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Monday, May 24, 2010

How I remove unwanted hair on my face!

Hi Guys! I've been asked the question a few times if I have any facial hair and if so, do I remove it? And, how? I know this may be an embarrassing topic, because not many women like to admit they have facial hair. But my answer is yes I do, and I'm going to tell you what I use to remove it.

First, I'll explain what I mean by facial hair and why I remove it. I have a layer of peach fuzz all over my face. Below my sideburns to the corner of my jaw, the hairs are a little darker. The hairs are also a little darker above my eyebrows, on the sides of my eyebrows and below my bottom lip. Although these hairs may not be noticeable, if you're a daily user of liquid foundation like myself, you may begin to notice that your makeup would probably look better without those little hairs. And, if you set your foundation with a powder.. or if you use a powder foundation, they become more noticeable. I began to notice that when my cream blush wasn't going on so smooth, it was because of these little culprits. With a fuzz-free face, my makeup looks so much better.. it doesn't look as heavy/thick and my face looks so much smoother.

I've tried several methods for hair removal. For the darker hairs, I use a tweezer. For the colorless hairs, I've used different waxes, depilatory creams.. you name it. I've used Sally Hansen and Surgi wax depilatory creams and they worked alright, but it wasn't the best solution. What the creams would do is dissolve (or break) the hair at the base. When it was time to wipe away the hair, some of the hair wouldn't wipe off and I would be left with an irritated face. In my opinion, its no different than shaving. For me, waxing is the best solution. It offers a longer term result and it pulls the hair out from the root. I've tried several different waxes.. and I've had quite a few disasters.. such as ripping off my skin with certain waxes (this can be avoided by applying powder prior to the wax.. so the wax will only adhere to the hairs and not your skin cells). My favorite wax is Surgi wax Hair Remover for bikini, body and legs. There is an identical wax for the face, but it is the same exact thing in a smaller jar. I buy the larger jar.

-First, prep your skin by removing all of your makeup. Pat your face dry.
-Heat the jar in the microwave. Since every microwave heats differently, start by heating it for 30 seconds. My microwave isn't very powerful, so It takes my jar almost 3 minutes to get to the liquidy/taffy-like texture. Stir the wax with the spatula.
-Test out a small area on your wrist (or where ever) to check if the temperature isn't too hot and that the consistency is good. Do this by dipping the spatula in the wax and smoothing it on your skin in the same direction as your hair growth. Wait until the wax hardens (approximately 20-30 seconds) and pull it off in the opposite direction of the way you applied it. If the wax is too hard to smooth onto your skin, you'll need to pop it in the microwave again.
Now you're ready to apply it to your face!
-Apply a light dusting of talcum powder (or baby powder) to the area you want to remove the hair from. (optional) It's good to use powder on your face because your facial skin is very sensitive and this will put a barrier between your skin and the wax. With this wax in particular, I never had to use powder and had no problems. If you're using a very sticky wax, a honey wax for instance, you'll need a powder 100%. This wax doesn't seep into the skin and pores like a honey wax.
- Start anywhere you want. You can either start up and work your way down, or vise-versa. I usually start at my chin and work my way up. Do small applications at a time. Smaller applications will insure that all of the hairs will be gone. If you work larger, you may miss some.

Pictured below is how I would break up the areas of my face to wax. I only apply a little at a time in small strips.

Because the hairs are so fine, you may not be able to see them in the wax after you've pulled it off. You can tell by bending the piece in the light and those little fuzzies will be exposed. :)

-After you've done your whole face, apply aloe vera. I like to use Aloe Vera Gel, it cools my face down and calms any redness.

The wax that you used can be used again. Just crumble it back into the jar and you can heat it again next time!

That's it!