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Friday, July 6, 2012

Jewelmint Classic Cinema Bracelet Review!

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet

Jewelmint Classic Cinema Bracelet

Jewelmint Classic Cinema Bracelet is a new spin on the Cinema Americano Bracelet. It's the same design, but for July, the new version was released in silver.

The bracelet is a mixture of curb and cable links with two textured links that give this bracelet a bit of style. The bracelet measures 7 1/2".

I love the gaudy, chunky chain trend, so when I saw this bracelet in my July showroom, I thought it'd be a perfect everyday piece. You may have noticed that I skipped June, because I really didn't see anything I liked. But I actually liked a few items this month, and I ended up deciding on one that I thought I could get the most use out of/the most practical.

Needless to say, I received it in the mail today and wasn't too satisfied with it. Had I saw the bracelet in person, I would have chosen something else.

The weight of the piece is nice - it's not heavy, but it's not ultra-lightweight. It's well-made, and the links are attached very sturdy. The clasp is also very sturdy.

It's not a shiny silver, but it's not grungy/oxidized . It looks a lot like dull, stainless steel.

jewelmint classic cinema bracelet review
Wearing the Classic Cinema Bracelet mixed with other bracelets (H&M)

Photo Credit: Luuux