Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Small Sephora Haul! CARGO!

I went to Sephora last Saturday to take a look at the Cargo line (since it is leaving Sephora and the whole line is 50% off) About 50% of the Cargo cosmetics were gone.. I was able to get my hands on a couple goodies.

Medium Bronzer (one of my old favorites) $14
Reverse Lip Liner Pencil Medium/Dark $7
Blu_ray High Definition Lip Gloss "Laredo" $12

and, Sephora Fame Lip Gloss "Starring Role" on sale for $10

Its a subtle, buildable coppery bronze with a light shimmer. It is very soft and blends wondefully.

"laredo" is a very beige colored gloss with slight shimmer. It is sheer and very moisturizing. It also has a minty taste and cool feel.

The reverse lip liner is a fleshtone colored pencil that can be used to define your lips by outlining the outside of your actual lip line and then lining your lip with whatever color you may use. This matches my skintone perfectly.

Love this color! Its a very bright pink with a coral and yellow/golden pearl. It's very sheer, but it definately brightens my face up. And, its not sticky. :)

I am wearing it with MAC Oak Lip Liner Pencil. I'm also wearing my NARS Sheer Glow in this pic. I'm a little shiny because it was the end of the day.
Did you get anything from the Cargo sale?


  1. I got their eye palette in London :) It's too pretty to use!

  2. ooo. I really wanted the Bermuda Color Eyes Eyeshadow palette, but they were sold out. I'm kinda regretting not buying any eye shadow.

  3. Great stuff! I got a few things too! My Sephora had a Blu Ray Hi Def set that came with a full size bronzer, blush, gloss, and mascara so I got that since it was a good deal then I got a eye shadow quad. Had to take advantage of the sale! :D

  4. Great stuff Natty!! I especially love the Sephora Fame lipgloss on you! It's so pretty! I may have to stop by Sephora tomorrow and put my gift card to good use! Thanks!

  5. The Fame lipgloss is amazing! I still haven't had a chance to go to the mall...promotion is keeping me late and then on the weekends all I do is sleep, clean and then go to church, lol.

    Super duper haul!!

  6. aww i love some of CARGO's stuff! Really, they're leaving? I didnt even know! I wonder if my store has any sales..I'm from Canada so yeah.

  7. tilovesmakeup- I heard they may be moving the line to ULTA?

  8. The FAME gloss is something I would have never picked up on my own, but I absolutely love it! How pretty!

    I used Cargo's bronzer back in the day and miss it. As soon as my current bronzer runs out, I might pick it up again.

    Great post!

  9. Mac oak lipliner, LOVE IT! That gloss looks a tad similar to macs pink lemonade. X