Tuesday, March 30, 2010

NARS Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer Review, Photos & Swatches!!

NARS Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer

Nars Chelsea Girls Lip Lacquer ($24) is described as a nude beige high-shine lip color with a unique texture to prevent the color from bleeding. It can be worn alone or over other lip colors.

I would describe the color as a neutral, muted mauvey pink with a hint of warm beige. I was actually very surprised with the texture. It's very thick and applies very opaque. I definitely thought it was going to be more sheer and have the consistency of a lip balm. It has a heavy, slightly sticky texture to the touch, but once applied to the lips it isn't very sticky.

On my lips it reminds me a lot of Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte #2, but slightly pinker. The color is long lasting (because of the texture) and I think its a pretty universal color that would be flattering for light to medium skin tones.

The finish is shiny & it didn't dry out my lips.

The only negatives about this product I can think of are, the pot is so small and deep that its sort of a pain applying the product. I have long nails so I can't really use my fingers, so I have to use a brush, which isn't very convenient. Something like the packaging of MAC tinted lip conditioner would work better for me. (A larger, less deep pot) Also, I don't really like the smell of the product. It has a yucky, very strong chemical smell. Also, since the product is so thick, I can see myself running out of this very quick. Nevertheless, I'm very happy with Chelsea Girls. :)

On my lips...

I got this hoodie for Christmas from my mom.. and I completely forgot about it.. I found it through my piles of clothes today. lol It was like $39 at TJMaxx.

And a back shot. ;)

Finally the Spring is here and the snow is gone! It's so exciting. Its going to reach the 70s this week.. woohoo!


  1. I love that color! I have to look into it. Yay for nice weather. It's suppose to reach in the 70s here for us too. BTW, you're gorgeous!! <3


  2. It's gonna be 70's here too! It hits 81 on Friday, can't wait!!! I hope to go out Saturday night and not freeze my arse off like I did this past weekend, haha.

    I love this lacquer and I too am disturbed by the things you mentioned. I don't use it bery often (even though I keep my nails super short), it's just too sticky to apply with my fingers :(


  3. beautiful lip pot! I hate digging my fingers in pots too. It gets all in my nails. The sweater is cute and for $39! what a deal!

  4. love the lip lacquer! where did you get your boots? they are so cute

  5. Love the look of this lip lacquer such a gorgeous wearable colour really need to pick this one up thanks for the review :)

  6. I am so jealous that it's nice where you're at! It's still in the forties here!

    That lip lacquer looks great on you. And how cute is that hoodie? I wish there were a TJ Maxx closer to us... Marshalls is nearby, but I don't see big name brands there too often!

  7. Thanks guys! My boots are from Forever 21 a few months back. :)

  8. You are absolutely gorgeous!!! What other products are you wearing? What's the closest Mac dupe for Chelsea Girls?

  9. Do you experience a burning sensation and bad smell? I just tried my sister's, and once I put it on, all I wanted to do is wipe it off as fast as I can.. >__< I don't the formula is going bad already since the pot looks pretty new (and she's not kind to collect cosmetics)

  10. Joli - Thank you so much!! To be honest, I don't really remember what else I was wearing in the photo. I'm sure it was just a neutral lip liner and Chelsea Girls. I may have to get back to you regarding a dupe - I want to say its kind of like a mixture of Hue and Honeylove.

    aisyah - I don't experience burning - but the smell, YES! It's terrible. I don't wear it because of that reason. I can't take the nasty smell on my lips. I heard they reformulated it though and it doesn't have the bad smell anymore. I'm not positive if that's true because I never checked Sephora for myself.

  11. Hah yeah I just went out to sephora and got it. Love this lip product :)

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