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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Perricone MD Advanced Face Firming Activator Review

I was lucky enough to score this for free in a giveaway last month. I've been using it every day & let me tell you, I am in LOVE.

Let me go over what exactly this product is and does. The following quoted information is directly from

What it is: A daytime treatment that erases the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and enlarged pores while refining skin texture.

What it is formulated to do: Perricone MD Advanced Face Firming Activator delivers superior antiaging benefits with a proprietary delivery system that addresses the visible signs of aging to reveal a radiant, healthy, and more youthful appearance. The paraben-free formula offers superior antioxidant protection that firms and reduces surface imperfections, pores, and discoloration.

Research Results: 82% reported improvement in the appearance of skintone. - 73% reported improvement in skin texture, radiance, and overall quality of their skin."

My Overview/Review of the product: My skin type: Normal. I can say dry/normal, but I'm more towards normal. I don't suffer from dry patches, flakes, roughness, etc. I have fairly clear skin and have never had any problems with acne. I do get a pimple or a few here and there from heavy products I tend to use on my face. They usually appear on or near my chin. I do have enlarged pores (which was never a problem for me up until the last 4 years) and I often get blackheads on my cheeks (not too many) and chin. They are most visible on my chin and around the corners of my nose. At times, I have a little bit of redness.

What I want out of a skincare product for my face: The main thing I want from a product is to minimize the appearance of my pores, to get rid of my blackheads, to make my face softer to the touch, to even out my skintone and give my face more radiance. I don't feel comfortable without wearing foundation and I would like to feel better about my skin and be able to wear tinted moisturizers more often.

The product comes in a 2oz pump bottle. It has the consistency of a very light creamy lotion. It dispenses little product with each pump. I always apply it in the morning when I wake up or prior to applying my makeup. I usually use 2 pumps and softly rub the product into my cheeks, around and on my nose & on my chin. It is weightless and blends like butter. My face isn't left greasy or shiny. I will then apply my regular moisturizer (whatever I have on hand, nothing specific) and apply my foundation. Most or many times I'll wait a little while before applying my other moisturizer/makeup. It depends on if I'm short of time.

So Far Results: I started to notice almost right away.. within the 1st week of using this treatment. I've been using it for possibly 3 weeks, maybe a little less. The texture of my skin has changed. Right now, it is very soft to the touch. When I apply my moisturizer, I can't believe how smooth my skin feels. My pores have DRAMATICALLY decreased in size. I can barely see them now. I am so impressed with how clear my chin looks. I've never used a product that has cleared my chin like this. My chin wasn't horrible or anything, but I had lots of clogged pores. My chin looks almost as smooth as my cheeks. My face looks more radiant, and when I apply my foundation, my face looks so much healthier and clear. With each day of using this product, I am excited to look in the mirror and see what my skin looks like. This product quite possibly may be the best skincare product I've used on my face, as far as visible results. I'll be using this until its all gone and will definately be repurchasing. It's pricey ($120).. but to me, thats nothing to have perfect skin!

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Have you tried any products by Perricone MD? If so, what did you try and how did it work for you? Do you recommend any product/s?