Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Summer Essentials! (Skin, Makeup, Hair and Accessories)

Hey Everyone!

Despite it's halfway through the summer, I've had a few requests to do a summer essentials post. I've read several summer must-haves and summer essentials posts and I absolutely love reading them! I had trouble narrowing down my list, so I decided I'd break it up into sections and post it all.

(Just about every item is click-able, for more information on the product)

Skin & Haircare Essentials: Pumice (for feet), Leave-in Conditioner, Shine Serum, Dry Shampoo, Body Moisturizer, Facial Self Tanner, Body Self Tanner, Body Makeup, Heavy-duty Deodorant, BHA/Salicylic Acid for face, Body Illuminizer, Sun Screen, Body Brush.  

 I normally don't have dry feet, but once summer hits, my heels become extremely dry. To keep my feet soft during sandal-wearing months, I always use a Pumice Bar in the shower to rid my feet of dry, excess skin.
During the summer, my hair craves moisture. To keep my hair from drying out, I like using a leave in conditioner a few days a week. I recently purchased this Aussie one, and it's great and affordable!
 I love using Silk Infusion before I blow dry or heat style my hair. It really makes my hair more manageable, soft and shiny. It doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy. Shiny hair is definitely a must have for any season.
Dry Shampoo is an awesome product to have handy during the summer for quick hair touch ups. It's an instant refresher and will soak up any excess oil in your hair. Turning your head upside down and working it into the roots can also give you quick volume. This particular dry shampoo is my favorite of all time. I've tried every one on the market, and this one lasts the longest without clogging, doesn't give a white/powdery cast to the hair, doesn't cause flakes or build-up, etc. I just checked the Sephora website, and I'm a little horrified right now that this product is no longer available, and is possibly discontinued.
 These little pads are a great way to keep your skin clean. Whenever I feel like my face has gotten oily, I make sure to clean my face with a Stridex pad. The salicylic acid will deep clean your pores and prevent future breakouts. Not only are these important in the summer time when my skin is a little more oily, but they are important all year round!
 A good moisturizer is vital to keep your skin looking radiant and feeling silky. I really like using Hempz body lotion. It makes my skin feel incredibly smooth and it smells amazing - sort of like bananas? :)

 Hopefully you're wearing sunscreen on your face this summer, and if you are, you might find that your face is lighter than your body. This is my favorite self tanner for the face. You can build the color from light to dark, with the amount of product you apply. The color is very natural and best of all - it doesn't break out my sensitive skin.
 I have very fair skin (believe it or not) so I refuse to slap on tanning lotion and lay out in the sun. Genetically, I don't tan because of the little pigment I have in my skin. I burn and my face will freckle. So, I have to resort to self tanning. SUN Labs has been my favorite for years now. No one ever believes my tan is fake!
I personally don't like this at all for the face (not enough coverage for me), but I think it's great for the body. If you've heard of Sally Hansen's Airbrush Legs (leg & body makeup), this product does basically the same thing. Just take a little bit and mix it into your favorite water based moisturizer and smooth onto your legs. It will camouflage any imperfections and make your skin look perfect! It's also a pretty good value at $32.50 for 4 oz, especially if you'd use it for a facial foundation.
 This deodorant is the best for keeping sweat marks and B.O. away! I keep one in my bag for emergencies.
 Any large kabuki brush will work. I love large body brushes for applying bronzer and/or illuminator to my neck and chest. Especially when my neck looks a little pale, I like tapping the brush into my bronzer (MAC Refined Golden works awesome) and lightly swirling it into my skin.
MAC Reflects Bronze Pigment
 I love using loose pigments on my body in the summer to give my skin an extra glow. You can apply them to your skin with a fluffy brush or mix them in with your self tanner or body lotion. I love MAC's Reflects Bronze Pigment. It's a shimmery copper bronze that looks amazing with a tan.
Sunscreen is an absolute must during the summer months (especially on your face and neck) to prevent any sun damage. I never really thought I needed sunscreen until I realized that I have a lot of faint sun spots on my face from being in the sun without sunscreen. Your skin will thank you later!! I don't really have an "HG" sunscreen, I've actually been living off samples all summer. This Clarins one is pretty good.

Beauty Essentials: Pastel Pink Nail Polish, Bright Coral Nail Polish, Bright Lipsticks, A Light/Luminous Foundation, Glittery Lip gloss, Natural Bronzer, Shimmery Highlight, Warm Pink Blush, Peach Blush, Golden, Copper and Brown Eye shadows.

