want a snow day! Haha...

  11. Ty everyone!! :)

    Kate - Do tell me where to buy texting gloves.. LMAO I think I need them too!!!

    This polish ended up lasting a full 5 days before it started to chip on the ends. Not too bad. I really like the color and will continue wearing it throughout the year!