Wednesday, November 18, 2009

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick Review + Comparison to MAC Myth Lipstick!

mac fleshpot lipstick review

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

MAC Fleshpot Lipstick is an ultra-pale pastel pink with a satin finish. The satin formula isn't my favorite - although the color is very opaque, I find the formula to be drying on my lips. Also, because the finish is almost matte, I find it to look too dull on my lips, so I always top it off with some lipgloss.

It's a good color to use for mixing, and toning down other colors. Combined with a clear lipgloss, it reminds me of MAC Underage Lipglass.

It resembles MAC Myth very closely - on the lips, I can barely tell the difference. Side by side, Myth is more peach, whereas Fleshpot is more pink. Neither flatter my skintone when applied alone, but they work well lightly patted on the lips, with a pink lipgloss on top.

MAC Fleshpot is a MAC Pro shade and can only be purchased at a MAC Pro store. I believe you can also purchase on the phone, by contacting customer service.

mac fleshpot lipstick

mac fleshpot and myth lipstick

mac fleshpot swatches

I swatched Fleshpot next to Myth and Creme D' Nude. It's quite obvious that Myth and Creme D' Nude are both muted pastel peach-pinks, while Fleshpot is purely a muted pink. Creme D' Nude is almost an exact dupe of Myth, except its not as opaque and it has a glossy finish. Like Fleshpot, Myth is a Satin.

mac fleshpot lipstick swatches
Top: MAC Fleshpot Lipstick applied alone Bottom: MAC Fleshpot Lipstick with clear lip gloss over it. 

Do you have this shade? Do you like it? What are some of your other favorites?


  1. I love nude colors too!! Have u tried any of MAC's slimshine lipticks?? I absolutely love "Bare". They're pretty creamy with like a touch of gloss but not sticky. Not sure if u would like the formula but I do :)

  2. Love it! It looks fab. I need one for my collection. Awesome look.

  3. That looks really pretty but I dont think it would look good with my skin coloring. ive tried orange soda and I look crazy haha

  4. I can't wear satin lipsticks alone either. I LOVE myth but it really does dry out my lips. The color looks fan on you tho!

  5. i wishhh nudes looked good on me :( they make me look dying lol

  6. great comparison. both look great on u!

  7. Fleshpot is probably my favourite nude!
    Maybe it's my NW20 skin, but all of those you mentioned (apart from NYX that I haven't tried) look different on my lips, with Creme d Nude probably being the most wearable one for every occasion!
    But Fleshpot is so sexy, it has that hint of pink that I love!


  8. nudes r my favorite! Im lovin this Fleshpot color tho, with the gloss it looks dying to try a combination kim k. used for her birthday which is a combination of Ravishing lipstick and Florabundace gloss, both from Mac =) <3

  9. the only TRUE nude i have is revlon's nude attitude - im more of a pinky nude girl.

    i love fleshpot a lot on you, especially with a gloss over it

  10. looks so good! I'm loving nude lips at the moment :D

  11. Ahh i really love that. I love nude coloured lips, it looks rmore moisturising than the revlon one too. x

  12. it looks great with the gloss! how do you photograph your lips? the pics come out fantastic!

  13. I look like a corpse in these nudes have some pink in them...

  14. i just got fleshpot, blankety, and myth. oh and i own revlon nude attitude, nyx circe, nars striptease gloss......yeah i love nudes :) blankety is a good nude for everyday, like where i have to look conservative at work. pretty sure fleshpot is my absolute fave though, the hint of pink helps not to wash out my super pale skin.