Thursday, February 4, 2010

Korres Wild Rose Foundation, Concealer & Powder Review, Photos and Swatches!

Korres Wild Rose Foundation "A medium coverage, oil free formulation that is suitable for all skin types. Wild Rose foundation contains potent vitamin C which lightens, brightens and tightens the skin. It works to even skin tone as you wear it as a cosmetic product AND the active ingredients work to do the same on a skin care level. Finally a liquid foundation that is actually good for your skin!" -

This foundation comes in 7 shades. My perfect match is WRF4 (equivalent to MAC NC37-40)

-A good light/medium coverage (redness from my cheeks peeks through)
-Looks natural - like a tinted moisturizer that covers more
-Dewy, luminous finish (brightens my face)
-Very light (feels like I'm not wearing makeup)
-Doesn't irritate my skin - no break outs
-Perfect color match

-Will get oily if I don't blot with a powder
-It didn't cover all of my blemishes
-Fades throughout the day

Overall, I am so pleased with this foundation. I read lots of reviews and many people mentioned that this foundation has strong yellow tones to them.. which is awesome for the warm toned gals. I find it so hard to find a good foundation with the right amount of yellow, and this definately has it. I love that this foundation makes me look so fresh and youthful. I am going to particularly enjoy it a lot more once my skin starts to clear up. ( I have a little bit of a breakout on my chin that I'm working on getting rid of) I've been using tons of masks this past week so my skin looks good enough to wear this without worrying about any of my pimples showing. It reminds me a lot of Make Up Forever Face & Body Foundation. They have a similar finish and coverage. I definately see this as one of my summertime foundations or for those days where I want to wear light makeup.. without it looking like I'm wearing any. :)

Update: Although it appears very yellow toned.. wearing it more often I have noticed that it appears more peach than yellow.

Korres Wild Rose Concealer "Illuminating concealer increases skin radiance and highlights while diminishing fine lines, wrinkles and hyper pigmentation. A take-it-with-you must have. This lightweight concealer can be applied over makeup for an instant pick me up. Nothing will brighten the face midway through the day like a touch up on the inner and outer corner of the eyes with this ultra hydrating, multi-vitamin formulation infused with green tea extract. " -

This concealer comes in six shades. I chose WRC3. It's a little light for me, but it works good to brighten my under eyes.

-Light weight non-cakey formula
-Doesn't settle into my fine lines

-Doesn't cover my dark circles completely - very light coverage

Overall, this concealer is alright. It works well as a highlighter for my eyes.. sort of like how Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat works.. but it has more coverage and isn't as luminous. The coverage is light to light-medium.. so I would really recommend this to you if your dark circles aren't too extreme. I have pretty severe dark circles.. but this works really well applied over my Bobbi Brown Corrector. I love the fact that it brightens so well and that it doesn't even look like I'm wearing concealer. I have worn this alone on days and it covers the majority of the darkness but not 100%. My under eyes felt and looked very hydrated & smooth. This is called a "Highlighting Illuminator" as well as a concealer so I believe this product isn't meant to be a full out concealer like I originally thought. I think it's basically suppose to used to brighten the area.. which it 100% does.

Korres Wild Rose Powder"Flawless finish powder in an silky formula that offers sheer to medium coverage. Wild Rose powders help to correct uneven tone on a skincare and cosmetic level using wild rose oil - a natural source of Vitamin C - giving a flawless finish to the skin without making skin look dry or dull. Apply to face alone or on top of Wild Rose Foundation." -

This powder comes in 8 shades. I chose WRP3. It's slightly light, but a pretty good color match.

-Silky Smooth Texture (SO luxurious!)
-Blends like a dream!
-Medium Coverage
-Gives a very airbrushed finish to my liquid foundation
-Keeps my liquid makeup from getting shiny all day

-Not golden enough - can only use it brushed over foundation and it works very well. If used alone my face will look pink/orange.

Overall, I really love this powder. I wore it a lone a couple days and it gave good light-medium to medium coverage. The texture is amazing. It is probably the most luxurious powder I own. It blends so beautifully, especially when I take a powder brush and swipe it over my liquid foundation. This powder + the Wild Rose liquid foundation looks wonderful.

Bare Minerals Well Rested Eye Brightener Review, Photos and Swatches!

Bare Minerals Well Rested

"This eye-brightening shadow base is a favorite among the sleep-deprived for its ability to magically diminish the morning-drowsiness that results from too little sleep or a long day's journey. Well-Rested works as a beautiful, eye-brightening shadow base, and can also be used to brighten dark shadows around the eyes, nose, lips and anywhere you feel you need an extra pick-me-up." -Bare Escentuals

It's a luminecent beige with a hint of yellow..

It's very pigmented and you can control how you want it to look.

1st photo: Applied Heavily 2nd photo: Blended Out

See how pretty and luminous it is?

I think this stuff is great. I've been using it mostly to set my concealer and add extra coverage. You can also wear it as an eyeshadow (since it is an eyeshadow anyway) or a natural highlight!

Overall, I'm very happy with this product. Since my under eyes are always so dark, this REALLY helps me. I purchased it on ebay for around $10.

I originally heard about this from Jacqueline. Her under eyes always look SO bright and concealed and it's because of this product. This is what it looks like on her under eyes.

Isn't this a gorgeous look, btw!?

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) Haul!

This was actually the very first time going to a Cosmetic Company Outlet (CCO) and I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know it was going to be such a small shop with so many shelves of different brands of makeup. I pictured it to be completely different. I saw so much stuff I wanted to buy. Mainly MAC and Bobbi Brown, but I tried to keep my purchases within budget. I bought some things from MAC which I am pretty excited about. All things I've had on my wish list.

MAC Fad-dabulous Mineralize Blush

MAC Fad-dabulous Mineralize Blush

This has been on my wish list for a long time and I didn't to the extreme of how pretty this blush is. In the pot it doesn't look like anything special, it looks like a sparkly plum with some gold veining. BUT, When I swatched it on my hand, its a total different story. I don't know how to explain it.. its like a shimmery plummy, rosy, pink. It has to be one of my prettiest, if not the prettiest blush I own & my current favorite. I've been wearing it every day.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My New Nicole Lee USA Handbag!

I was shopping today at TJMaxx with my friend and ran across a few cute bags. I ended up buying one that I really liked. It's by Nicole Lee and it was $39.99. I don't really ever purchase synthetic bags, but I really liked the style and color of this one. The color is a peach pink (which is one of my favorite colors) In the following pictures it looks a little lighter. I took a look at the website and there are a ton of cute bags!

A lot of them are kind of expensive though for synthetic leather. I definitely wouldn't pay nearly $100. I can't wait to wear this one! :)