Thursday, July 21, 2011

NOTD: Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish in the shade Cloud!

Two (2) Coats of Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish in Cloud and One (1) Coat of Seche Vite Top Coat

Revlon Cloud is a pastel lavender blue. It does differ on certain skintones, but on my hands the color appears a little more lavender than it does blue (although you can't tell much from the photos). I was looking for more of a powder blue, but I think this polish is very pretty regardless. It really brighten up my hands.

I like Revlon's Top Speed Nail Polishes for a few reasons. They have a good selection of trendy colors, the lasting power is pretty good - I don't find it that it chips as easy as other low end drugstore polishes, they have a shiny finish and they are inexpensive (typically $3.99). Although I'm not a huge fan of the soft, plastic-like feel they have. I can get over it though.

The particular formula of this one isn't bad, but it isn't the greatest. Based on some reviews, some thought the formula was too thick. I really didn't find it to be thick. It's pretty sheer (and streaky) with one coat, and evens out pretty well by the second coat. I did find that on a couple of my nails, it looks like I have ridges (you can notice it on my ring finger in the photos), which would of probably been evened out by a third coat.

I do think this color is pretty awesome and flattering on most skin tones. I really don't think the pictures do the shade justice. It's prettier in person.

Speaking of blues, have any favorite blues you can recommend? 


  1. I like Blue Moon by barry m this is soooo pretty aswell x

  2. i like essie lapis of luxury, it's more of a purple-blue than blue, but very pretty. perfect for summer

  3. This is gorgeous! I think I may have to purchase this.. <3 xx

  4. I love the Top Speed line too :) I own Stormy (one of those greige/taupe type shades) and Pink Lingerie and I have Jaded and Lily on my wishlist!

  5. I swear you make every nailpolish colour look amazing on you! Lucky girl!

  6. Love the color, its pretty close to a color I have from the essie line :)

  7. Love that color!!!

  8. try Sephora by OPI Havana Dreams!

  9. I always have mixed feelings about the formula for this polish..i have the exact same color and its a blue on me lol unless its under a certain light then its lavender... and it doesn't dry out fast at all haha

  10. I just love that color!!

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  11. Oh, I love pastel polishes, thanks for sharing!

    Why not check out my new beauty blog, The Glossy Guide?

  12. I have this same color and I love it, but the formula is not so great for me and it chips really easily. That could be because I don't use a top coat though.


  13. I'm interested in trying Revlon's Top Speed Nail Polishes but I'm curious if they really are quick-drying...I'm a bit impatient! lol What was the drying time for you?

  14. love the colour!!

  15. I'm so picking this up ASAP! Really pretty, thanks for sharing!:)

  16. - I want to try some Barry M. lol Blue Moon looks so pretty.

    mybeadifullife - I've had that on my wishlist forever! I have to pick that up one of these days.

    Zara - It's def. your kinda shade! ;)

    Kayleigh - They are pretty great aren't they? I have Cupid and Candy and I love both!

    Belle Muse - Aw thank you!!!

    Jolie - I'll check that out, ty!!

    Amira - Lol yeah I know.. my feelings are pretty mixed. I think it's one of the better DS polishes, but still not the best. Thats funny its really blue on you - when I originally looked up swatches they all looked blue. Maybe I'm color blind. lol

    Rachel - I'll check it out! TY!

    MaviDeniz - Girl you need a bottle of Seche Vite in your life!! haha I am noticing a couple of chips already, which is pretty unfortunate.

    Dye-A-Graham - I find them to be quick drying as long as you do thin coats. I'd say it dries as fast as OPI would. I can apply a 2nd coat within a minute.

    TY everyone else for commenting!

  17. Such a gorgeous colour i so wish we had this in the Uk

    Love your blog looooads xxxxxxxx