Sunday, May 23, 2010

Great Handbags at ALDO!

Aldo has a great selection of sale and clearance handbags! I walked in the other day and almost walked out with 10 different handbags. But, I pulled myself together and purchased just one. since I'm TRYING (yes.. it is necessary to emphasize the word trying.. LOL) to be on a budget (considering.. I technically should/have to be on a budget) Well, that's all besides the point.

I never knew Aldo had such cute bags!? The sale bags are mostly $30 and under. As for the clearance bags, they are mostly $20 and under. Sweet deals! These bags are synthetic, but many of the styles have that soft glove leather appearance/texture.. and look like real leather.

Their non-sale bags are just as cute and aren't very expensive either. They mostly range from $40-$45.

I purchased this little drawstring bag. I'm not sure what drew me to it.. it's not really my style, but I kind of liked that its a little different and I don't have anything like it! I love the combo of black and gold and I'm a sucker for tassels on bags. This bag was reg. $45 on sale for $30.

My BFF bought this one.. It is soo adorable. Wasn't on sale though.. :(

CLICK HERE to Shop Sale!
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Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with ALDO.


  1. I've always LOVED Aldo for cute handbags! It's the best if your mall actually has the accessory store instead of just a section in the actual shoe place...did you know employees get 50% off?

  2. I'm with Aleksis, I've been in love with Aldo handbags for years (since I have so many Aldo's around here...I can't miss it). I WISH I had an accessory store though, just normal shoes stores =/ I am gonna have to find one now!!!

    Now I wanna work at Aldo...50% off?!! oh my gosh, hubby would kill me, I'd spend more than I'm making!!!

    Love the one you picked up, looks like real leather and high end!!

  3. Drawstring bags are so hot atm and you definitely shopped one of the cutest!!!


  4. I love Aldo bags - I have 3. They are so light (I guess because they're synthetic and the hardware is light too) - they look and feel like leather - and they REALLY last a long time - no loose threads etc!

    Here's my fave one:

  5. I am such a sucker for black and gold handbags. For some reason, the Aldo I go to has the smallest collection ever... :( Your bag is super cute, though!