Wednesday, November 25, 2009

MAC Greasepaint Stick = Liner Love!

MAC Greasepaint Stick

I managed to get my hands on a MAC Black Greasepaint Stick from the Style Black Collection in a swap! I had no idea until I received it, that it's not only black - but it has purple reflects in it. Once applied though, the purple isn't that apparent unless you look closely. The formula is soft - and it is a very pigmented black. I thought because it called a "grease" stick, that it would be oily or greasy... but it's not at all! And, the color lasts all day! I've been using this as a liner and then smudging it to create a smokier, softer look. I hope this product gets re-launched in a future collection!!

Have you tried the Greasepaint Stick? Do you love it??!

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