Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I love swapping! (small haul)

So, the past couple of weeks I cannot stop refreshing the Sale & Swap board on Specktra for new sales. I've bought some things and swapped some. I love swapping.. I think it was a genius idea. lol There's so much stuff I don't use but I don't want to let a lot of things go. I guess I'm a makeup pack rat. lol

So far, here is what I purchased & received:

Benefit High Beam - I love this highlighter. I tried it with my MUDE HD on the bridge of my nose, forehead and apples of my cheeks and it looked so pretty :)

Clinique Pore Minimizer - This stuff really works good. It's like a gel liquid that mattifies once you apply it to your face and your pores are virtually invisible. This will be my back up.

MAC Select Cover up in NW25 - It was my shade, so I had to buy it for the price! This is a pretty good concealer. I always end up repurchasing it sooner or later.

NARS Angelika Blush - This is soo gorgeous. Its a bright pink with lots of shimmer.

MAC Light over Dark Mineralize Blush - I was unsure about this, but got it anyway. I LOVE IT. It compliments my skintone so well. Its a gorgeous deep copper color once applied to my cheeks. And, its not overly shimmery at all.

So far I'm very pleased with my purchases.

Here are the items I purchased/swapped for & waiting to receive:

Urban Decay Deluxe Eye Shadow in Freakshow (I cant wait for this!!)
Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Sin
Urban Decay Eye Shadow in Midnight Cowboy Rides Again
MAC Soft & Gentle MSF
MAC Eye shadow in Crystal
MAC Sample jars of Grape and Cornflower pigments
Elizabeth Arden Nail Polish (A bright pink shade)
Bitch Slap Cosmetics Eyeshadow Paint Wheel (Greens)

I'm hoping to purchase a lot more. I'm mainly steaking out the boards looking for MAC msf's and eyeshadows. Every time I wanted to purchase a msf, an offer was already pending :(

Here are pictures of the blushes!

I'll post pictures as I receive them!


  1. OOOoo If you like the Clinique pore minimizer the you should definitely give MAC's Matte (i don't know if you've tried it already but if not let me ramble:D)it's been a part of there line since forever. and it works great. it is also a gel and you use it under your makeup kind of like a primer it minimizes your pores and it controls your face from getting all oily or shiny during the day it keeps it nice and matte hence the name matte hehe:P but i love this stuff.. and another little tip you can do with it that i learn on MUA is that if you place a teeny weeny amount on your pointer finger it will pick up any fall out from eyeshadow with out disrupting your foundation/powder. I've tryed it and it really works. It comes in a clear tube and its like $18 dollars. Also you dont need alot of product its very thick so layer it thin. a little will work perfect. to much will actually make your make up look all smudggy and yucky.


  2. I never actually tried that!! I'm definately going to check it out! Thanks soo much!!

  3. Your soo welcome:)


  4. i went to go buy angelika blush they other day and Sephora didn;t have it. so upsetting! its such a beautiful blush

  5. Great items! Highbeam is my HG highlighter. I use it pretty much everyday. I've been wanting to sample Cornflower pigment for a while. You should use it in a future FOTD! :)

    I've never swapped. I think I need to start!

  6. swap junkie! i know what you mean, i did my first one a few weeks ago and now i can't wait to do another!!

  7. I gave you an award! Check my blog for details!