Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Look at Various Revlon Lashes + Lots of Photos & My Thoughts About Them! (Very Pic Heavy)

Revlon contacted me a few weeks ago and asked if I'd be interested in trying out some of their false eyelashes. I of course accepted, as I've always been a bit curious about them every time I spot them at Walmart or other drugstores.

There are three different categories of Revlon false eyelashes. There is Beyond Natural, Runway and Fantasy Lengths. All three types do not include glue, so you will need to purchase it separately. But! Fantasy Lengths has an option of self-adhesive (no glue needed), great for those who struggle with using lash glue.

In this post, I'll be sharing with you my thoughts about the lashes I've tested from each category. As well as, my thoughts about Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive.

Revlon Beyond Natural Professional Lashes
(#91169 Long Volumizing & #91170 Dramatic 3X Volume)
Revlon Beyond Natural Professional Eyelashes
Revlon Beyond Natural Professional Eyelashes #91169 & #91170
Revlon Beyond Natural Professional Eyelashes #91169 & #91170
Beyond Natural Eyelashes are available in (3) different styles. They are synthetic and handmade. I tested #91169 Long Volumizing &amp & #91170 Dramatic 3X Volume. Style #91170 are medium in length and are very thick. There are a few layers of lashes combined at different lengths to make the lashes appear fuller, darker and natural. Even though these are thick and synthetic, I found them easy to bend and apply. They are not "plastic" or stiff feeling, and without close inspection, I would of thought these were human hair. The particular style though, is not my preference. I prefer longer, less thick false lashes. I found these to be slightly uncomfortable on my lids. But, if you are use to wearing thicker lashes, you won't have a problem with these. Style #91169 are long and voluminous. I think they are the perfect length and thickness, so they won't "scream" fake lashes. These are extremely light weight and conform to the shape of your eye with little to no effort. Think of ELF lashes - very lightweight, pliable and comfortable on the eyes. I personally love this style and it's the style I would typically wear. I want to compare them to Ardell 105's or 111's in thickness - but they are completely different in length/shape.

Revlon Runway Professional Lashes 
(#91202 Smokey Glamour)
Revlon Runway Professional Eyelashes
Revlon Runway Professional Lashes #91202
Revlon Runway Professional Lashes #91202
 Revlon Runway Lashes are available in (2) different styles. Like Beyond Natural, these lashes are also synthetic & handmade. I put #91202 Smokey Glamour to the test. Style #91202 are fairly long in length & pack mild volume. They are the ultimate "flirty" lashes and on the eyes look incredibly natural. They may look like "IN YOUR FACE" lashes in the box, but because of the thin, almost invisible ends, they look like your real lashes. These lashes are actually two thin sets of criss-crossed lashes layered on top of each other. Although the actual lashes are lightweight, because of the "layering" of the lashes, the band is twice as thick as a regular pair of lashes. The thick band requires a little extra work getting it onto your lid. Although these didn't bother me, I did feel them on my lids while I was wearing them. I would recommend this style to more advanced false lash wearers, as the band may feel uncomfortable to beginners.

Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes (self adhesive)
(#99500 Intensifying)
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Professional Eyelashes (self adhesive)
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Professional Eyelashes #99500
Revlon Fantasy Lengths Professional Eyelashes #99500
Revlon Fantasy Lengths False Eyelashes (self adhesive) are available in (4) different styles. I tried out #99500 Intensifying. Style #99500 are medium to long in length and have a mixture of shorter lashes for a more natural appearance. They are self-adhesive, requiring no glue. So I figured, "Pft, yeah.. self adhesive.. whatever that means." I remember purchasing lashes in high school that claimed to be "self adhesive" and the glue wouldn't adhere after putting it on my eyelids. I would try to avoid wind, blinking - MOVEMENT for that matter, as I didn't want to end up with one of my eye lashes sitting on the top of my cheek and the other one raised up to my eyebrow. Well, I'm very pleased to say that Revlon mastered "self adhesive" lashes. The glue is incredibly sticky, and (smart) they included a plastic applicator to ensure you will stick them to your lash line, and not your lashes. They also include one extra pair of self adhesive strips so you can use the lashes again. I found these to be comfortable, and no budging - YAY!

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive
Product Info: 
-Ultra thin brush allows for precise application on entire lash band or even the corners of lashes.
-Saves time! Easy to apply with no hassle.
-No need for extra application tool (such as cotton swab or brush) to apply onto lash band.
-Easy touch-up anytime, anywhere.
-Convenient and purse friendly. Waterproof & Latex Free 
(info courtesy of 

I was actually eyeballing this glue for a while, but I never purchased it because I was afraid it wasn't going to live up to my DUO adhesive. What I love about this product, is the packaging... *Angels singing*. I think I need a moment of silence. Finally, a non squeeze tube adhesive, that delivers! I don't know about you, but I've been applying false lashes for around 5 years now and I still manage to get my lash adhesive everywhere. I KID YOU NOT, I have ruined several handbags with leaky tubes, ruined my bedsheets with lash adhesive stains, ruined my carpet with lash adhesive, ruined my beloved MAC 187 b/c it leaked into the bristles.. the list goes on. Those tubes just scandalously, BLOB the product out. And, if you're out to dinner and excuse yourself to "powder your nose", and notice your lashes are falling off, it's not so easy & convenient to add more glue. You'll have to squirt it out on a clean surface or gently squeeze it so it doesn't go everywhere, and use a thin tool to apply glue to the area. Pain in the bee-hind. Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive makes all of that history. It's a small tube with a thin, slightly dense brush applicator to apply the product to the lashes in a thin, even band. You can pop it in your bag with no worries and quickly touch up at any time. No blobs, no explosions. The product itself had a thin, milky texture - much more "watery" in texture than Ardell, Modlash or Duo. The color is a fluorescent white, that almost looks blue, and dries clear. No fishy smell with this adhesive.. it actually smells exactly like a fresh can of paint. Don't worry though, it doesn't linger. From what I've noticed is that it sticks very well, but I can't say for sure how long lasting it is, because I haven't tested it throughout the day. I will keep you updated.

Each style on my eyes (no mascara added to the false lashes)

Revlon false eyelashes sell for an average of $4-6 a pair. They are usually $1-2 more expensive than Ardell/Modlash. They can be found where ever Revlon is sold. I've spotted them at my local CVS, Walgreens, Wal-mart & Target for an average of $5.99.

Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post were provided by Revlon for consideration. I am in no way affiliated with Revlon. All of my opinions about the products mentioned are 100% honest, as always.


  1. I love revlons false lashes, look fab on you xx

  2. They look great, really natural!

  3. Those lashes look awesome!

  4. I tried the revlon self adhesive lashes, but the corners did not stick well and kept popping up. You did not have this problem? I do love revlons lashes though.

  5. I have tried the Intensifying ones and I loved them. I actually always use the Revlon glue because the stuff that comes with my Ardell lashes just isn't as good. My lashes have never peeled off during the night when I have used it. They are great cheaper alternatives to the more expensive lashes around. Great post! x

  6. Awesome post Natalie, totally informative!! You're my go-to-girl for false lash info!

  7. That 'fishy ' smell is latex. I know this because I've dealt with liquid latex for bald caps and latex aging. The bottle smells the exact same, icky icky icky. I am so glad there seems to be a good latex free lash glue out there, thanks for the great review.

  8. i love the smokey glamour lashes!!

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