Saturday, November 28, 2009

MAC Shygirl Lipstick: My favorite lipstick of all time!

mac shygirl lipstick review

MAC Shygirl Lipstick

MAC Shygirl Lipstick is described as a creamy, neutral coral-beige. It's pretty accurate, but there is definitely some pink tones in Shygirl. To me, it's a mixture of pink, coral & peach with a hint of creamy beige. I never really considered Shygirl neutral - but I suppose it's not too warm, not cool - but somewhere in between. It has the tiniest particles of bright pink sparkles which makes the color shine beautifully on the lips.

The pigmentation is amazing, and because of the cremesheen formula, the color applies buttery smooth. It's a perfect every day shade and brightens up my face once applied - which is really why I wouldn't call this a neutral. Neutral (beige) lipsticks typically wash me out.

My only complaint about this lipstick is within the formula. Because it's so soft,
just about every tube of mine has tilted, smashed or melted. You ought to store this lipstick in the fridge if you live somewhere warm!

mac shygirl lipstick review
MAC Shygirl Lipstick

Here it is on my bare lips.
mac shygirl swatch

What do you think of Shygirl?


  1. I was looking through your old MAC posts to see some swatches and came across this. I love this color! I just recently bought my first MAC products which you can see here:

    Then within a week after that I bought 3 more lipsticks! I am so hooked. This is now on my list with many others =)

    Which ones do you recommend for newbies like me?

  2. Hey!
    I just found and followed your blog :) <3
    I have literally just ordered this mac lipstick, and I'm so so excited for it. I hope you will take the time to visit my blog!

    Love India

  3. nice colour lipstick