Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes!

My Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

Revlon Scented Gumdrop is a creamy pale purple (lilac). The formula isn't the worst, but it's not that good either. It's fairly sheer with one coat, and looks the best with three. It doesn't dry quickly, so you can't really hurry the following coats or it may smudge. Because I love the shade, I deal with it.. but it's time consuming to apply.

Some other great shades that are similar to this are OPI Rumple's Wiggin, Nubar Lavender, OPI Do You Lilac It, Essence No More Drama, Essie Lilacism, Illamasqua Wink,  & China Glaze Light As Air. (To view my past NOTD of this polish, click here.)

Essie Mint Candy Apple is a creamy pale/pastel, mint green. The formula is pretty good. It's opaque and looks great with two coats. It applies very well & dries pretty quickly between coats.

Some other great shades similar to this are Revlon Minted, China Glaze Refresh Mint, Barry M Mint Green, Chanel Jade, Maybelline Express Finish in Minty & Sally Hansen X-Treme Wear in Mint Sorbet. (To view my past NOTD of this polish, click here)

Love & Beauty Light Orange is a creamy light orange/vibrant peach. Love & Beauty Nail Polishes are sometimes a hit or miss, but this one has a great opaque, non-streaky formula.

Some other great shades similar to this are China Glaze Peachykeen & Illamasqua Purity.

Revlon Top Speed Cupid is a creamy vibrant pinked lilac. Formula is great, and is opaque with two coats. This is not only a favorite "Spring" shade, but it's one of my absolute favorites.

As of right now, I don't know any other shades that are very similar to this one. If you know of any dupes, let me know in the comments below! (To view my past NOTD of this polish, click here)

Orly Cotton Candy is a creamy, warm toned baby pink. The formula is okay with this one, I'm sure mine is old now and needs replacing. It's my favorite color in nail polish form - but I wish the staying power was a little better. It seems to peel pretty quickly.

Some similar shades are Revlon Perfect Pink and Sinful Colors Beautiful Girl, although they aren't perfect dupes. (To view my past NOTD of this polish, click here)

Left to Right: Revlon Scented Gumdrop, Essie Mint Candy Apple, Love & Beauty Light Orange, Revlon Top Speed Cupid & Orly Cotton Candy.

If you know any dupes for these shades, let me know in the comments below! Also let me know what your favorite polishes are for the Spring/Summer!


  1. Easter candy colors, pretty!
    Everytime I go to Ulta to get Essie's "Mint Candy Apple", they never have it.

    xo $ARMIN

  2. Great colors for spring and summer! I have Cotton Candy and in looove with it!

  3. I bought Mint Candy Apple last year and didn't really like it, but it's been growing on me a lot this year! The color is a definite must for this spring/summer

  4. I almost bought Gum Drop in the summer but I never got around to it since its scented. But now that I see the color on I regret not getting it!

  5. Love your picks and that they are drugstore obtainable. Off to make my shopping list! Thank you so much!

  6. I want all the colours!! They are so pretty :D The revlon cupid one is gorg, I need one in my collection x

  7. i agree about the gum drop shade. its a pain to apply but its a little worth it specially since it smells so good :)

  8. Wonderful colours! I was never able to find essie mint candy apple here ;(

  9. Orlon cotton candy is very nice *__*

  10. i'm loving this, especially the essie mint candy apple. i went to CVS yesterday and i was so bummed they didn't have that. thanks for sharing!

  11. Not much of a nail polish girl - but seeing these colors make me want to get some more!

  12. I love your top spring 5 :) Mint Candy Apple is definitely a must have shade, too bad I don't have it! :P

  13. Mint candy Apple looks gorgeous! I have Revlon Minted which looks similar (:

  14. I have a love/hate relationship with Revlon's polishes. The colors are super pretty, but a bit of a pain to apply.

    Orly's Cotton Candy is so me! I've never tried anything from their line, but I'd like to!

    Have you ever tried Essie's Van D'Go? It'd look great against your skin tone!


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