Saturday, December 8, 2012

Cinema Secrets Friends & Family Sale Coming Soon!

Cinema Secrets Friends & Family Sale

Cinema Secrets will be hosting their Friends and Family Sale from Wednesday, December 12th through the 19th. Use the code: FF25 at checkout to receive 25% off your order! Now is a great time to try some goodies from the popular special effects makeup brand.

I've only tried the Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation, Foudation Palette & Moisture Spray, so I can't really comment on any of their other products, but the Ultimate Foundation is great. Although I don't find it ideal for every day, it makes the skin look flawless, and it photographs really well.

I like pairing the Ultimate Foundation with a silicone based primer and a light dusting of a setting powder and my skin will look airbrushed for hours. Because it's a cream-based foundation, I can start to really feel it on my face after 4-5 hours, and by the end of the day I can't wait to wash my face. Of course results may vary, and if you're use to cream foundations, it might not bother you. I like to save it for the holidays or occasions when I know I'll be in lots of photos.

Also, because it's a fairly full coverage foundation, you don't really need to use it all over the face. Sometimes I'll just buff a little over areas that need extra coverage.

Also, the palettes are great to have in your makeup artist kit!

Here's an older photo of me wearing Cinema Secrets Ultimate Foundation in shade #302A, which is equivalent to the MAC NC30 coloring. (click for full-size)


  1. I have never even heard of Cinema Secrets! Am I just super un-hip?? lol

  2. Hi, Natalie! I just recently stumbled upon your blog and am really enjoying your posts. I have a crazy do you get your bangs to lay so smoothly and cover so much of your forehead? I've always worn bangs, but struggle with getting them to look as beautiful as yours. Maybe you have a much smaller forehead than I do, but that's exactly how I'd like for mine to look. Any suggestions would be appreciated. thank you!

  3. You are beautiful!! I love all the posts.

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