Tuesday, February 23, 2010

POP Beauty Swatches & GIVEAWAY!

I just saw The Gloss Goss' blog post about POP Beauty... so I thought I'll do one as well :) You can click HERE to view The Goss' post. I mentioned I was going to do a post a few weeks ago and then I didn't get around to ever doing the swatches.. but I do have some pictures of their Eye Cakes and one Cheek Cake to share :)

Naked Mocha Eyes Eye Cake

Naked Blue Eyes Eye Cake

Naked Brown Eyes Eye Cake

Naked Green Eyes Eye Cake

These are all very fun shadows. The color payoff is pretty sheer & comparable to drugstore eye shadows.. but I do really like these. The colors are great & they are perfect for a natural sweep of color on your lids. I like using these as my daytime eye shadows. The tin packaging reminds me of Cargo's packaging. It may not be the prettiest packaging, but they are convenient to toss in your bag. You'd be surprised how light these are. Holding one tin feels as light as a piece of paper in my hand. lol

Beach Babe Beauty Cake

This duo consists of a soft pink & a golden bronzer. Both are very natural.

I'm not sure where you can purchase POP beauty (other than their website), but they do have all of these products on allcosmeticswholesale. Click the following link for cheap: http://www.allcosmeticswholesale.com/pop-beauty.html

I purchased a duplicate of all of these for one reader of mine! So, the winner will receive all 4 eye cakes & 1 cheeky cake shown (new of course). I will ship anywhere in the world, so anyone can enter. The rules are very simple. 1) You must be a follower of my blog. 2) Post a comment saying one fact about yourself, so I can learn more about you! And, include your e-mail address so I can contact you if you won.

The giveaway will end on MARCH 3RD. That's in one week! Winner will be announced on the 4th. Good Luck!


  1. I have always been afraid of spiders!! and my email is sara48127@yahoo.com :)

  2. Hi,

    Love to them
    I am a follower already
    will the most important fact that i never give up and passion for graphite art portrait , (well I am saving money to have drawing technique tone and shade art course) and always drawing eyes don't know why when ever i hold a pen

  3. hi! ok one fact: the first eyeshadow i ever put on myself was green (it was randomly passed out at a mary kay demo) and to this day greens are still my favorite e/s color to use. (:

  4. Yay! I love contests!! Fact about me: I don't have a great memory but I can memorize license plates really fast! I know my whole families even including some friends. Weird, I know!!!

    A dot ramirez 87 at hotmail dot com!

  5. Yes! I hope I win!

    Fact: I have a smiley face birthmark on my neck (weird). I found it one day back in high school when I woke up from a nap...it was quite random...LOL


    <33 Rena

  6. hm, I have probably watched every episode of the television series, Friends, at least 3 times over the last 10 years. haha.


  7. Hey girl, a fact is that I love Mitchell's ice cream. I can eat that every day!!!

  8. Hey babe, thanks for the giveaway :D


    Errr, about me? I'm a work-a-holic, I need rehab!!

  9. Helloooo :) My name is Abby and a random fact would be that I am practically a recycling Nazi! I make everyone in my house recycle haha. Haha they will thank me later :)
    My email is abby.babcock@gmail.com!

  10. Hey! What a great giveaway! umm I'm crazy obsessive, I have always been like this and I go through different phases where I am crazy about new things...I have never lived one day without obsessing crazy about something. It's something I don't like, butttt whattcha gunna do!

    email: obsessive.makeup.addict@gmail.com

  11. Hello,

    My name is kat and i am crazy about mineral makeup :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  12. thanks for the giveaway hun
    that is so nice of you! i love your blog, its one of my favourites, love every time you have a new post:)

    my random fact..
    my family travels and moves around a lot. by the time i was 13 i had lived in 4 different countries :)

    email: e.freelancemakeup@hotmail.com

  13. Fact: I have had about more than 10 different colors in my hair in the last 4 years.

    email: M.sainz@live.com

  14. Awesome Giveaway =)

    My random fact: Im obsessed with old TV shows from the 80's. Who's the Boss, Three's Company, The Golden Girls- I watch them every night before bed lol

    Email: jessicaautumn06@gmail.com

    & my name is Jessica <3

  15. Hi Natty! This is one of THE best giveaways I've seen in a long time! I've been very curious about Pop's "Beach Babe" bronzer & their eyeshadows, so I'm very excited about entering!

