Friday, December 18, 2009

Small MAC Haul! (Creme Cup Lipstick, Like Venus Dazzleglass)

I bought a few things at my recent trip to MAC. I didn't end up getting any of what I came for, but I did get a couple goodies that have been on my wish list forever! I was going through the lipsticks, picking out all of the colors I already owned.. lol and then I picked up "Creme Cup", a color I've been wanting for a really long time but never really had the chance to view it in person. I didn't know it was a Cremesheen, which made me extremely iffy, because I do not like the Cremesheen formula at all. All of my Cremesheens have broke.. Either completely smashed, have slanted or melted. It's not like a Glaze or Luster that goes on smooth.. you have to apply a little pressure to get the color on your lips (at least for me) and you can't apply too much pressure otherwise your lipstick will tilt. Anyway, I took a chance and got it. AND, I purchased "Like Venus" Dazzleglass. I also dislike dazzleglass because they run out so quickly and the color doesn't stay on your lips very long, but I thought paired with Creme Cup, it would be very pretty.

I really like Creme Cup. It reminds me of a more intense "Hue". It's a very "wearable" pink. And it is really hard for me to find a wearable every day pink. I don't like pinks that are too cool (have too much of a blue or purple tone to it). I like my pink to be slightly warm, and this one is. :)

Left: Bare Lips with Creme Cup
Right: Creme Cup w/ Like Venus over it

Also, I purchased another bottle of Mineralize Satinfinish Foundation in NC37. I'm a NC40 in Fix Fluid, but NC40 in Satinfinish goes on a tad too orangey for me. NC37 works great. I love this foundation on my more natural days when I want my skin to look radiant and glowing.

And last but not least, I purchased the 224 brush! Ever since I saw pixiwoo using this as a concealer brush, I wanted it. I don't like the regular concealer brush that much that just smears it under your eyes, and I don't like applying concealer with my fingers because my nails are so long and my concealer will end up in my nails (yuck!) Sooo, I am very happy I bought this. This brush is amazing.. it's definitely one of my new favorite brushes. It applies my concealer flawlessly and buffs it into my skin so perfect. It's very dense and it doesn't smoosh or bend during application. It's very sturdy. I absolutely love it. Well worth the $28 in my opinion. You can use it for so many things too.. you can use it to highlight areas on your face.. blend your shadows, contour your nose, etc.

That's all for my MAC haul!


  1. I usually prefer my pinks to be a little on the cool side, but I love what you got! It's so pretty!

    Pixiwoo is amaaazing! I'm glad you were able to pick up the 224. I've got the 217 on my brush wish list!

  2. looks like a god shopping trip!
    i want the MAC lipstick it looks gorgeous xo

  3. Wow I really like the Cremecup!! Looks gorgeous on you!! Ive purchased 2 Boy Bait Cremesheen glosses and they run out REALLY quick, and for like $40 I think thats way steep! BUt theyre just so gorgeous! x

  4. Cremecup has been on my wishlist FOREVER. I've been waiting to get one more empty for B2M and then I was going to pick it up. It looks soo pretty. Is it similar to Angel? I've seen swatches of the two and sometimes they look pretty damn close. Excited to read your new posts!

  5. I have been curious about Satinfinish ever since Alpha Blonde did a review on it. I have also had Creme Cup on my lust list for months now. I will be interested to see what you think of Nars Albatross in your future post, it's without a doubt the best powder highlighter I own. I use it almost every day!

  6. LOVE the lipstick! I really need to invest in the 224. Is there much of a difference between the 222 and 224?

  7. Nice haul! I also don't like the Cremesheen formula. I LOVE Ravishing but it's a cremesheen and has become all tilted and is probably going to break soon. Makes me hesitant to buy any more Cremesheens.

  8. Ah...Creme Cup! This is on my wishlist as well...! But so many lipsticks to try, so little time! Lol!
    Must make a mental note to pick this up at some point!
    Lovely haul! :)


  9. Creme cup looks like the perfect everyday color. I usually stick to clear gloss since I never have much luck with lipsticks.
    Have you tried the large eye shadow blender brush from Sonia Kashuk? I think it would be a pretty good dupe to the MAC 224. The SK maybe be a tad bit larger, but I think it's worth looking into. I love it for blending out shadows and applying concealer and I've never had a single hair shed on me since it's first wash :)