Thursday, January 5, 2012

Zoya 2 FREE 2012 Promotion!


If you're a fan of Zoya polishes, or have always wanted to give Zoya polishes a try, now is a good time! Every once in a while Zoya has some really sweet offers, and I think this one is pretty awesome.

From now through 1/9/2012 11:59 PM ET, Zoya is going to let you try any* 2 bottles of Zoya Nail Polish for FREE on ZOYA.COM. All you pay is the standard shipping charges ($6.95). For reference, the price of one bottle of Zoya polish is $8.

As a bonus, you can purchase an additional $25 or more of Zoya or Qtica products and get FREE Shipping Too!..Bonus!


*Promotion Excludes True & Fleck Effect Collection Colors

For swatches, special offers and Zoya news, check out their official blog: (No affiliation)

I don't splurge too often on pricey nail polishes, mainly because I get bored of shades easily. So, if I only use a polish once, I won't feel guilty if it was only a couple of dollars. ;)

(Top left: Shay, Right: Jolene. Bottom left: Yara, Right: Neeka)

Narrowing it down between these so far... 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick Review, Photos and Swatches!

illamasqua fable

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick

Illamasqua Fable Lipstick ($22) is described as a matte, bubble gum pink on the Sephora website, and a bright, rose pink on the Illamasqua website. It's for sure bright, in a pastel sort of way. It has a warm undertone, as it leans slightly coral rather than purple or blue. I can't really call it a bubble-gum pink, because in my opinion, a bubblegum pink would be like a bright, neutral or slightly cool pink. Fable is more of a bright, pastel flamingo pink or salmon pink.

Anyway, Fable is a shade I knew I would love because I seem to have a fascination with warm pinks that have a hint of peach or coral. They just seem to suit me the best, especially when I'm sporting a tan.

I'm a big fan of Illamasqua's lipsticks, even though I've only owned one prior; Illamasqua Obey, which is one of my favorites. All of the shades are packed with pigment in one swipe. In fact, most of Illamasqua's products have amazing pigmentation, which makes me so sad it's so hard to find in the US! I want to do some swatching! *sigh*

illamasqua fable lipstick

The only bad thing I can say about this lipstick, which is usually the case with light colored matte lipsticks, is that it can accentuate any dryness present on your lips. To avoid having shriveled lips, apply a generous layer of lip balm prior to application of the lipstick. If you're not a fan of the matte finish, pop a little lip gloss on top!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Jewelming Madison Avenue Ring Review with Lots of Photos!

jewelming madison avenue ring

 Jewelmint Madison Avenue Ring

I promised you all there wouldn't be any more Jewelmint posts until January, and you got it! I received my January piece a little early - a few days after Christmas and I've been wearing it just about every day since. It has quickly become my "go-to" ring for every day.

It's available in one color, silver, which is slightly oxidized for an "aged" look, with a row of 10 sparkly gray crystals running through the center. The design is inspired by 1920's Art Deco, where such designs have been spotted on the runway by high end designers, such as Gucci and Ralph Lauren. It has an antique feel to it, yet it also looks very modern. It's a ring that can be dressed up or down and will go well with anything.

jewelmint madison avenue ring
As far as the sizing goes, my ring finger is a 6. It's an absolute perfect fit. There is no struggle to put it on or take it off, and by the end of the day it still sits on my finger secure without feeling loose. The only thing is, it doesn't fit on any of my other fingers. I can't even get it half-way down my pointer finger or middle finger on the same hand. My opposite hand (my right) is slightly larger; my ring finger is around a 6.25 to a 6.50 and I can't get it past my knuckle. If the band was shaped normally, it would fit, but because it's a square, it's a tighter fit. If you're a very true 6, 7 or 8, I'd recommend going with your size. But, for those with half or quarter sizes, I'd recommend going one size up. If you have large knuckles, you may have a problem with the fit of this ring, and I'd highly recommend ordering a size up.

It's a really comfortable ring and doesn't ever seem to get in the way or bother me when I'm typing on the keyboard or going about my day.

Illamasqua Indulge Intense Lipgloss Review, Photos and Swatches!

illamasqua indulge intense lipgloss

Illamasqua Indulge Intense Lipgloss

Illamasqua Indulge Intense Lipgloss ($20) is a bright hot pink, highly pigmented and non-sticky full coverage lipgloss with a super glossy finish.

In the tube this shade looks a little deeper - almost like a slightly reddened neon pink. But once applied to the lips, the shade is a lighter, milky neon pink. Think Betsey Johnson or Barbie pink.

I've been wanting to try Illamasqua's Intense Lipglosses for what seems like forever. I always imagined they would be like a toned down & more moisturizing version of OCC Lip Tars. What sealed the deal was seeing Temptalia's reviews for them over and over in bright, gorgeous hues, which of course built up my "need" for them even more.

The formula is a little thick and gooey, but not sticky. It feels nice on the lips, and has good lasting power because of the thicker texture. It has very good pigmentation for a gloss, so a lot of product isn't necessary. I've found when I applied too much, it looked thick on my lips, felt heavy and even ended up on my front teeth - not a pretty sight! A few drops is all you need.