Monday, December 21, 2009

Rant: snow, snow go away.

I dread the winters in Chicago.

Q: Why do I dislike the winter?
A: I don't like being cold (unless its summertime and I have the A/C blasting), I always slip on the ice and hurt myself (This happened twice already), I always get sick (I've been sick for a consecutive two months now), Waking up and its still dark outside, Brushing the ice and snow off my car that accumulated through the night, warming up my car for 10+ freezing cold minutes, driving under the speed limit so my car doesn't do a 360, Leaving work and its dark outside,

And I can't take product pictures!!!! As you may notice, I take all of my product pictures outside to get the most accurate colors, clarity, etc. Soo, I went in my backyard like usual and snapped some pictures of the NARS blushes in the previous post.. and I could no longer feel my hands. And since we don't have many hours of sunlight, it makes it twice as hard. *sigh*

This is what my backyard looks like. And no, I didn't make this picture black and white. That's how lifeless it is outside. lol

oh well.

George + Natty <3


  1. dont forget the wind =/ ..i was out all day today and the cold wind killsssss lol

  2. :( Come swap places with me LOL. Here in Phoenix it's still warm enough to walk around with just a thin jacket on @__@

  3. It's SO cold here in Washington. The wind is driving me nuts!

    I'm sorry you've been sick so much! I have been too! I can't believe you've slipped on ice twice. Are you okay now?

    I love what you wrote in the snow! That's super sweet.


  4. Hate the winter...but I HAVE to have snow for the holidays. Everyone I know is never fails I'm sick for the holidays.

    Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year Natty!

    Maybe George will be buying you an engagement ring for Christmas ;) hehe. I hope you enjoy your holidays and feel better soon!

  5. We had snow for ONE day here in Texas and I nearly pissed my pants. LOL. My boyfriend and I were in the backyard taking pictures and he wanted me to do snow angels. I told him no because the dogs poop in the backyard and I wasn't about to dive into a yard full of poopsicles. NO THANKS!

  6. Same here, the days are so daggon short! I leave the house when it's dark, I leave work when it's dark. It's cold, below freezing and we got a blizzard this past weekend (22 inches), that must be nothing for Chi-town peeps. I wanna go back to Vegas again...I was out at the pool in 117 degree weather (and loved it, lol).