Saturday, October 1, 2011

My new hair color + a couple photos of Rocky :)

I ended up dying my hair last night with the hair dye I posted about yesterday. It was the Clairol Nice n' Easy Colorblend Foam in the shade #4 Dark Brown. Prior to dying my hair, my hair color was an ashy, medium brown with a bunch of golden brown-auburn tones towards the bottom. This dye changed my color to a very dark, rich brown. I really like it, and I'm hoping it's not going to fade considerably once I wash my hair. 


Friday, September 30, 2011

A post full of random-ness. My gray hair, The new Revlon foundation, Etc.

(Image Source)
Okay, the image at the bottom is completely random (well, more random than the first one - kinda?!) but I thought it was totally cute.

Anyway, what that arrow pointing to is, one crazy strand of gray (snow white, actually) hair, trying to steal the show today. haha!

One thing that I always put off is dying my hair. I really don't like dying my hair. It's a pure nuisance to me. But, it seems these days I can't get away with not dying my hair for months at a time like I use to, or I'll have a ton of these little grays shining through my bangs. Honestly, it really isn't a big deal and I'm not really freaking out about it - just really surprised!


Thursday, September 29, 2011

First Impressions + partial review: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer!

Some of you maybe remembered, last week I stopped in at Sephora on the search for a tinted moisturizer. I've never used one prior, but my curiosity got the best of me, and I picked up a sample of Laura Mercier's Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer. (original post here)

Laura Mercier makes two formulations of the tinted moisturizers, one containing oil and one that is oil free. Both formulations have the same shade range and same SPF (20). I wasn't sure which one to choose, but when I told the Sephora Sales Associate that I have sensitive/prone to breakouts skin, she recommended I try the oil free version. I was matched to the shade "Sand".

Oil Free Formula - This lightweight foundation that can be reapplied as necessary, offers sun protection for sensitive or acne prone skin, oil control, and provides hydration to prevent dryness.

Regular Formula - Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is a sheer, lightweight formula with a hint of color you can use in place of foundation for a natural finish and a healthy glowing complexion. It contains a SPF 20 for the ultimate in anti-aging prevention.

(The oil free formula is described as a foundation, and the regular formula rather calls it a "formula" that can be used in place of a foundation. I'm guessing because the regular version acts as more of a moisturizer with a tint and with the oil free version, it's more of a "tint" that doesn't give off added moisture.)

Aside from the tinted moisturizer, I was given a sample of the oil free primer. Every time I've used the tinted moisturizer, I've always used the primer beforehand. The first time using this, I attempted to apply the tinted moisturizer with my fingers. That doesn't work too well. I was really surprised that the texture is rather thick and doesn't spread evenly. I resorted to using my Sigma F80 Flat Top Foundation brush, and it worked out much better. So I basically apply it the same way I would any foundation. Dot it all over my face and blend with my brush. Because it's sheer, I'll use a little more product than I'd normally wear with a heavier foundation. The tube is 1.7 oz, compared to most foundations weighing in at 1 oz, so you can afford to use a little more. On my normal skin, (not oily or dry, a little shine in the t-zone) the finish is a satin - light dewy (not greasy) finish. Most of the reviews I've read for this said it has a very dewy, even an oily finish. I didn't experience that. I do have to set with powder though, because it seems to highlight the pores on my cheeks and add shine to my nose and chin. It instantly transforms when I apply my Guerlain Meteorites (my setting powder) and buff it into my skin with a kabuki. The finish is absolutely gorgeous. It looks incredibly natural and completely undetectable on my face. It looks like I may of using a dusting of a very fine milled powder, but that's all. It lasts well through an 8 hour day with little fading by the time I wash my face.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jewelmint Ever Frost Ring Review with Lots of Photos!

jewelmint ever frost ring

Jewelmint Ever Frost Ring

ITEM DESCRIPTION: Alpine trend alert! Get lost in a winter wonderland with this sleek design. Our 1” wide geometric ring boats pave crystal icing and pearly white enamel. Pulling off this piece yearlong is easy with its glowing 14k gold-plated sides. Give your closet a fresh spin, and live out your Snow White fantasy in the most modern way.

I can't really say all of the Jewelmint pieces are "me", but I'll usually find at least one piece a month that I really like. This month the only others I liked were the Western Dream Earrings, Lunar Blue Necklace and Silver Zip Bracelet. I've liked the Silver Zip Bracelet for a while now, and I feel like I'll regret not eventually getting it. I guess I'm just waiting for a good coupon code to come along (a really good coupon code).

I liked the Ever Frost Ring a lot in the photos, and I'm really happy with my choice. I love mixing metals and the fact that it's silver, gold and white, it's very versatile. I've been wearing it with both silver, gold and rose gold and it always matches great. I really like the way it looks on the same hand with my Rose Gold watch combined with a silver bracelet. It's really trendy, edgy and is definitely a statement ring. 

It seems very well crafted, and although it may look really heavy, it's actually pretty lightweight. My ring finger is a 6, but since I didn't know how the sizing would run, to be safe, I figured I'd order a 7. I'd most likely wear it on pointer finger or middle finger anyway. Well, I got the 7 and it falls right off my ring finger but fits fine on my pointer and middle finger - it's not very snug on either, so I believe it runs slightly large, if anything.

jewelmint ever frost ring

Did you order anything this month?

If you haven't heard of Jewelmint, check it out HERE. There are so many coupon codes out that it's hard to keep track of them all, but the best codes are always for first time purchases.

The best code I found for New Members/First Purchase is 60% OFF Your first piece with code: EXITPOP60. It's not stated when it expires (it may be 9/30). It will bring the $29.99 price tag down to $11.99 AND you get free shipping. Awesome deal.

For Existing Members, the best I've found is $8 OFF your next purchase with code: AEREE. You'll end up paying $21.99 with free shipping, which isn't too bad depending on the item you choose (some seem more worth it than others).

Happy Shopping!