Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Jewelmint Silver Swan Bracelet Review + 70% OFF your Jewelmint Purchase!

jewelmint silver swan bracelet

Jewelmint Silver Swan Bracelet

I boarded the Jewelmint bandwagon back in September, and although I'm not obsessed, I have found a piece here and there that I liked. I've posted about Jewelmint a couple of times before (Ever Frost Ring and Here To Eternity Set) showing you my monthly selection. I skipped October, but for the month of November I chose The Silver Swan Bracelet.

I was interested in The Golden Goose Bracelet for a while, which is the same exact bracelet in gold, but I ended up passing on it in the long run. But, when I saw that they launched a silver edition, I figured I could get much more use out of it since I've been wearing mostly silver as of lately.

The Golden Goose Bracelet, 2nd from the left. (Photo Credit)
I love fashion jewelry with a bit of an edge, and to add to my spike addiction, these so-called "diamond shaped castings" look a lot like spikes. There are seven castings in total, with one of them being covering in shiny crystals. I think the one casting with the crystals is what really makes this piece unique, inviting and it also adds a touch of femininity to an edgy piece of jewelry.

The silver isn't your average silver, so it may be something you love or hate. It's actually a pale, frosted silver overlay - almost like a white silver. I'm not sure which silver I prefer, but I do like how it stands out when paired with other silver jewelry.

jewelmint silver swan bracelet

It looks great when worn alone, and it's also a good layering piece. You can toss in a bunch of different metals - charcoal, silver, gold, rose gold, etc. You don't necessarily have to match them up.

jewelmint silver swan bracelet
Left: Worn Alone, Right: Layered
I usually wear it alone, or with a silver and white watch, but I've also layered it with a thick, silver curb chain bracelet and a pearl bracelet. The curb chain is masculine/edgy and the pearl bracelet is girly and feminine.

The quality seems fine, It's definitely not comparable to Forever 21 for those wondering. It's pretty lightweight, but it does have a little weight to it. I've read a past review/complaint with the Golden Goose Bracelet, where the frosted overlay was actually scratching off. I'm not sure if they fixed the problem with future batches, but I hope it doesn't happen with this bracelet. *I will update this post in the future if I run into any issues with it.

My December piece is on it's way, so I will be posting about that soon! I picked the "Easy Rider Necklace" for those interested. ;)

That's actually the best I've seen yet. I used a code for 50% off my first purchase. 70% makes any piece $8.99, with free shipping, which is awesome!


I couldn't find any good codes for existing customers that are actually valid. If you have any codes you'd like to share, post them in the comments, so I can add them to the list!

Visit Jewelmint by clicking HERE.


  1. i signed up to jewelmint and their newsletters only to find out that they dont ship to the uk, so i keep getting newsletters even though i unsubscribed but hey, my day might come and they will ship to the uk one day xxx

  2. LOVE!!!!

  3. Gorgeous! I have to check this out, can't beat 70%!

  4. Thanks Natalie! I used the discount and purchased Laurel drop earrings for $8.99.
    First purchase from Jewelmint! Exicted!


  5. 70% off? I may actually give it a try…

  6. Great bracelet! I've been happy with all my JewelMint jewelry so far as well.

  7. beautiful bracelet! thanks for sharing

  8. Thanks for the discount code! I finally made my first purchase off the site!

  9. I signed up but the coupon code is not working? Any ideas?

  10. love love love... i had been thinking of getting this for a little bit, but convince myself against it. but how can i resist at 8.99! you rock!


  11. I haven't purchased a JewelMint item yet, but I am checking them out. I'm just waiting for that one special piece you know?

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