Thursday, June 28, 2012

What's in my makeup bag?

I haven't done a "what's in my bag" in a while, so I thought I'd do a quick run though of all of the junk I currently have in my makeup bag. It's kind of a fun way to show you the products I'm enjoying right now!

The stuff I use changes all of the time, but the stuff I always keep in my bag are products that are easy to use (don't require much work to get it right) and never seem to fail me. In other words, my "go-to" products.

I have many go-to products (most are listed on my favorites tab) but I can't cram them all in one little makeup bag. ☺

For reference, I don't carry all of this with me in my handbag - I've included a list of what I do carry in my handbag at the bottom of the post - which is only a few things!

Continue reading to see all of the products in my bag...

Guerlain Parure Extreme Foundation - I've talked about this foundation several times on my blog, and it's still one of my top foundations. It's lightweight, creamy, provides excellent coverage and has such a flawless finish. It's crazy expensive, but I don't mind splurging on it.
Becca Compact Concealer - This is a a really fantastic cream concealer duo, that provides medium and full coverage. I love that it never looks cakey and doesn't budge throughout the day. Although I do love it, I think it's way expensive for the amount of product you get, so I'll be sticking with MAC Studio Finish Concealer in the future - they're incredibly similar!
MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation - This powder is a product that never leaves my bag. It's a product I've been using off and on for years. I don't normally use it in my morning routine (unless I want full coverage - I'll buff it over my foundation) but I always use it for touch-ups throughout the day.
MAC Crew Highlight Powder (used as a blush) - Gah, I love this product. For those that think this product is chalky, the trick is - instead of sweeping it on your cheeks, buff it. I noticed when sweeping it on the cheeks the color can look a bit light, but when I buff the color, it warms up to my skin tone and looks gorgeous. The results are night and day. See my review here.
The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter - This is probably my second favorite highlighter next to Dior Amber Diamond. I don't have a review up for this product yet, but it's caused such a stir the past few months on beauty blogs, and I can see why. It's such a beautiful, golden champagne that I can imagine would flatter every skin tone.
MAC Nude on Board Pro Longwear Bronzer - Lately I've been much more fond of sheerer bronzers and I've been only using this bronzer since I purchased it. (Prior I was using Becca Flamenco, which is also sheer.) I love the warm yellow-golden color, soft texture, blendability, sheer - but very buildable pigmentation and the soft, natural finish. (MAC if you're listening, make these a part of the permanent line!)
Real Techniques Stippling Brush - My favorite foundation brush for the past few months. I haven't used anything else. 
Real Techniques Foundation Brush - I've been using this to apply my concealer, and it works great for that. It's a little small (for my face at least) to apply foundation.
Sigma F35 Tapered Highlighter Brush - I love this brush and I'm so happy I purchased it. I use it every day to apply my bronzer and/or contour, and many times, I use it to apply my blush as well. It's the perfect size and shape, and it's so soft. I think I might buy a couple extras to have in the future.
MAC 181SE Kabuki Brush - I always keep this brush in my bag for touch-ups. It's tiny, so it doesn't take up any space at all, and the bristles are so soft and dense. Just a little swirl in my Studio Fix Powder and buff it into any shiny areas, and I'm done!
Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base (sample jar) - This cream is so amazing, and I always use it under my eyes before I apply my concealer as a base. It hydrates my skin and makes it feel so soft. I try not to use it too much though, because I'm not sure if I can justify spending $52 on a full size jar. If you can get your hands on a sample, definitely do!
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel - I don't use this as a part of my skincare routine (it doesn't really do anything for me?) but I love the light, gel texture. I usually use it before I apply my foundation (as a base/primer) and I love that it absorbs quickly and doesn't make my foundation greasy or oily throughout the day.