    One fact about me - I'm multi-lingual (I speak English, French, & Vietnamese fluently) and I know a little German & Japanese.

    Thanks for a super giveaway!


    libbeh84 (at) gmail (dot) com

  16. Those Pop beauty shadows are pretty esp. Naked Mocha eyes. The cheek cake looks like a nice illuminator.

    Cool Giveaway.
    Kimmydadiva_blog [at] yahoo [dot] com

    One Fact about me -- I am an island girl. I am from Jamaica, I love everything from the island, the sun (sometimes), the beaches, the food and also the party scene.


  17. A very generous giveaway!

    I can do a variety of different voices & accents.

    Email- VampiressDoll@rock.com

  18. What a great giveaway! :)

    Fact: I love video games ;)


  19. Fact: I've never tried any POP beauty products before.


  20. Such a great giveaway!!!

    Fact: I am a salt addict! I crave sunflower seeds like crazy. It's a weird, slightly disgusting and unhealthy habit. lol. I'm working on it ;)


  21. You chose some of the best shades when it comes to eyecakes!! Great stuff hon and good to see you posting again!!

  22. Hi,enter me as well please!My email is skristallia@hotmail.com and i am from Greece!One fact about me is that i am always having hope to become RICH!!Lol!!Love your blog!

  23. Hi!I'm from Portugal and the newest blogger in this beauty's world. I loveeeee your posts!

    Fact: i usually spend money on my wardrobe (shoes and clothes) than paying my bills... i know, so dumb... i'm working on it...

  24. Heyy =)

    Fact: I'm Vietnamese and Chinese and i hate chinese food >_> . Hehe. My e-mail is lindaphuongtran@hotmail.co.uk

  25. Hey hun im Jasmine and orginially from Oklahoma,but now living in Germany

    Fact: My Dad is Army, my step dad is army, My husband is army.......But im joining the airforce in about another year!.LOL......but I cant get enough of military life (wish it paid more so i could live like a kardashian!!!)

    Email: prettyjwats@yahoo.com

  26. Hello Natty!
    Fact: I was born in Slovakia, currently living in Spain.

    Love your blog <3

  27. Enter Me Please <3

    * I am a Subscriber

    * I met my Fiancé on Myspace 3 years ago, I was living in Paris he was living in San Fransisco...Oceans didn't stop us to be together <3

    * ChloeHollywood (@)gmail.com


  28. Hey Natty!!

    One fact about me is that I always spend my pocket money just for make up!! I'm from Germany


  29. mmm i love that cheeky cake!

    one fact about me...hmm. i am right handed and i cant sit in left handed desks or else i start to get a huge headache! if i accidentally sit in one, i usually end up switching seats because i feel so nauseous haha.


  30. It's so sweet of you to get us prizes.

    I was not into makeup at all until about a year ago. Late I know :-)


  31. Hi Natty! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! So cool of you. :)

    My fact would be that I have two different colored eyes. My left one is black and my right one is light brownish hazel. I was born that way and it has stayed that way my whole life. Also, I just started an online reading group that I'm really excited about! I have always wanted to start a book club and I thought an online one would be great since it would reach more people!A Southern Girl's Online Reading Group


  32. Enter me please sweetheart!

    A random fact about me is that i am addicted to Hello Kitty and Winnie The Pooh which is pretty sad for a 26 year old lol ;0

    My email is :- J_Wood50@hotmail.com


  33. Hey Natalie How kind of you to do this giveaway!I love your blog!;)

    i)I am a subscriber.

    ii)My fact is I love looking at my feet after they've been pedicure and my toes have been freshly painted!!!Weird huh? I'm really funny over feet- they have to look just as beautiful as the rest of you.

