Friday, June 15, 2012

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush Review!

IT Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush

It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush ($48) is a large ultra-plush, dense synthetic brush that can be used in a variety of ways for an always-flawless application. Did I mention that it's OMG soft?

The benefit to using such a large brush is that it covers a larger surface area at once, so application goes by much quicker. The ultra, soft and luxurious bristles create a seamless finish, so not only does it apply product quicker, but completely even with less work than a standard size brush.

I've used this brush in a few different ways - to apply liquid and cream foundation, setting powder, liquid/cream body bronzer and as a finishing brush to help blend everything together.

I love using it for liquid and cream foundation, but because it is so large, you have to use a separate brush to get to the small areas (around the eyes, nose hairline, etc.) so my favorite use for this brush is using it as a finishing brush.

I'm often on-the-go, and when I don't have enough time to adequately blend in my foundation, I always grab my IT Heavenly Luxe Powder Brush and quickly run it across my face working the brush in circular motions. It ensures my foundation is seamless, free of any streaks or blotches.

It's also perfect for blending foundation down the neck, and for applying cream illuminator/bronzer down the neck and decollete.

Although it's intended to use as a powder brush, I rarely use it for that reason because I love it so much for blending in my foundation. BUT, it is an amazing powder brush. It feels so nice on the skin, and does a excellent job at diffusing powder into the skin. Also because it's fairly dense, it'd work good for powder foundations to provide a fuller coverage.

I've had this brush for several months, and after handfuls of washes, you can see that it still looks brand-spanking new from the photos. The brush handle is very sturdy and I haven't experienced any shedding. The brush is still in the same perfect condition it was when I first used it.

This is definitely one of my favorite brushes, and I think it's worth the investment if you like to splurge on pricey makeup brushes.

This brush is sold solo for $48, but it's also available in a few different value sets from QVC. Your best bet is to purchase a set, because the total cost of the sets are actually cheaper than the brush alone (Set #1Set #2Set #3). Figure that!

The Round-Up

  • Ultra soft bristles - feels dreamy on the skin
  • Dense - blends liquid and powders very well
  • Large size blends product quickly and efficiently
  • Good quality - feels very sturdy, no shedding, discolorations, etc. 
  • Comes completely clean when washed, and doesn't take forever to dry
  • Vegan
  • The price point isn't for everyone - $48 is a lot to shell out for a brush
  • Some may find that it's too large to be a practical everyday brush
Price: $48, QVC or itcosmetics.

Have you tried any makeup brushes from IT Cosmetics?


  1. I've actually never heard of It Cosmetics, but the brush does look really soft and dense. It seems a little pricey, but with make up brushes I really do believe that you 'get what you pay for'! xxx

  2. It does sound amazing but the price if way to high

  3. I got this brush with a set I got from QVC and i LOOOVE it! It also came with the foundation/concealer brush and that brush is good also!

  4. Great review! Sounds like an amazing brush, but it costs so much? wow! I have never tried anything from IT Cosmetics.

  5. It is definitely large for everyday use. Great review!!!

  6. It's definitely out of my price range, but I like how it's big and round. Bet it blends well.

  7. I got this in the same kit Lily mentions above, and both this and the other dual ended brush are amazing. These are the best brushes I've ever used, definitely worth the money.

  8. Hm , it looks and awful lot like the the Ecotools Bronzer Kabuki...

  9. I love this brush. As well as most of their other ones. They're super soft and do the job. This brush I like to use to buff in products.

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