Thursday, October 24, 2013

NARS Brow Perfector Review, Photos and Swatches!

NARS Caucase Brow Perfector

NARS Brow Perfector

NARS Brow Perfector ($22) is described as a "velvety" adjustable eyebrow pencil for creating slender to full brows. The pencil applies with smooth precision and ease. The tip has a unique oval shape for precise application and varying brow widths. The result is natural and long-lasting.

NARS Brow Perfector is available in (4) shades: Salzbourg (blonde), Kalamata (light brown), Caucase (brown) and Suriname (black).

My eyebrows are dark brown, and I opted with the shade Caucase. It's slightly lighter in color than my natural brows, but it works well. I could have chosen the darkest shade Suriname, as even though it's described as black, it's actually a dark brown (See Temptalia's Review).

NARS Caucase Brow Perfector

The consistency of the pencil is very stiff and dry at first. You have to break it in a little bit after the first use and it will warm up the product in order for it to apply better. It's like a very waxy crayon - the best comparison would probably be the Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil ($8), but it's much stiffer. Same waxy consistency though and similar color payoff.

The color payoff is never really completely opaque, so if you have a lot of shaping to do, or if you have coarse, sparse brows, I wouldn't really recommend this pencil. This pencil doesn't create smooth, fluid lines, and you have to continuously make small passes over areas to build the coverage. For those such as myself, I need an opaque product that will provide clean, crisp lines to shape my brows and then I can go in with something lighter and more natural to shade them in. This is a great product for that. It's also great for those who have minor filling in to do, or those with fine brow hairs that need to do some light filling in.

The result is really natural, which is something I really like. They don't look harsh or obviously filled in. Also, the waxy texture really holds the brow hairs in place, so I don't find a brow gel/finisher necessary. It also doesn't fade, smear or budge the entire day.

NARS Caucase Brow Perfector

NARS Caucase Brow Perfector applied to my brows
NARS Caucase applied to my brows. As you can see, the result is very soft and natural with no harsh lines. It is slightly too light for my brows.

NARS Brow Perfector Swatches and Comparisons
Swatches from left to right: NARS Brow Perfector in Caucase (one layer), NARS Brow Perfector in Caucase (multiple layers), MAC Lingering Eye Brows Retractable Pencil, MAC Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow and MAC Cork Eyeshadow.

In comparison to the other products, NARS Caucase has a grayer undertone, whereas the others have warmer golden undertones. It resembles Charcoal Brown a little bit, but it is lighter.

I like this product, but I don't think I'll be repurchasing it. I prefer something with a finer tip, like MAC Eye Brows ($16) for very precise work and something with a touch more pigment.

What are you currently using on your brows? I'm thinking of giving Anastasia Brow Wiz a try. It seems like everyone is using it. 

The Round-Up

  • Light, soft, natural color
  • Very natural matte finish with no harsh lines
  • Hard formula is effective so it doesn't deposit too much product at once
  • Long-lasting - doesn't budge all day
  • Won't provide thin, crisp/clean lines for those who have lots of shaping to do 
  • You have to make several passes over the same area for even coverage
  • Never reaches opaque color
Price: $22,


  1. I like the softness of the shade however for me the nib is a little oversized. The colour is great though!

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  2. currently i am loving the milani cosmetics eyebrow pencil

  3. Oh this would suit my brows perfect, great review Hun. I usually use mac lingering.
    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  4. I love it, such a perfect colour and the shape of the of the stick is really good xxx
    Life of Verity

  5. I'm using the Tarte EmphasEyes High Defintion Brow Pencil and I love it... the spoolie on the opposite end is perfect.

  6. Not a huge fan of the way this eyebrow pencil sounds. I love Almays eyebrow pencil, it's amazing and doesn't cost a but load of money!

  7. Anastasia Brow Wiz is hands down the best brow pencil I've ever tried and I've tried them all! I used to use MAC Lingering or MUFE Brow Corrector but they just don't compare. Def recommend!

  8. What shadows are u wearing in the snapshot above? Beautiful combo!

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