Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Camera Chatter (recommendations?) and a couple new MAC eyeshadows added to my collection

Hey Everyone!

Happy April! I hope your week is going by smoothly - If you follow me on Twitter, a few days ago my camera spontaneously stopped working. It was a pretty decent camera, but I was having problems with it right after I purchased it. I'm almost positive it was a defective camera. Anyhow, it doesn't turn on now, so I'll be resorting to using my old camera (which seems ancient and is incredibly bulky) for the time being.

If anyone can recommend a good camera, I'm all ears. A DSLR isn't quite in my budget right now, so for the time being, I'll need a pretty good point-and-shoot camera. I've got my eyes on the Nikon Coolpix L120 or the slightly more expensive Nikon Coolpix P500. I like the fact that they have a great amount of zoom in comparison to other point-and-shoot cameras, which is great for product photos. If anyone has any experience with either model, I'd love to hear your opinion about them.

Onto makeup, shall we?

Alright, so, MAC Shadows. To de-pot or not to de-pot. That is the question. To be quite honest, it wasn't until recently I decided to depot all of my MAC eyeshadows. I always thought that maybe some day I'd regret de-potting them, so I always kept them in their little black pots. Well, keeping them in the pot is nifty and all, but I realized I wasn't getting much use out of any of my MAC shadows, and I was reaching for them less and less, and using my eyeshadow palettes more and more. Now I reach for my MAC palette almost every day and I've been getting much more use out of my shadows. It's only now that I see my shadows in palette-form that I feel like I'm missing quite a few essential colors - a couple being Woodwinked and Soba.

Have you gone the route of de-potting your MAC eyeshadows?
I can't decide. Maybe one day.

I'm sure some of you MAC fanatics won't believe I've never owned either of those colors, but it wasn't really until a year ago I started wearing eyeshadow every day. Yep! I've always been a foundation, blush, mascara and liner type of girl that only wore shadow on special occasions. Now I barely ever go without it!

 MAC Woodwinked and Soba

Woodwinked (veluxe pearl) is described as a warm, antique gold. If you're a lover of brown and gold, you will love this shadow. Although it's not a very unique shade, it's a must-have color in your neutral and/or warm palette. Some of MAC shadows are a hit or miss pigmentation and texture-wise, and this particular shadow is a surefire win. It's super soft and intensely pigmented.

Soba (satin) is described as a golden brown with (barely existent) gold shimmer. I have lots of brown eyeshadow, but none that are quite as warm-yellow toned as Soba. Soba may not seem like anything special, but on my light skintone, it works as a great wash of light, golden brown across my lids. I'll just pop a darker color in my crease, add some liner, and done! Bear in mind that it's a very subtle shade, and may now show up very well on darker skintones. For those with medium-dark skintones, it can work well as a blending shade to soften the edges of a deeper brown shadow.

MAC Woodwinked and Soba Eyeshadows

Swatches of Soba and Woodwinked

What are some of your essential MAC eyeshadows? I'm itching to pick up a few more shades.

Price: $15 each, MAC.


  1. I think I just might have to purchase Soba next time I'm at the mall. Thanks for the swatches!

  2. I have both of these! I used woodwinked ALL the time! Such a good shadow. Gotta admit though ive never used my soba! :( Doesnt seem to suit me. x


  3. Gorgeous shades doll..thinking I may need to make a trip to MAC soon.
    Sara xx http://beautifulworldoflennynb.blogspot.ca/

  4. I have them both !I don't use Woodwinked so often cause its a little bit too metallic for my taste. I love Soba though,such a pretty color :) My favorites are : Warming Trend,Patina,Naked Lunch,Satin Taupe and Cork :)

  5. I dont own any mac shadows. I have so many already and most are Urban decay...Im not planning on getting anymore eyeshadows soon lol

  6. Soba is such interesting brown--- it almost looks mustard-y. It looks like the two would make a good match. I think it's the perfect time of year to start wearing more golden colors :)

  7. I love wood winked! I also really like tempting and mythology.

  8. Woodwinked is stunning !


  9. I recently got a Canon G12 and I absolutely love it. It was between that and the Nikon P500 for me but in the end the decider for me was the G12 has a flip out screen (perfect for FOTDs) and better macro (1cm). Check out this site, you put in names of 2 cameras and it tells which which one's better and why http://snapsort.com/compare

    Oh and as for MAC, i've depotted all of mine. I'm all about space saving for me and putting in a palette works best.

    Good luck with the cameras!


  10. I love Woodwinked! But I've never really paid a second glance at Soba. I'd love to see you do a look with it to help me decide whether I should definitely check it out! ;)

  11. I have woodwiked and I really like it! the color is perfecto give a nice gold warm color to your look! thanks for sharing!

  12. Both colors are great. I LOVE Ricepaper.

  13. My favorites are Expensive Pink, Beauty Marked, and Ricepaper. :)

  14. woodwinked is beautiful !!!


  15. Both of those colours are beautiful!


  16. I've only purchased one eye shadow by MAC it's called Tempting which is a bronzey brown color, which I think compliments my brown eyes. Love it. It's quite similar to Woodwinked imo, but I'm constantly hearing about Woodwinked in the blogging world, that and Rice paper....

  17. Woodwinked is gorgeous. It's one of my most-used colors.
    I've depotted all but two of my MAC shadows. One is a soft brown and one is a green shade (LE, so I don't know their names) and I travel with them all the time, which is why I never depot them. Otherwise, I must prefer having all my shadows in palettes.

  18. My favorites are Satin Taupe, Cork, and Woodwinked!


  19. Those are very pretty colors

  20. I think I'm gonna pick up Woodwinked :))

  21. Those are beautiful swatches. I don't own any MAC eyeshadows, but I say depot everything! I just personally like to consolidate everything.
    In fact, I think I want to depot the shadows from my UD Book of Shadows IV and throw away the box it came in. Pretty box...but waste of space. =\

  22. I've never depotted my eyeshadows, but like yourself-I've never been a big eyeshadow person. All my MAC shadows I inherited (a huge perk!) from several friends who are MAC artists'.

  23. I've saved up for either the Canon Rebel t3i or the t4i (which should be announced midmonth.) I've heard a lot of good things about them - but I'ven ever had a Nikon myself. As for the shadows - Woodwinked was one of my first shadows and I have to admit i'm a fan. But i'm way too scared to depot it!

  24. Oh Gosh I got to have Woodwinked..!! Simply adorable..♥ I have the Canon camera and I think it's easier than the Nikons, ( maybe just because I'm blonde I dont know x))
    I'm your follower for probably a couple of months and Now I'm blogging as well.. and I would be very very happy if you just take a second and take a look at my blog..=)
    Lots of love from Germany