Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in Pink Frosting.

Maybelline Pink Frosting Dream Mousse Blush

• Air-whipped mousse blush feels satin-soft on skin, glides on smoothly, and blends easily for seamless color and a natural finish
• Long-wearing formula provides luminous, long-lasting color on cheeks without clogging pores

With your fingertips, pat a small amount of blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Use feathery strokes to blend gently from your cheekbones to your temples. To build color intensity, apply more blush.

* For application, I much better prefer a (synthetic) duo-fiber brush such as the MAC 188 or Coastal Scents Tapered Duo Fiber Brush, although fingers can also be used.

Pink Frosting is a light pink that's a little bit on the cool side, with a scatter of fine, golden shimmer.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Blushes have a velvety soft, light and airy, whipped mousse texture that melts seamlessly into the skin. They can be applied in a thin layer for a soft wash of color, or they can be built with several layers for your desired look. I usually build up 2-3 very sheer layers for a pretty wash of pink on my cheeks.

Why choose a cream blush over a powder? 
Cream blushes tend to give a boost of luminosity, dewiness and a fresher finish to the skin that a powder blush can't. Anyone could use cream blush, but the most beneficial skin type is for those with dry skin. Those with dry skin may find that powder blush makes their skin look dull, ashy or dry, because they're adding dry on top of dry. A cream blush will add moisture to the skin and keep the cheeks from looking dull. Very oily skin types are typically the least beneficial, as the excess oils will cause the blush to fade much quicker. You can also layer blushes for superior lasting power. Just apply a thin layer of creme blush and apply a sweep of a similar color powder blush over top!

Some cream blushes can be a bit tricky to apply. Some can be really thick or sticky, giving a blotchy end result. But, the mousse texture of the Maybelline blush really makes blending a synch.

Here's a close-up of Pink Frosting on my cheek. You can see that it looks very natural and radiant. It does contain shimmer, but it's not obnoxious. For personal preference though, the next time I pick up another shade, I will probably choose another shade sans shimmer. (BTW, do you see those sun spots!? I'm in need of a good sunscreen. Rec any??)

The lasting power is pretty average. It will fade a little bit by the end of the day, so I like to apply it a little heavier in the morning. Or, I'll sometimes I'll add a thin layer of powder blush over top - Something like Bobbi Brown Pale Pink, MAC Coygirl or MAC Dame. 

Really happy with the overall performance of the blush, and I can't wait to try other shades! Have any favorites? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. That's really pretty! Have you ever tried the foundation? I've been wanting to get it.

  2. I saw this on sale last week at my local Rite Aid I should have gotten it. It looks very lovely on you.
    Have tryed the Maybelline Dream Mousse Foundation?

  3. This looks so pretty on you! I really want to try one of these blushes!

  4. I agree! So pretty! I love dream mousse line. One of Maybelline's finest products.


  5. You are absolutely stunning and flawless! Thank you for this review, this looks beautiful on you.

    I noticed you have perfect, pearly white teeth. If you use any teeth whitening products would you do a review on those?

    Thank you and I hope you are doing much better! Keep smiling :-)

  6. I used to use this blush all the time and I loved it, but since I tend to put too much blush on, and because my skin isn't dry, I decided that powder blushes do better for me.

    I also loved the dream mousse concealer, but they discontinued it. :(

  7. Looks so pretty on you. Thanks for the review.


  8. That's a really pretty color on you. You look fab! Your hair is so dark- love the color!

  9. I definitely recommend the Nuetrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch 55+, I use it everyday, rain or sunshine! I don't want to be older and regret not wearing sunscreen everyday): I put it on after my moisturizer every morning, its not greasy and it dries up super quick on your skin :) !

  10. I love cream blushes in the fall time!! :) looks really pretty on you I have this same one and never remember to pull it out.

    xo Jenn


  11. I have that same blush but in a different colour. :) perfect for finishing touch to my make-up ;) xoxo

  12. I love Beyond Belief spf15 vitamin c moisturizer from Sally's. I also love the dream mouse bronzers as blush. Their really pretty for a glowy sun kissed blusher.

  13. You look gorgeous Natalie!! love the color on you! your skin always looks flawless! <3


  14. The swatch looks so bright and pigmented, surprisingly it still looks natural on your cheeks

  15. Where did you get that jacket and scarf?! I'm in love!!

  16. Looks gorgeous on you (as everything usually does)! I've never used a cream blush due to breakouts on cheeks but this looks like it might work if I use a brush instead of fingers. Def. am giving the dream mousse a try. Thanks again for great recommendations :)


  17. If you can, get Coffee Cake! It's a dupe of Dior Aurora (LE) :)

  18. after i saw that my sister owned one of these i debated purchasing one but since then I've been seeing them everywhere. I won't pass on buying next time i see them!

  19. looks nice on you!


  20. the mousse foundation and eyeshadows are amazing too.. try them :)


  21. ..where can I buy this one?

  22. Cetaphil Moisturizers with SPF!!! :) Also, which dream mousse blush would you recommend; Rose Petal, or Pink Frosting? I have fair-light skintone! :) Thanks!