Tuesday, July 5, 2011

NOTD: China Glaze Custom Kicks!

Two (2) coats of China Glaze Custom Kicks & One (1) coat of Seche Vite Top Coat.
China Glaze Custom Kicks
China Glaze Custom Kicks is a sea foam green/teal with tiny flecks of golden shimmer. This shade was released in the 2009 China Glaze Kick's Collection. Lucky enough for those who want to snag this shade, it's not a Limited Edition shade. (I spotted it at my local ULTA)

The shade appears a little more blue-teal in the bottle, but on my nails it's much more of a green-teal. Strangely, it appeared more green after I applied my top coat.

The formula is exceptional with this shade. It's somewhat thick - but not too thick, applies with no streaks and is opaque with one coat. I always like to at least apply two coats though - but for those who are painting their nails on the go, this shade is pretty low maintenance and you can get away with one.

China Glaze Custom Kicks (Flash)

You may notice my nails are much shorter. I think I prefer them a bit shorter as it's easier to apply moisturizers, concealer, text, etc. The only thing is, it makes my fingers look stubbier. Do you like your nails shorter or longer better?


  1. thats stunning, i prefer shorter nails too as long as theres a bit of free edge nail, i think they're so much easier!

  2. Gorgeous! What a fun summery shade. Do you have anything else from that collection?

  3. Whao! What a cool color! And yes, your nail look great shorter.

  4. you've got such nice natural nails! I might get this for my salon...hmm

    tzeyien89.blogspot.com xxx

  5. Victoria - I agree! :)

    Alex - That was the only polish I had from that collection. It was my favorite of them all! Do you have any of them? I just checked out swatches on Temptalia.. I really like the blue and pink one as well! http://www.temptalia.com/china-glaze-kicks-collection-swatches-photos-part-1

    The Girlie Blog - Thank you!!

    TzuYien89 - Thanks so much! They use to be pretty bad, until I realized how much better they look when they are filed straight across, not rounded. My BF would always tease me and say I have little second grader finger nails.. lol

    Thanks so much for commenting everyone!

  6. You have the prettiest nails in the blogosphere; of that I'm sure! Love this color for summer, makes me want to go swimming for some reason =P

  7. Oh! And I was just catching up on your posts since my last visit an noticed you tagged me in the Shower post! Thanks so much for that!!! =)
    Been reading and loving your blog for a long time =)

  8. Kim - Thank you SOO much!!! :) Haha! I know! It's such a fun summery color.

    You're welcome! Thanks so much for that, I love your blog as well! <#

  9. This is such a pretty color! Adding this to my list! :D