    My e-mail is naushina@hotmail.com

    Lots of Love


  34. I'm a follower. :)
    Fact- If I don't drink nettle tea in the morning, I feel extremely nauseous.

  35. Thanks for the fab giveaway~! I've been your follower for a while :)

    My fact~ I love makeup & bellydancing~! ♥

    My addy: xprincesaliviax@gmail.com

  36. I'm Katie. My fact is that I'm the oldest of four kids.


  37. Great giveaway! I haven't used Pop Make-up in years but the ones you've chosen look cute!

    Fact: I met my boyfriend on my first shift at a pub I worked in, a week later we were together and this year is a 3rd anniversary!

    Email: bronzedgal@hotmail.com

  38. these are such pretty colors. awesome giveaway.
    i'd be super excited if i actually won.
    fact: i have a chronic disease,

  39. My fact - I love Paris, raspberries and your blog!

    E-mail: lipstickonthecup(at)interia(dot)eu

  40. YAY!! I am naturally a blonde and as soon as I graduated high school I dyed my hair and eyebrows black and changed my image entirely!!



  41. Random FACT: I just found out last week I am with Child! This will be my second.:) YAY


    love the blog. keep it up!

  42. my fact: I had acrylic nails for 3 years straight. I swore I'd never get rid of them but now they're gone and surprisingly, I like my real nails better!


    I love your blog, it's seriously like an addiction! all your posts are so helpful, thanks! :D

  43. A fact: I was born and raised in the UK but moved to Canada 6 years ago.

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  45. Wow, that's nice! Very cute... I am going through laser tattoo removal currently ..that's an interesting fact right ;)


  46. (forgot my email in the comment above!)

    Hey doll! Happy follower for awhile now :] Fabulous giveaway! Ive never tried this brand and these all look amazing! Please enter me pretty*

    My fact: My mother got in a very bad car accident when I was in her tummy. I was supposed to be a Christmas baby but ended up joining the Earth on October 7th (ironically 7 is a lucky number!). I was a preemie, weighing only 3lbs! They pumped me up to 4lbs before I could leave. No worries, as I am nice & plump now! My immune system however is non-existent and I have been sick almost every month since birth. Including pneumonia my first week here! My veins were too tiny so they had to place them in my head instead and I wore cabbage patch doll clothes for many months. I also had Hemangiomas at birth, also nicknamed "Strawberrys". These are massive raised tumors with blood vessels. I had a smaller sized one that looked like the India marking on my forehead and then a huge one on the back of my head. The one on my forehead faded to be my skintone color and almost went away, I now just just have a scar with a slight raise to it. The one on the back of my head had to be removed, it was about the size of a baseball and I can no longer grow hair there :(.I used to be insecure and refused to wear my hair up, as its thin as is and doesn't cover much, but I am now confident with it and its my lil battle wound at birth! If I were to be hit on that spot, I would bleed to death though- kinda scary!

    Okay, so that was more than necessary but ya said you wanted to get to know us and those were probably the ones no one ever knows or will know about me!

    Thanks for the wonderful opportunity girl and good luck to everyone!
    Email: SaraALSmith@yahoo.com and/or Ssmith12@ohiohealth.com

    Best wishes doll*!♥

  47. Hi Natty!
    I been reading your blog for awhile now but this great giveaway made me wanna post my first comment in here :)
    Well a fact about me is that this summer I will come to America for the very first time and I am soooo excited about it I can't even express! Oh and I never won a thing in my entire life lol.
    Good luck to everyone!

    my email is: the.woman.of.a.decade@gmail.com

    i know, modest :)

  48. Fact: I am a stay at home mom of 2 little boys.

    Email: Driz69@yahoo.com


  49. hey hun,

    I'm Nina, I'm from Berlin and my fact is as follows: I'm unable to make descisions.
    I hate it, but its the truth. There are 100 facts about me and I cant decide which one I want to tell you. well,.. (my english teachers always tell us to say "well" instead of "ummmm"..") I love makeup. It makes me happy. I love having and trying new stuff and I just love painting. Oh and I noticed that I have kind of like a delayed reaction to everything xD I'm a dreamer.