Nars Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base - This is my favorite eye shadow primer. My eye shadow seems to cling to my skin better and my eye shadow won't budge all day! I definitely prefer this over Urban Decay Primer Potion, although Urban Decay has more product for less money.
Nars Kalahari Duo Eyeshadow - I use this duo frequently when I'm on the go. I usually brush the shade on the right all over my lids, and blend the shade on the left in my crease. The color on the right is really similar to MAC Satin Taupe.
NYX Black Single Eyeshadow - I always have this on hand to deepen my eyeshadow, or for something simple, I'll smudge a little on my top and bottom lashline, followed with a couple coats of mascara.
L'Oreal Iced Latte Infallible Eyeshadow - This frosty champagne-beige is an amazing highlight shade for the inner corners of the eyes and brow bone.
Lancome Brown Artliner - I don't use liquid eyeliner too much, but when I do, I've been reaching for this.
Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base - I refuse to wear any mascara without this! This base makes my puny lashes look.. well, not so puny.
Covergirl Lash Blast Mascara - I loathe the applicator (it's too large and bulky, doesn't reach my corner lashes, bristles are too short, etc.) but the actual formula is fantastic. This is the only mascara I can ever rely on not to smudge.
Anatasia Brow Gel - Brow gel is a must for my bushy brows, and I love this one by Anastasia. It gives a medium hold, and keeps my brows in place for most of the day.
Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil - The design of this product is garbage (It's a plastic pencil that you have to sharpen, and you will never achieve a pointed tip because the product is a tinted wax), but the product itself works really well. I will actually most likely re-purchase this because it's convenient to use and it does a great job filling in my brows without them looking too harsh. Plus, it holds up really well throughout the day.
MAC Spiked Brow Pencil - This is the brow pencil I use when I want really precise, razor-sharp, clean brows. You don't get much product for what you pay (with daily use I could be done with one in one month), but it really is an amazing brow pencil.
DUO Black Lash Adhesive - My favorite lash glue ever. I always keep it in my bag.
Essence of Beauty Eyeshadow Applicator (from the starter kit) - I usually keep this little applicator in my bag if I need to apply my eye shadow on the go (AKA in the car - passenger of course) or for touch-ups.
Revlon Tweezers - Next to Tweezerman, Revlon makes some pretty good tweezers. I always have one in my bag because you'll never know when you're going to spot a stray!

MAC Oak Lip Pencil - I love MAC lip pencils. Oak is one the shades I use often to wear with my nude-pink lipsticks. It's the perfect warm nude.
NYX Nude Pink Mega Shine Lipgloss - I'm loving this lipgloss at the moment - very similar to NYX Nude Peach Fuzz, but more pink (less peach) and a little more sheer. I can tell that it's one I'm going to continue re-purchasing.
NYX Nude Peach Fuzz Xtreme Lip Cream - This is my favorite lip product right now for a warm peachy-pink lip. You have to try these!
MAC Insanely It Sheen Supreme Lipstick - I've mentioned this lipstick several times on my blog. It's such a flattering, vibrant berry pink. It looks beautiful alone, but it also looks great toned down or mixed with a bubblegum pink lipgloss. I wear it all the time.
MAC Creme Cup Lipstick - Creme Cup is my favorite pink lipstick! It never leaves my bag.
Revlon Strawberry Shortcake Lip Butter - Similar to Creme Cup in color, but slightly cooler. If you're a lover of bubblegum pink lipsticks, you probably need this one. I love the texture and the shiny finish of Revlon Lip Butters.
Smith's Rosebud Lip Salve - I have chronic dry lips and this is the only lip balm on the market that heals my lips and keeps the peelies away! I have this with me at all times, otherwise I'll have to deal with peely lips all day.

From left to right: MAC Oak Lip Liner Pencil, MAC Insanely It Sheen Supreme, Revlon Strawberry Shortcake Lip Butter, MAC Creme Cup Lipstick, NYX Nude Pink Megashine Lipgloss, NYX Nude Peach Fuxx Xtreme Lip Cream, MAC Nude on Board Pro Longwear Bronzer, MAC Crew Highlight Powder, The Balm Mary Lou-Manizer Highlighter, NARS Kalahari Duo, L'Oreal Iced Latte Infallible Eyeshadow, NYX Black Eyeshadow, Lancome Brown Artliner, MAC Spiked Eyebrow Pencil, Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil in Deep Brown.

( a closer look)

The stuff that usually travels with me in my handbag is stuff that I'll generally need for touch-ups. The only things I really need are:

MAC Studio Fix Powder
MAC 181SE Kabuki Brush
MAC Oak Lip Liner Pencil
Lip Products (I like to have at least 2-3 lip products with me and lip balm)
Brow Pencil (in case of touch-ups)
DUO Lash Adhesive (if I'm wearing false lashes)

I use to carry everything I put on my face that morning with me just "in case", but for the most part, I never used any of it, and it just weighed down my bag. Carrying a heavy bag never bothered me, but lately, I've been trying to pack as lightly as possible. I clean out my bag every week of unnecessary items (too much change, receipts, excess makeup, etc) Too much junk drives me nuts. haha!

How about you? What makeup do you always carry with you? 

*My cosmetic bag is from Forever 21.


  1. Some great stuff! I always have to carry a powder for my oily face and a few lip products for if I want something different :)

  2. Love this!I swear your swatches are like real life! lol :) amazing quality! giving karlasugar a run for her money lol. Love her blog too! I want your makeup bag so much! :)
    Im picking up creme cup on my nxt mac trip since u love it!


  3. wow look at all these goodies you have!!! got some great stuff there :)

  4. I always carry a mirrored powder compact and whatever lip gloss I have on that day. I like packing light and simple.

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  12. Hey a little tip for sharpening your Maybelline brow pencil since its so waxy and creamy and impossible to get sharp, is you put it in the freezer for around 15-20 minutes then sharpen it. Same with the Milani Liquif-eye eye liners. You'll get a perfect sharp tip every time.

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