Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make Up For Ever #139 Eyeshadow Review, Photos and Swatches!

Make Up For Ever #139 Eyeshadow

Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow ($20) are high-intense powder shadows that come in a huge variety of shades (over 100) and finishes (matte, semi-matte and iridescent). Some of the brighter shades can even be used as a blush.

The eyeshadows are cased in small, slim black plastic compacts (no mirror) and are very lightweight and great for travel. They are a bit flimsy, and dare I say cheap, but as they are a pro makeup artist brand, they are meant to be placed in palettes. The Make Up For Ever Eyeshadow Palette holds ten eyeshadows.

Everytime I go to Sephora I have a "routine" of the brands I'll visit, and I always stop by Make Up For Ever. I've tried many of their products through the past five years, but I never actually purchased any of their shadows. I always thought they were a bit expensive, so I would purchase MAC as an alternative. For reference,  MUFE shadows actually contain a bit more product than MAC (MAC - 0.05 oz, MUFE 0.08 oz) not that it's hugely significant.

I'm typically drawn to all shades of brown, and shades that are versatile and can be worn often. #139 is described on the website as a Iridescent Brown Black. I would describe it as a neutral, dark brown with a satiny/matte finish.

MUFE #139 on my eyes

#139 contains a little bit of fine iridescence, but when applied, the color appears to be a satiny matte. It's very pigmented, and when applied heavy on my lids, I experience little to no fall-out. 

The formula is smooth (matte shadows sometimes have a tendency to be dry) and it applies easily without having any problems blending. I'd compare the quality of this shade in particular to NARS eyeshadow - easier to blend than MAC, and more pigmented. 

I'm definitely impressed with MUFE Eyeshadow, and I'd definitely be game for trying additional shades in the future. 

From left to right: MUFE #139, MAC Brun and Nars Coconut Grove.

I assumed that #139 would be a close match to MAC Brun or Nars Coconut Grove. But, when they're next together, #139 actually looks warmer than the two, which is a little odd because it's a fairly ashy brown. Perhaps it appears that way because of the yellow tones in my skin. On my eyes, the color is a bit more accurate to what you see in the pan.

The Round-Up

  • Soft, blendable texture
  • Intensly pigmented
  • Little-to-no fall-out during heavy appplication
  • Small, slim compact is good for travel
  • Large variety of colors 
  • The quality of the packaging isn't the greatest, but like mentioned, they are good for travel/keeping in your bag
(no complaints of the actual performance of the product!)

Price: $20, Sephora.


  1. Really like how smooth and rich the texture looks. I only have foundations and primers from MUFE but this looks really good!

  2. I have a routine at Sephora too. You almost have to to make it out on time. The shadow has a pretty, earthy color. Its soft texture is a sure-sell for me. Thanks for the review.

  3. MUFE e/s are great, you're on a slippery slope :D I love their foundation, primer and HD blushes too but their e/s are just something else.

    My faves are #58, #39, #15 and #112. The first two are esepcially gorgeous on hazel eyes.

  4. Amazing pigmentation, thanks for sharing I love this brand and the shade of the eyeshadow is amazing! take care

  5. I love it! Perfect for a Smokey eye :)

  6. I wish they had make up forever available here where I live. I saw it in Hong Kong and its expensive there..I guess due to import costs but in the UK Im not sure that I've seen it at all

  7. it looks amazing with your eye color

  8. It looks amazing on you! I've never paid attention to any of mufe's single eyeshadow before. Thanks for this review!

  9. MUFE's eyeshadows really do look amazing. I have to pick one up one day.

  10. Great review and very pretty eyeshadow color!

  11. I love the eye look created with this shade....

    lovely review

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