    LOVE and greatings from BERLIN! :)
    Nina :*

  50. Hey Nat, Great give away!!

    My email is missdanigeek@live.co.uk

    fact about me: I CAN NOT put on false eyelashes to save my life and it frustrates the hell out of me!!! :(


  51. Hi Natty!
    I always look forward to reading your blog =)

    fact: people from highschool sometimes dont recognize me now because I used to be a super tomboy back in highschool complete with a haircut similar to a crew cut, ... and now look at me.. long hair, always done up with makeup, working in the beauty industry =)


  52. Hi Natty,

    I'm a brand new follower from the UK....lovin your blog!

    Hmmm, my fact is that I have two little kitties called Fred and Wilma!

    My email is missy_ellie_uk@hotmail.com
    Ellie x

  53. heyy Natty
    Fact about me: the one thing i could eat all the is chocolate, skin cake product don't break me out, but when I eat to much chocolate it makes my skin break-out :(

  54. Hey Natty,

    First, I want to say that you are absolutely gorgeous and your blog is amazing! Xo

    Fact about me: I am a daughter of a pastor with a very open mind and my love for fashion/makeup can be criticized by some people..kind of annoying. :)

    Thank you for this great giveaway !

  55. This is an awesome giveaway, thank you so much!

    Fact about me - I'm afraid of going down the stairs, always feel like someone will push me :(

    email: saadeh.m@gmail.com

  56. Fact: I was practising synchronised swimming, and I was very good at it (I was second in my country :))
    Email: szpagatnica@op.pl

  57. Hey Natty! I'd love to be entered.

    Random Fact about me that you don't already know: I LOVEEEEE Ketchup. lol When I was a kid...I use to eat ketchup sandwiches... gross huh?! lol

    e-mail: ch3ryl_xx@hotmail.com

  58. Thanks for having this! I've been a lurker on your blog... I read (and commented like, what... once? twice?) all the time but just didn't say much of anything. I do love your blog, though. You are so beautiful!

    Hmm one fact about me? I've lived in four different cities, one of which is overseas. I was born in the US, though. :)

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  60. I haven't been able to try the POP products yet but I keep seeing them online and they look so cute! Great Contest- Fact: My husband and I aren't sure that we can have kids, so we spoil our dogs like they are our children!lol

    BTW-I love your blog and find it so heplful. I just ordered some of the St. Tropez you recommended and can not wait to get it and try it. Thanks for everything!!

  61. Random fact: I am afraid of pomegranates. No lie, staring at the inside of them creeps me out to no end (because I'm trypophobic).

    My email is shaobeibei [at] ymail.com :) Thanks for the giveaway!

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  63. Hi
    i found out about your blogpost through you MUA account. I fell in love it with it right away. Im a 18 year old mother to a 6 month year old girl and also married to a wonderful man. I know how young hu! But its all worth it =)

    i follow you through twitter: etovar321

  64. dance_addict93@hotmail.com

    random fact...i always have my nails done really awesome, but my toes are always plain (i take pointe classes, so i really have to take good care of my feet) :)

  65. Hey!

    I follow you and my random face is that my family lived in the tropical island of Vanuatu, in the Pacific ocean a few hours away from Australia. Jungles and waterfalls are a long way from where we now live in London :)

    my email is: Mediterranean21x@gmail.com <3

  66. Thanks for doing this giveaway! <3

    Fact about me: I'm lactose-intolerant and yet I have to have a glass of milk every night with my dinner, lol. :p

  67. Great giveaway!

    I've been a follower(=
    And I hate almonds!


  68. thank you so much for the giveaway!

    one fact about me...hmm
    I was born with a crooked nose and overtime it has straightened out a little bit.


  69. Fun giveaway!

    FACT: I'm addicted to peach blushes


  70. Hi!

    my name is Evelina and i am addicted to collecting nail polish..i have over 200 bottles and it only took a year!