Essie Beach Party
Summer is all about rocking bright colors, but I love wearing Pastel Pinks when I'm not wearing something bright. It's a color that goes with almost anything looks great with a tan.
I love wearing coral nail polish! There's just something so fun and elegant about coral nail polish and it's flattering on everyone.
I love coral lipsticks and I take advantage of wearing them all summer long. This is a really natural, matte peach-coral shade that isn't too bright for those of you aren't too comfortable wearing very vibrant corals. It's a really beautiful peach when toned down with a pale nude such as MAC Myth.
MAC Morange is the in-your-face orange lipstick that has been flooding the magazines and runways all summer. This lipstick is packed with pigment, so a little goes a long way. I love applying it directly to my lips with the tube and then patting it with a Kleenex so only the residue is left on my lips. It leaves such a pretty bright coral residue behind.
Obey is a bright salmon, matte pink. Again, an absolutely amazing statement color. Like Morange, Obey is extremely opaque and for a more natural effect, apply it sparingly.
Designer Label is a sheer coral-pink lipgloss with bright pink sparkles. It won't deliver much color to the lips, but it looks gorgeous paired with absolutely any lipstick for an extra glossy and glittery look. The formula is great as it isn't sticky or gritty.
I've been pretty much wearing Chanel Vitalumiere all summer long and I think it's such a great, lightweight and luminizing foundation that stays up well through the heat. Vitalumiere Aqua is amazing as well, but I don't own a bottle yet.
This has been one of my favorite bronzers for the past few years and my top bronzer these past couple of months. It provides such a natural, seamless finish and adds warmth to my skin without looking dull or fake. It is a little expensive ($48), but it's worth it for the whopping 1 oz of product you get. I haven't hit the bottom yet and I'm still on my first one.
This powder quickly became one of my favorite products for luminous skin. I haven't stopped using it since I purchased it in early June. I've been applying it lightly to my cheeks and it gives the prettiest pale pink glow.
I think Dainty is "thee" perfect summer blush color. It's a vibrant coral-pink that's not too frosty or shimmery. It blends easily and adds such a flattering pink glow to the cheeks.
Lover is my favorite peach blush. It's soft, very pigmented and is completely matte. A definite must-have.
My favorite colors to wear on my eyes in the summer are golds, coppers, bronzes and browns. This awesome trio has three baked, shimmery shadows that work perfect together. I like using the gold or copper all over my lid for a wash of color, or the copper shade on my lid, brown in the crease and gold as a highlight.
Not so great swatches from Left to Right: Illamasqua Lover Blush, MAC Dainty Blush, MAC Honey Rose Magically Cool Liquid Powder, Sephora Sunbaked Eyeshadow Trio, Illamasqua Obey Lipstick, MAC Morange Lipstick, Revlon Smoked Peach Lipstick and Milani Designer Label Lipgloss.

Accessory Essentials: Aviators, Trendy Piece, Statement Necklace, Knuckle Ring and Statement Watch.

Forever 21 Aviators
I love aviators! Aviators area really the only style of sunglasses that really suit my face shape. I don't even bother buying expensive aviators anymore. Any pair of sunglasses I own won't last me long before they break, so I like purchasing sunglasses from Forever 21 for under $6 a pair. :)
Forever 21 Spike Bracelet
I don't bother purchasing too many trendy items each season because I'll never end up getting enough use out of them. I love this little spiked bracelet though and couldn't resist. I wear it pretty often.
Forever 21 Knuckle Ring
Knuckle rings are all the rage. I always find really cute ones at Forever 21.
Forever 21 Turquoise Beaded Necklace
I really don't wear necklaces, but this summer "The Statement Necklace" is talked about time and time again in fashion mags. Although the one pictured is pretty old now, I still enjoy wearing it. I love turquoise jewelry, especially when paired with coral.
Michael Kors Tortoise Rhinestone Watch
 Who doesn't own a MK watch? I bought this watch probably three years ago and I still wear it the most frequent of any of my watches. When I don't feel like matching necklaces and bracelets with my outfit, I just toss on my watch. I think it's a great investment.

Can you count how many times I said summer in this post? Minimum 100. haha, if you wrote a "Summer Essentials" post, post the link in my comments!


  1. Love your list! I love using the Hempz moisturizers they're so good and moisturize really well...cool post thanks for sharing!!!

  2. It's so great that you blog daily. I always look forward to your posts. Thanks for sharing your essentials, love the Aussie product too.

  3. This is a great list!! Lots of these are my favorites too! =) If only summer were longer! And I definitely agree, any MK watch is a definite staple and a great investment!

    Andrée xx

  4. Ohhh I love the MAC honey rose and dainty! Great list tho, I love the colours and how you take care of your skin during the warm summer months!

  5. mac morange and illamasqua lover have been two of my most worn items this summer! loved reading your list!

  6. So would you recommend the Aussie conditioner? Here in Spain they're about to begin selling their products and I'd like to know a few opinions before trying.

    I TOTALLY agree with your preference for Dainty blush. I use it in summer and winter, it's simply perfect!

  7. I'm an orange lover too! thanks for sharing your essentials!

  8. Great post, I really enjoyed reading this! x

  9. Love this list! I def want to try out some of these products :)

  10. Love this post great items. I also like HEMPZ lotion its so thick and moisturizing. I have to check out some of the blushes you feautred.

  11. Love your summer essentials!!! :)

  12. I loved this post! I put of few of these items on my wishlist now. How often do you have to use your self tanner to keep your tan (which does look incredibly real!)?

  13. I also love the Aussie and hemp as for the Chanel foundation i feel its a bit to thick for the summer in cali

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  15. AWESOME POST! Loved all of your product choices...And its nice to see Aussie products get love :)

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