  71. Great giveaway!
    Fact about me: I love Aquolina's 'Pink Sugar' it's my favorite perfume. very flirty/girly.

    Email: Apirr0@yahoo.com
    ^ thats a zero btw :)

  72. Awesome giveaway!
    Fact: I live in Antigua, a Caribbean island.

    E-mail: annwareen@msn.com

  73. Enter me please lovely <3
    Fact: I used to be a member of the Hilary Duff fan club(: lol

    Great giveaway sweetie xx
    Email: schnella09@live.co.uk

  74. aw awesome giveaway!
    FACT: My absolute favorite flowers are snapdragons! I one day want to get a tattoo of them!
    EMAIL: drummersgirl@comcast.net


  75. Awesome giveway!

    I follow already, one fact: I love vintage items, clothes, furnature, etc.


  76. Love the giveaway!

    Fact: I speak romanian fluently and learning arabic =)


  77. I love looking for dupes of makeup items.

  78. Hey, Natty!

    You know I've been following you forever! LOL! My e-mail address is: kategeneblog (at) gmail (dot) com.

    A random fact about me: I never wear foundation, except on and under my eyes. (I use it as a shadow primer.) I've literally never put foundation on the rest of my face. I probably should, but I prefer just using a bit of bronzer!

    BTW, fantastic review! I have always been curious about POP products. They sell them on BeautyTicket.com. If I don't win this review, I'll probably pick some shadows up! Thank you for doing this giveaway!


  79. hi natty! thanks for the giveaway! :)

    random fact about myself: i've never had a nose bleed before in my life! haha


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  81. Hey!
    I've been a follower through Google Reader for a while. My favorite meal is steak tartare, but it's really hard to find a place where they make it properly, so i haven't had it for a year, and miss it soooo much!
    My email is anna@cimeries.dk

    Steak tartare: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/2e/Tatar-1.jpg

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  83. Yay! another contests! I cant wait to get 100 followers to do a contest!

    Fact: I am OCD and not very many people know because I have learned to control it. I have routines & rituals that I do daily & constantly specifically in my home. I clean my home practically everyday, and every item I own has it’s specific place it goes. When people come over, I make mental notes of things they move, and aaaaaaaaaalways fix it when they leave… I know totally weird =( lol

    Find me@ www.elisfashionchronicles.com

    Thanx for the giveaway Natty!

  84. Heya, I'm Jenny and I live in Finland although im born in Canada.

    Random fact: I love to dance and I'm crazy about it so I'm currently training to be a professional dancer. :)

    E-mail: stocca91@hotmail.com

  85. hi natty! thanks for the giveaway! =]

    Random fact about me...I'm a lefty! =]

    my email is cari.chafin@gmail.com

  86. I'm a follower.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Random Fact:
    I'm addicted to nail polish and have so many I can coordinate with every outfir I own!

    e-mail addicted2lacquer@gmail.com

  87. Hello! I'm a follower!

    I love animals more than humans (=


  88. Hello! I'm a follower! I am a figure athlete who competes Nationally and I'm hopelessly addicted to Lipgloss and Lipsticks :)


  89. this is soooo awesome!!!!! you are sooo thoughtful! um one fact about myself is: im 21 and purchased my first home at 19. lol


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  91. hello! I'm a follower already...

    random fact... my favorite meal is a chicken burrito and Spanish rice!


  92. these eyeshadows look fantastic:)
    i am a follow.
    hmmm, lets seee. my boyfriend really got me into riding ATV's and dirt bikes. probably something you coulnd't tell by looking at me :)

  93. oh i love these!!!lol
    i follow you already

    fact- im seriously addicted to makeup !!

  94. hi :) my random fact is that i am a decedent of a viking clan and their moto was "either peace or war" lol


  95. oh those are beautiful, I´d love to win! Hmmm a random fact: I spent 6 months in Oklahoma as an exchange student when I was in high school. Everybody says OK is so boring, but I loved it!

  96. hiii, a fact about me - I am terrified of mice!

  97. fact: i'm a doula.

  98. hi, i love your blog!

    my email is trobi026@odu.edu

    fact: i can dislocate my hip at any given moment. it's quite freaky, actually!

  99. Hi hun! I'm new to your blog (I found it from specktra.net) and I love it! You're so gorgeous! I'm also following. ;)

    Fact about me: I once owned a real-life barbie jeep! I sold it just before I started college, much to my dismay. :'( I'm obsessed with barbies, I'm even a collector.

    Email: sweetcheekz_18@hotmail.com

    Thanks for doing this giveaway! Looking forward to more of your posts! xx

  100. Awesome Giveaway !

    Fact about me: I hate snakes.
    I'm a follower.

    email: claireelfic@gmail.com

  101. Hi Natty! This is so generous of you.

    My fact: I am a law student but I secretly want to be a Sephora sales clerk. ha!


  102. Hello! This is an amazing giveaway and like many people have said, it is very generous of you. I'm new to this blog, but I am a follower :)

    Random fact: I also live in the chi! (granted I've hopped from burb to city to another burb and now I'm back full time in the city because of school, but...details details :p)


  103. Hii! I'm a follower (:

    A random fact about me...I am honestly more passionate about tattoos and piercings than makeup and hair! But I can't draw, so I could never do tattoos. Therefore I am going to school for cosmeotology!

  104. Hello Miss Natty! This giveaway is AWESOME! Thanks!

    Fact about me: Although I have accomplished a lot of great things at the age of 23 my greatest is being a Mommy & a Wife :)

    My email: howdydollface@yahoo.com

  105. Thanks for the giveaway! I'm absolutely addicted to food blogs (more so than makeup!) and cooking. My email is: theprincesspia@hotmail.com

  106. aww such a sweet giveaway =]

    been following for a while

    FACT: My Name is Feda, Its a Arabic name originated from Palestine, the way its pronounced is how its read in my email..(fee-dat) =]


  107. What a great giveaway... I love the beautiful colours!

    Fact: My mum chose my name from a US mag 'Kristel' but wanted to change the spelling to 'Crysteel' which is pronouned the same in spanish but different in english (specialy with a british accent... I live in london)

    e-mail: Cheekycrysteel@hotmail.com


  108. what a great giveaway!
    fact:i've always wanted to travel across the globe.
    good luck to everyone and a huge thanks to natalie. <3

  109. Yay! I love giveaways :-)

    Fact: I have 2 little boys and I want to have 4 more, I love kids!

    Email: paigeagidius@gmail.com

    Thanks Natty :-)

  110. I used to pretend my life was a movie when I was a little kid haha.

    email contact is nhanu399@gmail.com

  111. I find baking cookies to be incredibly relaxing.


    Thanks for the giveaway! I just came across your blog tonight and I'm really happy I did, because it seems like a really great blog. ^_^

  112. Im a follower! I like baking a lot ;)


  113. I really believe that beauty is like the air we breathe...everywhere and everyone needs it :D
    I am a follower

  114. i am a vegaterian, no meat for 26 years.

    I follow


  115. Hey Natalie!

    random fact i use kiss nails from the drugstore then the ones at the salon : )


  116. wow! how generous are you? fact about me: i speak fluent Russian!

    Email: lizdonskaya[at]gmail[dot]com

  117. Love your bloggg!!!

    1 fact: i kiss my little chi, Martini, more than my boyfriendd. ha :)


  118. hello doll!

    random fact about me is i'm obsessed with Hello Kitty!


  119. I am totally a follower =]

    Random fact about me: I wear no makeup every monday to remind myself that even though makeup is a plus, it's always good to accept yourself for who you are without makeup as well.

    xtina115 at gmail dot com

  120. I always cheer up when I go to your blog and see a new post!

    Other than that fact, heres another, I only eat my apples with salt on them..I CAN NOT eat them without salt...weird, huh? :)


  121. I was given a link to your blog today on MUA. I love your posts and look forward to catching up and reading everything.

    One thing about me: I just started a blog a few days ago. www.tidbitsfromamakeupnoob.blogspot.com

    email: howleekorian at gmail dot com